step mummy and me camping

I arrived at my dad’s wife’s house with a suitcase and a smile on my face. It had been a few years since I’d had a holiday so I had jumped at the chance to go on a drive holiday to the south of France and stay in a tent for the week. It was to be just me and my step mum. No baby for me and for her no husband. A girly holiday was how she had sold it to me. So grandma had several bottles of breast milk in the fridge and I had my glad rags on. As we loaded the car I noticed again what good taste my dad had. She was a slim petit blonde with averaged size breasts and long tanned legs. She smiled readily and was a bit flirty with both me and my dad which I found strangely erotic.

Anyway she had on a light summery dress and I noticed the wind blowing it flat against her breasts outlining her nipples and betraying the fact that he wasn’t wearing a bra. I pointed this out. She laughed and said “when in France”. I also noticed that she had a strange shape to her hips and bottom she had appeared to have put weight on and looked like she had a spare tyre. I didn’t say anything and we set off. It was going to take 8 hours from London to the south of France and we had a long journey ahead of us.

I had noticed a strange noise when she had got into the car so when we had talked for a time about my baby, university failure and our common interests I plucked up the courage to ask her about the strangeness. She laughed and looked mischievously at me. She lifted up her skirt and all became clear. She was wearing a pair of very light tan tights and some gorgeous frilly French knickers. But under all this I could see the outline of plastic pants over an adult diaper. I gasped, “I’m sorry I didn’t know you were incontinent”. She said “I’m not. I just hate using public toilets on motorways. I can pee in this happily for a few hours and then change it when I gets too full. Also it’s wonderful to feel the hot gush of urine on your vagina and buttocks. Very liberating just to pee where and when you want to”. She looked at me appraisingly after this last comment to see if I was shocked. Strangely I wasn’t in fact a little hot feeling in my stomach belied that I was fairly turned on by the confession.

I had always been bi sexual and had screwed women and men while at uni probably part of the reason I failed my degree. That and getting knocked up by the biggest black cock attending the same course as me. But hey ho and all that. I got preggers and had had a k** about 6 months ago. It had knocked me for six I’d got the baby blues and hence the reason for the trip, try and get me back on my feet again and back to my usual happy outlook.
I looked down at her underwear and heard a very faint rushing sound. I laughed and she followed it with “yes I am pissing as we speak isn’t it great”. I could feel a s****rly bond forming and a tickle in my bladder that I now needed to wee. “OH bugger I said I need to pull over now”. She refused and we drove on and on. I could feel my bladder getting full and the hot weather didn’t help as I needed to keep drinking. My breasts were still producing breast milk and this increased my thirst. My step mum just kept on driving. I got a bit annoyed “come on pull over or I’ll piss all over your car seats then you’ll be sorry”. She just shrugged and said “climb into the back and take a piss it won’t be the first time the back seats been christened”. I had no choice I climbed into the back and pulled up my dress. I lowered my knickers and tights and sat on the seat. I began to piss myself the hot urine dribbled onto my inner thigh and cunt lips splashing down my perineum and into the crack of my arse soaking my anus. My face flushed with shame and I felt my heart rate go up as I became aroused at the humiliation only an adult woman can feel at not controlling her bodily functions. I glanced up and my Step mum was looking in the car mirror at my shame she had a very scheming look on her face. I began to cry and I moved back into the front of the car. She reached across and comforted me. Giving me a small peck on the cheek and making soothing noises. She offered that it had happened to her a few times and not to worry. “We’re all girls together she said come on we’ll have a great time at the camp site and you’ll forget it ever happened”.

We got to the camp site at dusk and unpacked our gear including a rather nice bottle of vodka schnapps. As we pottered we had a few swigs straight from the bottle and my mishap grew to a more distant memory. Finally we zipped ourselves in for the night. A bit d***k and a bit giggly. I looked at her and said “you still haven’t changed your diaper It must be soaking by now. She smiled and said let’s check shall we”. “Come on she said help me take my tights off I’m a bit too tipsy to stand”. I got my thumbs in the tops and pulled her frilly white pristine French knickers and tights own in one smooth motion. The diaper and plastic pants was revealed. I reached forward and squished them. They felt warm and slightly moist. “I think you need to change your nappy dear I joked”. She looked at me and said “could you do the honours. I love to have someone change me”. I reached forward and pulled down the plastic pants and undid the diaper. It fell away from her crotch. I could see her in all her womanly glory. She had a very hairy fanny totally unshaven. There were beads of piss on her pubic region and there was a greasy shine to her buttocks and her labia from the barrier cream she used. The outline of the elastic from the pants and her tights indented her skin. I also saw a small metal object in her anal region. “What’s that” I said as I gave it a poke. My mother in law winked and said “that’s my little secret. It’s an anal plug. I keep it in so that I don’t mess the diaper when I’m pissing”. “Oh” I said shocked that she would be that way inclined.

