night out

Hello this is a true story some the names have been changed

It happened one friday night in 2010 I was drinking with some friends we to a couple of clubs had a few beers well one of the clubs we meet my buddy Daves Mother She had Dave when she was 15 had him he was 28 at the time I think she was 42 not for sure , but any way she was 5,5 and about 158lbs she was a 38 dd she had strawberry blond hair and green eyes

Her name was Wanda well my buddy was bummed out that his mom was there so he wanted to leave well there was a lot a hot girls there so I was wanting to stay well Daves mom said you know if you want to stay here I can give you a ride home later if need be. I looked at her smiled that would be great. Dave shook my hand and said catch you later , I said later , as he and the rest of my friends left. Well i guess you can say I got pretty d***k some people I knew came in and bought me some shots and wanda bought me shot after shot and I bought her shot s as well ( mental note wanda has been devoriced for 6 years) but any way around 1 am we were pretty d***k she was in no shape to drive and niether was I so we called a cab and decided to split the cost of a motel room

We waited for the cab Wanda said she needed some air so we both steped out side and went and sat in her car and waited we both got in and shut the doors as soon as the dome light went out she said I been wanting to see something all night and before I could ask what she reached and unzipped my pants and reached in and pulled out my seven in cock . I was shocked cause here we we was in the bar parking lot in a dark and it wasnt very dark she then bent down and started to suck my cock she licked the tip teasing it then she deep throated me and then she stroked my cock as she sucke and slurped on my shaft she she licked and sucked onmy balls then she went back to suckonme taking all seven inches down her throat she sucked and worked her hand up down my cock faster and faster until I felt my balls tighten up i told her iwas cumming she just kept going , i couldnt last any longer shot my load spurt after spurt down he throat, She then looked at me and smiled as she put my cock back in my pants and zipped me back up again. mmmthat was yummy she looked at me and grinned just then the cab pulled up and as we made our way to the cab she whispered in my ear wait till we get the motel room

But for now that is another story

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