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This is a story of a lost and recovered engagement ring that led to an intense development in my lesbian relationship. I had gone to Las Vegas with Norico my partner of many years. I had decided to commit to her by offering her an engagement ring. Now being a romantic I dropped the ring into a glass of champagne without her knowing and she would find it there when she finished the drink. Great plan very romantic I thought. I sat across from her and gazed at the person who had made me so happy in sex and in love. She was Japanese petite with well rounded figure. Her breasts were pendulous and most of the time her nipples would be on show as they were pronounced. Her legs and bottom were chunky but not fat which I loved. Her orgasm would make her puppy fat ripple and shake. I loved to slap her on the buttocks and thighs to see the movement. Anyway tonight she was going to be proposed to and I would get a ring on her finger and she would be more than just a dyke she would be my wife.

As I watched she drank the champagne and as she got two thirds of the way down she necked the rest. Before I could stop her she was choking on the ring. Oh my god I thought I killed her. She coughed and gagged I could see her swallowing to clear the obstruction. Suddenly she grabbed a glass of water and drank it this did the trick and she caught her breath.
After she had calmed down a bit I explained that I wanted us to be together and she had just swallowed a £3500 engagement ring. How the hell are we going to get it back I said when we returned to our hotel room? We’ll just have to let nature take its course and it’ll eventually show up she offered. It was at this point that things between us would never be the same again we were about to embark on a sexual journey neither of us had envisioned but would hold us together for the rest of our lives. I said it’ll be at least 24 hours before you are able to excrete it and we fly back to Tokyo tomorrow night. You’ll have to hang on until we get back to our apartment.

That night as we made love I mused as to how we would have to get very intimate to find the ring amongst all of the waste. I absent minded started to rim her arse something I had done before.My little Tokyo rose had squirmed with pleasure and it had led to some face sitting where she had rubbed herself from anus to clitoris until she had ground her way to an orgasm. A very dirty train of thought went through my mind what if....we went further, deeper, dirtier the ring hunt would be my perfect excuse to explore the depths of depravity.
The day of the flight she looked uncomfortable. As she dressed in her favourite white lacy knickers and white lacy topped stockings I could see her little pot bellied stomach was already starting to look distended. She complained that she was quite full and would really like to go to the toilet. I countered with if it goes down the toilet we may never see it again. Let’s wait till we get home and we can plan how to make sure we recover it. She groaned but complied. I rubbed her stomach for her and masturbated her pussy to see if I could relax her before the long flight home.

As soon as we got to the apartment I could tell that Norico was desperate. Her stomach was filling her skirt and she looked as if she was pregnant. She was also upset at being in discomfort and knowing what she was going to have to do to recover the lost token of love. I immediately knew I had to take charge here if the job was going to be done right. I could feel my heart rate rise as the anticipation of what I was going to get that little anus of hers to perform. My pants were soaking in anticipation and the flight home had left me with dirty wet knickers that I was beginning to smell through my light dress and tights.

I got together some old towels and we put them on the bedroom floor. I helped her out of her clothes and I wasn’t surprised to see that her knickers were very sweaty and smelled of her sex. A sour musky smell that drove my libido wild. She could see I was getting excited so she reached across and kissed me whilst sliding her hand up my dress and inside my knickers I could feel her fingers circling my clit little shudders of pleasure coursed through my body and I felt my breathing become shallow and fast as I responded. But no I said to myself this is a job where I needed full concentration. I removed her hand and sucked her fingers to show I was interested but not quite yet. I helped her out of her knickers I loved the way the whiteness gave way to her thick hairy cunt and how her lips clung to the material. I sniffed them and put them to one side they were small change compared to where we were going today.

I said squat over the towel and face your anus towards me I’ll see the ring come out and a quick wash and it’ll be on your finger in no time. She positioned herself and I couldn’t help but get close up where I could observe her little brown puckered starfish nestling between a thick blanket of hair. She pulled her cheeks apart, and ....nothing. I said “what you waiting for you must be desperate”. She moaned “I need to pee and if I go shit then I’ll piss myself”. I had a quandary if she went to the toilet then she might not be able to hold on while she pissed. I had an evil thought. I positioned myself under her cunt and fastened my lips over her piss hole. I started to suck and tongue her.

