To Pick a Rose.

She sat smiling at me.a look of devilment in her eyes,her tongue gently made a luscious journey accross her sensual lips,the smile said it all."you want me..haha,but you can't bring yourself to try can you",it said.and she was fucking right.20,my wifes daughter from a previous bad relationship,all tarty and dressed to thrill a man into serious trouble.a wanting little cow who had already learnt long ago how to use her assets and to get what she wants just by being hot n sexy.
I hate that kind of bitch,but fuck how i wanted her.My cock was hard in my pants and i knew she could see the bulge and i also knew that that just made things worse for was playing right into her hands,giving her some more of the bl**dy cards and she played the hand so fucking well already.
She shifted on the sofa her short skirt riding up showing just a peek of her bright pink knickers and creamy white thigh,"oh fuck".
The picture in my head was so very different to the reality of the situation.
In my head was going over to her,grabbing her long auburn hair hard sliding my stiff cock out with the other hand and ramming my manhood between her young moist lips, deep down her throat,making her gag,showing her a real good time and fucking the bitch out of her.
The smile on her face widened,i swear that little bitch could reed my mind.
It was my own fucking fault,i know that only one person to blame,this horny old bastard sitting getting teased the fuck out of right fate can twist a situation.
It started two years ago.Her dumb fucking mother went out for the night to the bingo and left me to look after her.Great night i thought.
after about an hour of silence between us watching shitty T.V,she said she was going for a shower.I shrugged and carried on watching the box.
About half an hour later she reappeared,hair all wet and wild looking,and a short baby doll nighty on.That was the first time i noticed her.I mean in a way a man notices pussy.and my cock took the bait."want a coffee",she asked,and quick as a flash my dirty mind formulated a instant plan,almost like magic.
"I fancy something stronger",I said and got up and went over to the mini-bar.
I began to pour a stiff one,brandy it was."want one",i asked casually but the juices were flowing hot now deep inside me.
She giggled in that girly sweet way that made my cock throb extra hard,and i knew I had her.
I poured her a long one and turned to face her,smiling."yeah,why not.I won't tell if you wont",and i handed her the drink.You can guess the rest.
Three drinks later and we were sitting on the sofa,my hand stroking up between her legs feeling the tight,freshness of her young cunt,flicking her clit gently.And she was rubbing my cock up and down in her tight hand,our lips clenched in a long passionate kiss.
i knelt on the floor between her legs,pulled her baby doll up above her waste and pulled her to the edge of the sofa,spreading her legs apart as i did so.
Daddies going to do something sweet for you now baby,your going to love this.
She smiled sweetly but nervously.I buried my head deep between her sweet thighs and began to eat her young pussy with relish,lapping and sucking,and darting my tongue between those pert cunt lips,man she tasted sweet and pure and my cock was border line to bursting,a rocket ready to explode.
She began to twitch and moan,the excitement was red hot within me.She was close,so very close to her very first oral orgasm and I was the one going to give it to her.
When she did come it took me by supprise.She arched her back let out a scream and began to shake like a fish out of water,grabbing my head and pulling me deep into her cunt,begging me for more.
the other supprise that happened that hot n horny night was that I came at the exact same time without even having to touch myself.The first and only time in my long lustful life that that had ever happened,and it wasn't a trickle either.That was the best orgasm i ever had and i think,I will ever have.
When it was over i looked up at her,my mouth all covered in her cunny juice and i smiled.Her face was pure red and flushed but her eye were wide with excitement.she had a dreamy far away look in them and her breathing was deep and laboured.
After a moment or two I stood up on shaky legs and walked back over to the bar.It was me that needed the long drink now "fuck" i said softly to myself,and smiled.
I heard her get up off the sofa,"I'm off to bed",she said,and she rushed from the room and ran up the stairs to her room.
That was the start of it.many more nights of creeping into her room at night when her bitch mother was sl**ping and teaching her all the taboo lessons of sex.Fucking,oral,anal,water sports and just plain ordinary kissing and cuddling.
That was when i fell for her and it was also the time that she began to despise me.Fate took it's twisted revenge on a dirty old bastard who deflowered a prim young rose,like all roses,she had her thorns.
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