Me and my cousin

Well hello there, this my first tail like this but this true so here we go.

I was 17 I was staying the night at my Grands house, my cousin Sherrie lived with my grands, she was 18. My grandma left to stay with with one of my aunts, Well My cousin was gone at a friends house and was supposed to be gone alnight . But anyway my grand ask me if I could stay the night and watch th the house and feed her dogs for her , I said sure . Well she left around 4pm on Friday after noon .

She told me that Sherie might come by if she des let her know were I went, then she left . Well after she left I went inside and feed her little dogs and watered them after that I started watching tv. well I dosed off and woke up about 7 30 pm.

I woke up and went to take a bath well i left the door craked open cause i was the only one there so I am sitting there taking a bath when , when My cousin Sherrie walks in the bath room , she said oh i am sorry , sorry , and walked out real quick well I Finished my bath , I slipped my shorts on and went out in the living room feeling embarresed. She looked at me and said sorry i didnt know you were here , my face flushed red. Its ok Grands went to to stay with Aunt Mary. , Ok. Well I am going to go take me a shower ,, she laughed , She then went in the bathroom and shut the door. I sit ther thinking how pretty she was when she walked in on me, her long auburn hair , green eyes, her 38 d breast and thos lovle, legs . I looked down at myself as My cock made a tent in my shorts. I herd the bath room door open, as I looked I seen Sherrie walk into her room with nothing but a towel around her. I then herd her door shut. I sat there watching tv when I herd her door open up. hey Earon could you come and kill this spider for me . Yeah, I stood and walked to her room , hard on was down then I was glad I walked into her room , as I did she was still in her towel, she shut the door behind me. Weres the spider at , she looked at me and smiled. well I seen you so its only fair you see me , before I could answer she dropped the towel. I could feel myself getting hard again. As i looked at her naked body her breast, her legs , and her beautiful trimmed pussy. I see you like what you see , As I knew she was preferring to my boner
She walked over to me and kissed me softly on the lips, she then bent down on her knees and pulled my shorts off revealing my 8 in cock. mmm She pushed me on the bed and begain to lick my shaft then the tip teasing it with her toung. my mind raced as her lips wrapped around my cock as sucked and stroked my cock, m,it wasnt five mintes I told her I was cumming she I moaned loudly, as she dank every drop. She then got on the bed on all fours as she wanted me to fuck her doggy, She handed me a condom , i put it on , and then slowly put it in her pussy I picked a fast but steady rythem, , as she rocked her hips. she told to pull her hair as i fucked her as I did she moaned louder and loder with each thrust , faster, I went faster and harder holding on to her hair and pulling . o baby fuck me fuck me cousin, I fucked her faster, mmm She yelled and moaned loud I am cummminng o god I am cumming . My cock burst as I could feel her pussy tighten around my dick. I moaned Oh sherrie as I came and came again,. We both collasped on the bed holding each other, until we feel asl**p.

What happened that mornning is another story, hope you enjoyed.

Earon Allen.
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2 years ago
3 years ago
Mmmm great story! I have had sex with several of my cousins both girls and boys, Cousins are great fun! Thanks for sharing!
3 years ago
very good
4 years ago
Great start!