Her unwashed vagina started to pulse in and out as she tried to control her piss and not shit. With a whimper a gush of urine filled my mouth. It was salty with a hint of coffee from her last drink. The stream steadily got stronger and suddenly the flood gates opened. I had piss in my mouth on my face in my hair and it ran down onto my dress and over my b**sts. The stream started to ease off I could still feel her trying to control her anal sphincter as she squeezed out the last of her urine. Suddenly she gave a little cry and a small “no” as I removed my face from her now pissy cunt. I was in time to see her anus start to stretch and a small brown mound appeared. It then went back in as her anus sought for control. I thought now’s my time. I started to lick her anus rimming it and darting my tongue in and out like a snake. She responded by backing onto my tongue and face. “Oh that’s nice I feel more relaxed now how I love you, you dirty bitch” she encouraged. I felt my tongue being sucked in a squeezed by her arse as she tensed and relaxed. I sensed her tense her stomach muscles and bear down to expel the faecal matter. I kneaded her stomach to encourage her along. Suddenly her anus stretched to its full capacity her shit ring gripping onto the turd as a thick long snake of faecal matter landed on the towel. She sighed with relief. I offered “a good girl” and reached around giving her breasts and nipples a tease as I cuddled her from behind. Suddenly I felt her stomach tense again “phew how much is in there” I thought. Another long turd joined the first one on the towel. Again she strained. I can feel something in there she said but I cant get it out. I gave her my wicked smile.

I moved round to the business end and frigged her cunt. She was sopping wet and my fingers got a good covering of vaginal juice. I then moved round to her anus and gently slipped a finger into her shitter. I wiggled it about feeling for the ring. She sighed and started to hump my finger in her arse. “Oh that’s too nice” she offered. I got another finger in and wiggled them deeper. Still no ring. I withdrew my fingers. Okay I said I’m going to have to fist you to get in deeper so you need to relax and help me by pushing onto my hand okay. She nodded with a determined “I can do this” look on her face. I kissed her and our tongues intertwined as we grabbed and squeezed each other’s breasts. She nipped my nipples and pulled them in revenge for what I was about to do. I frigged her cunt again getting as much lubricant as I could. I smeared it on my hand and up my arm. I then frigged myself getting even more of the precious lubricant. And smeared it over her anus.
I inserted the fingers again getting all four in without too much trouble. Now I folded my thumb into my palm and pushed. She gave a little yelp as she pushed back onto my hand. I felt her sphincter close over my wrist. I was now deep inside her colon. I rummaged about feeling or the ring. I also took the opportunity to rub her cunt through her arse getting the G spot and the back of her clitoris. She started to buck and I felt her anus cutting the bl**d supply to my hand as she contracted in an anal orgasm. She fell forward onto her hands and knees and her buttocks and thighs quivered and shook as the petite mort took her over the edge. I felt her colon pulse and squeeze and a small solid object brushed against my hand. Bingo I yelled I got it. I hooked my pinkie around the ring and withdrew my fist from her anus it was satisfying to watch her ring expand and close as the irth of my hand changd. The ring a bit messy but intact hooked around my little finger.

She lay collapsed on all fours her chest heaving her tits had landed on the shitty towel and i was aroused to see the brown stickiness against her olive skin her nipples covered in mess. I picked some up myself and spread it over my breasts. It was warm and smooth. I scooped a little more and inserted it into her cunt rubbing her hairy cunt in it and forcing it onto her clitoris and vagina. It felt smooth slippery and I found I was fisting her cunt too. I had another wicked thought. I put the ring to one side and with one hand up her cunt I inserted the other up her anus and double fisted her with a turning motion as i violated her most secret holes. She groaned and moved her hips in time as I basically anally and vaginally ****d her.
She wears her ring everyday and every time I wake up next to her and see it I give it a kiss and a lick because I know where it’s been.

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