Fuck,,, Doubble Fuck

Walking into your room leaves me breathless. The night still young has left us both cloaked with a light chill and mischief. Coming up from behind me you pull my hair off my shoulder, I lean back against you, as I offer you my neck. trailing your kisses down to my shoulder I softly moan your name. With a final kiss to my shoulder I can feel your smirk, you know just what you've done to me. Turning with a cheeky grin of my own I tell you to strip and sit on the far back of your bed. You look at me with wide eyes and eyebrows raised, this vocal side of me catching you by surprise. Striding beside you I lean up and peck you on the cheek "Hurry up or you'll get none..." I sing-song to you. As I watch you strip I take a deep breath to relax. Tonight I want to give you all of me to let you taste and feel every inch.

You sit at the far end of your bed, your back against the wall. The hungry look in your eyes give me the drive to move forward. I struggle with my next move to ask... no tell you to keep your hands to yourself. Teasingly I joke that I don't think you can hold out from caressing my body longer then a few minutes. Your growl in response is all I need as an answer. Flipping on a playlist I move to the end of the bed, slowly stripping off every article of clothing to the music. My body has come alive with each note and the sway of my hips flows with the slow melody. Finally ridding myself of my bra I stand before you in only my lace thong. I crawl onto the bed towards you and I start to trail my tongue in lazy swirls from right below your navel to your neck, leaving small bites along the way.

As I reach your neck I begin to kiss up your jawline. You can feel my breath ghost from your neck to your ear and back again. Pulling back I smile at you before attacking your mouth, you taste so sweet and I moan against your lips. I can feel your fingers twitching to touch me and I decide to have them twitch some more. I begin to lean back and pull your face down to my breasts, having you bite and lick them. I begin to grind against you as you begin to tease my nipples with your tongue. My thong is soaked with need as my teasing of you has seemingly backfired. Reaching I tangle my fingers in your hair, softly mewing in pleasure as you continue to attend to my breasts.

Somewhere between writhing against you and you biting down on my shoulder I find myself on my back your hands are twisted in the weak part of my thong and you rip it off of me. You lift me back up on onto your now hard cock, sliding on with ease. As you pull out I feel your arms are behind me your hands grip on my shoulders as you pull me down fast. The quick movement has me yelp with pleasure, each thrust magnified by you helping gravity pull me back down on you. My walls tighten around you the feeling becoming more intense. When I look at your face I see you biting your lip with lust filled eyes I take your mouth again. I begin to suck on your lip claiming it as my own but before I let go I bite down and smirk at you.

I might continue this... keep a look out
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2 years ago
omg i love this blue mmmm
2 years ago
Hottt!... says the now aroused guy. ;)
2 years ago
mmmm very sexual i love to add some myself . your imagination sounds as wild as mine x
2 years ago
This is a great story, so far...
2 years ago
I've seen this somewhere before...
2 years ago
Extremely hot i look forward to more.
2 years ago
im a loss of words... (TOO FUCKING HOT) :p
2 years ago
amazing story! loved loved LOVED it!
2 years ago
2 years ago
You are a lynx my dear, small petite, stunning to watch and admire but with a mind and body that can rip a man to pieces with a mere thought, i loved it :)
2 years ago
mexaaaaa nice Story dear..> Thank For Posting