Bunny and the TB Pirates Pt1.

"Ahhhh" Bunny breathed in the fresh, salty air. She was finally here! Dutch Harbour Alaska! She stepped off the last step of the plane and walked towards the terminal. Things were good.
They hadn't BEEN good, though. The last time she'd seen Phil was those few days back in Maryland when she kinda cheated on him with Russ. Well, actually, according to what Phil said after, it wasn't cheating. Afterall, Phil had taken the whole thing well. Very well, in fact, and he had said that she could have whatever fling she wanted with any of the guys if she wanted to. She just had to tell him about it.

So after they had left, Bunny was left with the memories of her punishment. Oh and what a punishment it had been! Damn, she got wet every time she thought about it! She missed them both a lot, but mostly Phil. He was her man. So imagine her surprise when Phil called her and offered her a job on the boat! She wasn't sure if she could handle being up there, but she was definitly going to go. There was no way she'd pass up an opportunity to spend months at a time with the big guy!

So here she was. Phil was busy with the boat and stuff, but he had said either he would pick her up, or one of the guys would. That, or one of the production crew. They weren't doing very much at this stage, so they had all the time in the world.

Bunny got her bags and looked around. She didn't see anyone she recognized yet, so she headed outside the front doors. She waited around for a while, just happy to enjoy the beautiful view, when suddenly she heard her name. She turned in the direction of the voice.

Johnathan Hillstrand was walking towards here, waving. "Hey, Bunny!"

She took a few steps to meet him halfway. Now this was certainly a surprise. She figured Phil had meant one of his own crew would come to get her, not someone from another boat.

"Hi Johnathan, how's it going?" she asked.

"Good, good" he answered. He looked around the parking lot. "So, uh, you just get into Dutch?"

"Yup" Bunny replied. She looked around, too. "I guess you got stuck with the job of coming to get me, huh?"

Johnathan smiled, grabbing her bags. "Yes...yes I did. Come on, I'll show you where I parked"

The two walked across the parking lot stopping at a dark truck. Johnathan threw her bags into the back and they both climbed in. Bunny was surprised to see Andy in the back seat.

"Oh...Hi Andy" she said, startled for a moment. He was very quiet.

"Hi Bunny" he said, strangely. Bunny looked at him, then at Johnathan, who didn't react to his b*****r's words. Interesting, she thought.

"So...how was your flight?" asked Johnathan.

"Good" said Bunny as she turned to look at him. She noticed that John kept throwing glances into the rear view mirror. But she didn't want to turn around at Andy because that would be very obvious.

"Ummm, Phil's kinda busy right now with the boat and all. You know, repairs..." said Andy. "So, you wanna go to the Elbow Room for a little bit? Get to know the place?"

"Um, sure" said Bunny, wanting to be nice and accept the invitation. Something was teling her to be careful, but she ignored it for the sake of not offending anyone. These were Phil's friends, so she should like them too.

They drove a little ways in silence, and finally pulled up to the Elbow Room. Once inside, John and Andy chose a table in the far corner, next to the back door. Kinda dark and intimate, but oh well.

"So, what do you drink?" asked Andy.

"I'll have a beer" answered Bunny. The beers arrived, and Johnathan moved to grab the ashtray and knocked Bunny's bottle onto her, drenching her shirt.

"Oh damn" he said. "I'm so sorry. Here, let me get you another one. Lisa!"

Bunny wiped off what she could, but it really needed to be dried. She excused herself for a moment and asked Lisa where the bathroom was. Once there, she used the hand dryer to do what she could with her top, and once it was somewhat better, she headed back out.

John and Andy were engaged in what looked like a serious conversation, but stopped the moment they saw her come back.

"Sorry about that" said John again."I got you another beer" He held it up to her. Bunny took it and took a sip.

"Thanks" she said. Andy began asking her about her trip up from Maryland, how long it took, and all that, and soon they began to share stories over their drinks. But something wasn't right...

Bunny began to feel very sl**py. She wondered if the time zone changes were starting to catch up with her, but then the room started spinning and she knew something was definitly up. Food poisoning? No, she hadn't eaten anything. She only had this beer...

It dawned on her right before she passed out. The nail in the coffin was the last words she heard...

"Alright Andy, bring the truck around. She's out. Time to have some fun..."

Bunny woke to the feeling of someone pulling her panties over her hips. She was groggy, not really "with it", and just let whoever was touching her do their thing. She tried opening her eyes, but everything was just blurry. She began to make sense of the sounds she was hearing. They were voices...
"Yeah, but Lisa ain't gonna say shit. She didn't see nothing.."

"And if she did, who the fuck cares? We got her, that's all that matters..."