“Do you want to know another secret” she said. I nodded. “ It’s been five days since I had a p*o and I feel very full. Would you mind taking the plug out and holding the diaper so I can go number two”. I took another swig of vodka and handed her the bottle. “ I’m not sure”. I was reluctant in case I got it on my hands. “Its okay she said I got wet wipes and I’ll control the exit of any mess”. I saw her start to clench her stomach muscles and pull her knees up to her chest and a small pellet appeared. Suddenly a tube of shit wormed is way past her sphincter it stretched her anus to about an inch and the shit kept on coiling into the nappy. Each clench of her stomach f***ed the snake to speed up and then slow down. She cut it off and then started again. The diaper filled to its max and finally she let out a sigh. “Finished” she said “wow that was relief”. I could feel the heat coming of the shit and I folded the diaper around it and placed it outside the tent.

She fished out some wet wipes and cleaned herself and lay back revealed. Her legs were spread and I could see her clitoris slightly extended and her lips parted to reveal a dark hole into her vagina proper. Her anus gaped slightly from the plug and her recent movement. She reached into her suitcase and produced a tub of cream and two diapers. “Would you like to join my diaper club” she said with a mischievous grin on her face. I nodded yes
She ordered me to lie on my back she removed my knickers and motioned for me to hitch my knees up. She surveyed my snatch which was more than a little swollen and wet. Oh my dear girl you look very excited have I got you going. I nodded and played with my tits. She got a dollop of cream and spread it over my cunt lips and my buttocks smearing it over my anus. She inserted a finger inside my anus and her thumb into my vulva and finger fucked me for about ten seconds. I gasped when she stopped. Ah ah my girl all in good time. She ordered me to spread my buttocks even further. She got her half dirty butt plug and inserted it inside my anus. It felt kinky having another woman’s shit up my arse and I gave a little gasp of desire. The plug stretching me to my limit before my sphincter gripped the thin metal collar. I returned the favour and lubed her up with the barrier cream getting her hairy cunt good and slippery. She then turned around and manoeuvred her cunt over my face. She then rubbed herself over my nose and mouth. Her breathing became ragged as she face fucked me. I felt the tentative nibble on my clitoris as she began a sixty nine that could only end one way. We sucked each other and dribbled come and piss into each other’s mouth and face over the next half hour we were no better than a****ls. Finally she could take no more.

We lay side by side spent and slimy our faces shiny from come and cream. It was then that I realised that my breasts hurt like hell all the excitement had belied the fact that my body was still set up for breast feeding and that it would take a few days to start to reabsorb the breast milk. I milked myself to ease the pressure. The two thin streams of milk spraying onto the tent floor. My step mum said my poor girl why didn’t you say. Come here let me help you. Before I knew it she was breast feeding off me sucking with strong long sucks emptying out my breasts and easing the pain I felt. I stroked her hair and breasts in return and gradually felt the tension ease. She then lay back on her sl**ping bag legs spread whilst I put her diaper and plastic pants on I could see her fanny in all its glory. Dark wine coloured with her clitoral hood now hiding her pleasure zone. The faint musk and fishy smell of urine signposting her sexuality. She then put me into mine adding another layer of cream to ensure I was comfortable.

We cuddled together and finished of the last of the vodka. As my step mum full asl**p I could hear the gentle snoring and the quiet rush of urine into her diaper I had a quick piss in mine before I drifted off the hot fluid trickling down my inner thigh and between my arse cheeks and around my butt plug.

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3 years ago
just plastic pants!
3 years ago
part 2 here click the link hope you enjoy as much as i did writing it
3 years ago
interesting ...
3 years ago
That is so kinky. Love it.
3 years ago
i know that there is more to this trip