aunties lesson

My Auntie tried to get her key in the lock. The vodka and cokes she’d been throwing down her neck all night made the job almost impossible.

Finally she let herself in and went towards the living room. She could see the TV was on and she went in. The scene she entered gave her a shock 5 lads including myself were sat around the TV watching porn and drinking cans of lager. Her eyes widened as she took in the scene.

On the DVD 3 men were gang banging a MILF every hole was being filled and it was the crucial moment where the money shot was being shown. Unfortunately me and my mates in the darkened room had got our cocks out and were racing each other to our own money shot.

My auntie stood swaying as the fact dawned on her that she had interrupted a very male environment. She came further into the room and stood beside me. I think she felt vulnerable in all the testosterone and wanted a protector. She knelt beside me and started to absent mindedly stroking my length. The other lads started to laugh and cat called oi! that’s cheating getting your auntie to finish you off. I flaunted the situation and stood up forcing my cock into her mouth and fucking her throat. Auntie nearly choked but managed to accommodate it all.

I played to the crowd and auntie started to become a bit of a show off herself. Moaning and loosening the front of her dress. I could feel the back of her throat clamping around my tip and her tongue flicking underneath my penis. One of the lads came over and said don’t be greedy let me have a go. And he pulled her head around to his cock. She sucked it in and began to rock her mouth back and forward. I unfastened the rest of aunties dress and she wriggled out of it.

She was a big girl and her breasts were huge but a bit saggy. Her nipples were standing on end from the erotic situation she found herself in. She felt powerful and the centre of attention. By now the other three lads were stood around her wanking themselves of with one hand and reaching inside her bra with the other she felt her nipples being stroked and pulled and she felt a warm sensation starting between her legs and the first hint of muskiness from her vagina. It didn’t help that 5 lad’s cocks were on show and being thrust at her from every direction.

She unfastened her bra completely and let her pendulous breasts swing free. She felt them rubbing on her belly and brushing against her thighs. Suddenly she found herself with a mouth full of come as one of the lads shouted i win and and spurted hot gobets of sperm in her mouth and down her throat. She felt it lak out of her mouth and down her chin as she faiiled to swallow it all. This seemed to set up a chain reaction as one after another the lads jerked their loads onto her face, tits and belly. The sweet sour smell of sperm filled the air as the lads caught their breath and gently wanked the rest of the spunk out. Teasing it onto her and wiping their cocks on her dress.

They high fived each other and said that’s better than any porn. Your auntie is a game old bird i’ll give her that one of them said. I knew auntie and i knew what she was capable off. She suddenly stood up and dropped her knickers to the floor stepping out of them she picked them up and wiped the spunk from her face and tits. The lads eyes were on stalks when they saw the huge ginger bush that was revealed. Her pink lips protruding through, pouting at her audience. The lips glistened in the light from the TV and there was a definite muskiness to the room’s atmosphere. She put her hands on either side of the nearest person which just happened to be me and f***ed me to my knees. She rubbed her cunt over my face and mouth and ground her hips into my nose. Doing her own face fucking now she parted her legs to give myself and her more access to her hole and i licked and massaged her clitoris and inseted my tongue into her piss hole teasing her and making her wriggle even more.

I could feel her breath becoming more ragged. Suddenly one of the lads knelt behind her and spread her arse cheeks he spat on her anus and began to lick for all he was worth. This extra assault on her senses was too much and the warm wet come of a woman soaked my face and filled my mouth slightly stinging the back of my throat.

Her breasts and fat thighs wobbled as she shuddered in the aftermath of a leg weakening orgasm. I could see she was sweating and that rivulets of sweat were running between her breasts and down her back. The lad who had been licking her anus stood up and pushed her head forward so she was bent over. Then without ceremony or permission he thrust his cock deep into her arse spearing her sphincter and forcing excrement out as he withdrew and thrust into her. She gasped and bit her lip as she was anally fucked.

As if on cue another of the lads stepped forward and had his turn at having his cock sucked this shut her up and her protestations were lost in another throat fucking. She settled into a rhythm of thrusting her anus onto the cock and running her lips up and down the shaft of the latest lucky lad. She felt a cock being shoved into her hand and she gamely wanked away at another stiff member to distract herself away from the pain in her anus and the soreness in her throat from the double penetration. The groans of the lads telegraphed that she was having the right effect on them and she felt the pulse of a jet of spunk into her anus as he grunted and convulsed his man fat into her most secret and private of places. She felt the cock in her mouth begin to swell as another torrent of spunk was deposited down her throat and over her face.

At that point she felt a warm jet that wasn’t spunk over her tits and belly. She looked to her right to see one of the lads emptying his bladder over her. The tins of lager second hand were being emptied onto her. She felt humiliated that they had pissed on her. Suddenly there was a laugh as another lad began to piss on her over her face hair and in her mouth. It was open season and she was the target as all five lads pissed on her one lad inserted his cock and pissed up her arse.

Another inserted his cock into her cunt and the warm sensation of piss that wasn’t hers flowed inside her vagina and down her legs. Her tits were given a liberal sprinkle as the other two hosed down her breasts. She stank of piss and spunk and the aroma of her shit and stickiness around her anus told the story that she had well and truly lost control of her sphincter.

She lashed out at them spanking them on their arse and slapping them around the face. How dare you show such disrespect to me? They looked sheepish and the enormity of what they had done dawned on them. I said how we can make amends auntie. We didn’t really mean it we just got carried away. Lie on the floor the lot of you i’ll show you who’s boss.

The lads lay on the floor and looked at each other worriedly. Auntie stood over each one in turn and released a torrent of piss on each lad ordering them to open their mouths and drink every drop. Mr anal fucker she kept her best for. She squatted over his face and f***ed a runny pissy turd flavoured with his spunk onto him and rubbed it in as a fetish face pack. She then stood up and without a backward glance left the room and said “until next weekend lads when we’ll do it all again”.
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very naughty all of you