Bunny tried to focus at the men who were manhandling her. She knew the voices, but couldn't quite place them...

"Hurry up man, jesus, i'm fucking hard as a rock here!"

"Wait will ya? There. Now she's good to go"

Bunny felt cold. She was completely naked and spread eagled somewhere. She tried to lift her head, but the room spun madly around her. Fuck! What the fuck was happening?

"Alright move, I'm going first"

"Fuck you! I did all the fucking work here!"

"I'm older, and I say I go first. Now MOVE!"

Bunny blinked, still trying to focus. That voice...it sounded a lot like...

"Oh for fuck sake John, you always get your way!"

John? Johnathan Hillstrand? What the hell was she doing with Johnathan Hillstrand? And was that Andy? It WAS Andy! Bunny tried to turn her head to the side. She could make out black. Everything was black. Phil's boat wasn't black. Why was she on the Time Bandit?

She felt her legs being lifted. Then, something cold and wet was pressing against her clit.

John had spit onto his fingers.

"What the fuck are you doing?" asked Andy.

"Gotta get her wet a bit" John answered.

"She's knocked out!" said Andy, wondering why John was going trhough the trouble.

"The wetter she is, the easier we do this" John answered, as if it was perfectly logical.

He spit, then rubbed her clit furiously. Bunny felt it, but was unable to say anything or to move. They weren't looking at her face, so they didn't know she was awake. It was the strangest feeling. She could see and hear and feel everything, but it's like she was trapped inside of her body.

John rubbed for a while, then stuck his finger inside of her to see how much progess he'd made. "She's gettin' there" he said after each check. Finally, he determined she was ready, and shifted his position, kneeling right at her pussy and pushing her legs over his hips.

"Alright, time to test this bitch out!" he said. John pushed forward, shoving his cock into her pussy in one motion. He had succeeded in getting Bunny nice and wet, but it still hurt a bit.

Fuck! I can't believe he's fucking me! she thought. Again, she tried to make her body do something, but all she could do was feel John's cock moving in and out, and it was actually starting to feel pretty good. Maybe if she just tried to enjoy it...

"Holy Shit, John, she's awake!" yelled Andy. He moved up and stood over her, looking down into her face. Bunny focused her eyes back at his. John stilled inside of her.

Andy looked to John, then back to Bunny. "How long you been awake?"

Bunny still couldn't move. She didn't answer. Again, Andy looked to John, then back to Bunny.

"Can you hear me?" he asked. She blinked at him.

"Can you talk?" he asked, almost concerned. Bunny blinked again.

"Well, wadda ya know" said Andy grinning. 'That stuff really DOES work!" He high fived John.

"Awesome!" said John. "Well, since she can't talk, you might as well put that mouth to another use!"

"Right on, b*****r" said Andy, as he quickly shed his clothes. Andy knelt on the bed over Bunny's head, facing his b*****r, and opened her mouth. "Alright, let's see how you like THIS". He pushed his cock in all the way, watching her eyes squeeze tight as she felt choked. Then he pulled all the way out.

John watched the sight and began to fuck her again, starting out slowly, but quickly picking up the pace, egged on by his b*****r forcing his cock down Bunny's throat.

"Yeah, fuck her throat!" yelled John.

Bunny couldn't believe what was happening. She was in shock, and she was trying her best to stay alive with the cock cutting off her breathing, but she was also kinda enjoying it. What kind of a girl was she?

The Hillstrands were having a grand old time, using Bunny in every way possible. Bunny was torn. She didn't know if she was having a bad time or a good one. She DID know, however, that the d**g was starting to wear off a bit. She was able to move her fingers slightly. Just as she was gaining back the feeling, John decided to play a new game.

"Alright, let's see how she likes this!" he said to Andy. John stuck his finger in his mouth, slicking it up good, then took it out and brought it down to Bunny's ass. He pushed it in all the way, laughing as he did.

Bunny's hand moved fully and she gripped the sheets. Neither of the Hillstrands saw it, however. They didn't care. No one did...

...except the one watching from the cracked door. Russ had heard the commotion and wondered what was going on. He didn't expect to find THIS when he made his way downstairs. He knew the girl on the bed. It was Bunny, Phil's girl. She was sort of his girl, too. He had spent a very nice time with her in Maryland. Phil had told him about her joining the crew, and he was excited to see her again. But now, she was being abused by his fucked up bosses, and there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it. Or was there...

When he saw her clench the sheets, he knew what he had to do. Russ turned away from the door and headed up to the wheelhouse. He rummaged through the drawer until he found the small book of numbers. Thumbing through it, he found the Cornelia Marie. The phone rang 16 times before there was finally an answer.

"Hello Phil? It's Russ...we need to talk..."
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