horny s****r ....

Hello everyone, On Saturday I went to the house of Raffaella, my older s****r, her husband had left a piece for 5 days as there is a lot of work in the holidays.
We went on vacation earlier than planned, due to lack of work, I do a lunch with friends, drink a little too much, then a greeting and chatting away. I I go home, she calls me and tells me if I could raffy andargli to help him to arrange the objects (you can not make it because she is pregnant) I get home, and we salute you, I greet the c***dren who are playing, and help raffy in the garage, after all go in the kitchen making coffee, I take it I light up a cigarette and chatting of this and that.
Then he says that he wanted to baked cookies, and begins to prepare them, then puts them to grow waiting before bake.
It was about 15 and 30, says he had to bring c***dren to the playroom and went back to 21 because there was a birthday.
I wanted to go, but she tells me to keep waiting since I was a little d***k, and I recommend that as soon as I could to bake cookies.
I'm waiting for a pho, go to the bathroom and see her underwear (I've always been attracted to his underwear)
Beginning to lead me forgetting to bake cookies, she calls me and reminds me once again of baking cookies.
I'm running into the kitchen with cock in hand I was excited at the most, and I take the pan, I go in the fridge and I can not find the butter, I do not think the second time and finish my masturbation filling the pan and imburrandola with my hot sperm
Then pono cookies over and put them in the oven, freshly baked raffaella enters and goes straight to the oven, open to take a look and see fry, and asked me what I had put in the pan, and I tell her the butter.
We'll have a chat, as time passes and the cookies are ready, bakes them and begin to eat, she says (mmmmm), I say "you're a good cook, eh love?" so we do we eat the pan.
When I say that I had to go because I had an appointment with friends, she says, "by the company do not do to your love"? So that makes it f***es me to stay with her and to postpone the night with friends.
We begin the preliminaries infinite, would not fuck, he told me that he loved me and nothing I give up.
Then were the 19 after watching a porn and a good blowjob he said, "I feel like other biscuits I prepare them," I responded, "we do not see bare naked" she said, "is love," not knowing how I prepare them I prepare to her, and said, "I'll give the final touch" gave me a blowjob, but as I was coming she took off and put in the pan for sborrarci, and skim the pan.
Raffaella told me "you know this afternoon I noticed that your hot sperm was inside the cookies, not bad love"!!
We prepare everything after that yummy baked them eat mmmmm, I also eat them.
Raffy said, "You know treasure every time I call you inburrare a pan, make a mess in a delicacy"
After we go to take the c***dren to the play area, we make a pizza, and go home,
Pranzemmo (I notice my mother that I was out with friends and I went back the next day, so as not to arouse suspicion)
Then he made almost midnight the little ones are asl**p, and my s****r and I threw ourselves in bed kissing, masturbemmo there all the time, then she said "tonight to give you what you want so much, though I can not, I do why am excited) , and gave me the cracked, licked then started to penetrate inside slowly, then also wanted in the ass, he finally said that I had sborrarla in pussy and so I did, we spent the whole night to touch and kiss, I do not know how, but not We slept right.
Sborrai like crazy, I have hands and mouth filled with cum.
There risvegliemmo, I got dressed and went away,
She said, "Honey I want you to help me every time I make cookies * _ *"
I assured him that I was always available and that she was my love.
Thanks to all of the reading, the next to other stories.

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