Trigonometric Function S-Series

When I was a freshman at college, an old neighbor of mine came back from Wales. The last time I saw him was when I was in grade school. He has this daughter who's two years older than me.

One day, I went to the beach; which was my backyard, and saw my neighbor. He approached me and said hi. We talked about stuff that changed over the years, about his job and how hard it is to raise a f****y, about me going to college. Then I opened up about her daughter.

"How's Geo?" I asked.

"She's fine. She's going to college next year." He answered.

"Here? I thought she'd be studying in Wales" I said.

"Nah. Tuition there is too expensive compared to here." He said.

"Well, sometimes what matters is she finished her studies." I told him.

"That's right. I'm a little worried about her though, she's not that good in math." He said.

"Why don't you get her a tutor?" I suggested.

"I tried. But she doesn't pay attention." He said. "From what I heard, you and Justin have been excelling in math when you were in high school."

"Yeah. We got lucky we ended up having good teachers." I smiled. "I guess sometimes it's easier to learn when you like your teacher. Sometimes, having a teacher that can grab your attention helps.”

“You think so? Listen, Den, I won’t be around much to keep looking for a tutor for Geo. My new job keeps me away from home almost every night.” He talked and I kept nodding. “What I’m saying is that I’d like to hire you as Geo’s tutor. I’ll pay you at the price near to a real tutor’s rate and …” I interrupted him. It bothers me seeing a guy trying to speak his mind while trying not to lose his dignity.

“Don’t worry nong (is vulgar dialect for giving sign of respect to someone older than you by not calling him/her by his/her first name [nong means big b*****r [something like sensie/senpai in Japanese]]). I’ll do it even if it was for half the original rate.” I said.
We shook on it and agreed I’d come by his house every night, after dinner time. The first night I came, my neighbor was about to leave for work. He was a team manager of a big call center branch and his team was assigned at grave yard shift so he had to work at night. His wife was working as a nurse over-seas so that left me and Geo alone most of the time.
He told me that he left us some snacks on the table and drove his motorbike out of the gate. The first night wasn’t that really progressive since we only talked about each other to catch up with the years we we’re apart. A few nights passed and things seemed more normal. It was our daily basis, or more likely “nightly basis”.

We normaly went to her room to study. I used PowerPoint presentations to make the lesson seem more unordinary so we always had the computer on, which was sometimes a bother cause she keeps opening her friendster profile and watching videos on YouTube. I’d tell her to concentrate since we only do a two hour session a day ‘cause I was also busy working on school projects.
Everything seemed normal until one night while I was giving her the weekly exam we agreed on, I decided to work on my programming assignment. I searched for backgrounds on Google and suddenly porn site pop-ups came out. Her safe search was turned off, no wonder.

I closed them all but one pop-up took my attention. It was an ero-play porn site where there was an image of a teacher giving her student a blow job (Maria Ozawa ero-movie). The image of me taking advantage of Geo came into my mind. I was already imagining her sitting on the study table the I suddenly come from behind and assist her, accidentally rubbing my arms on her luscious boobs, then her breast would pop out of her spaghetti dress and she’d ask me if I could teach her other subjects like biology ‘cause she’s interested in the male anatomy.
Suddenly, I snapped out of my day dream. Geo was already done with the exam I gave her and was grimacing behind me as she looked at me stare at the pop-up.

“So you like that kind of foreplay huh?” She asked.
“What made you think that?” I replied with another question.
“I can see your boner from way above here.” She was looking over my shoulder.
“I just haven’t had time to masturbate lately since I was busy tutoring you and making my projects at the same time.” I explained.
She gave me a smile and said “I guess it’s my fault now eh?”
She threw her answer sheet to the desk and turned the chair around for me to face her. “What are you doing?” I asked. I tried to chuckle to show that I’m uninterested although I was burning up inside. She was just inches away from me. I could see the zoom in image of her ever so majestic breast, wrapped by her spaghetti blouse; her tempting hips and thighs, the camel toe that’s been bothering me for many nights hidden under her cycling shorts.
“We’re just having a little break. Let’s call this our little educational tour.” She said. She brushed her hair with her fingers, her eyes looking at me like I was a prey, her hair covering parts of her breast.
“Let’s not do this Geo. We’ll get in trouble. You’re dad said he’d come home early tonight.” I said.
“Then we better do this quickly.” She said. The phone rang, we ignored it.
She swayed her body, moving her right hand up and down her stomach and crouch. Her left hand brushing her hair and ,from time to time, fondling her boobs. I pulled her closer, placing my hands on her hips, feeling the curves of her body. I pulled her to me and she bent to kiss me. Our tongues clashed and our lips pressed against each other like they never were meant to be torn apart again. The phone kept ringing.

I ran one hand to her ass and the other to her breast. She smiled. I then massaged her pussy through her cycling shorts. She kissed me more erotically to the sensation of my fingers. She then pulled away and turned the chair again. It faced to her bed. She climbed up and while she was kneeling, she slowly took of her top; giving me a show I was craving for. She shook her breast in front of me and bit her lip. She then unhooked her bra, hiding her nipples with her hand as she held her lingerie with the other. She threw it at me, moist with sweat. I sniffed it and her magnolia like fragrance ran through my lungs. She slowly moved her hand aside, exposing her boobs. My dick that time was already pre-cumming and was as stiff as a water pipe. She gently rubbed her fingers around her nipples opening her mouth like she was having an orgasm. She then held her breast with on hand and started to rub her vagina through the cycling shorts with another. A few seconds later she took off her shorts, giving me the full view of her wet panty. She Swayed her hips as she took it off, got down the bed and stuffed her underwear to my face. I inhaled her scent and tasted her pussy juice from the lingerie.

She sat on the edge of her bed and started to rub her clit, slowly she went lower and lower and started to finger herself. She moved her finger faster and faster as she fondled her breast. I slowly took off my shorts and my boxers. I really needed to release soon. The intense sexually arousing show she gave was killing me.

She came and squirted. He juices were everywhere. On her bed sheet, on the floor, on me…
I took my shirt off and threw it on the floor, pushed Geo down and kissed her. I placed my two fingers at her labia and massaged it to keep her wet. I sucked on her nipples and slowly, when I got myself placed on top of her, I pushed myself into her, penetrating into her wet juicy pussy. I moved back and forth, sometimes I moved my hips to angle my cock to make it rub against her vagina walls.

I moved faster and faster, holding in my ejaculation. We kissed some more. I felt her pussy squeezing me with her wet walls. It was very tight and it felt like her vagina was giving my dick a thousand French kisses. She screamed and creamed “Oh damn! Give it to me Den!”
I pulled out and moved myself closer to her head. She gave me fellatio and I moved her head to make her suck me faster. As she sucked on my cock, I held my climax a little more and lied down to lick her pussy. She rolled on top off me and we 69’ed.

I fingered her more as she sucked my cock and balls. The erotic sensation was more intensified with the thought of getting caught by her father when he gets home. She sucked on me faster and faster. Then as she came for the third time, I unloaded into her mouth. I shot my spunk into her. She coughed to her mild choking.

“That was a lot of cum you gave out.” She said.
“I told you I haven’t had time to masturbate.” I said. “Let’s get cleaned up before your dad comes home.”

“So you’re gonna ditch me after taking what you want?” She exclaimed.
“No! We can do this again next time. We can’t do round 2 when your dad’s around.” I explained.

We got dressed, cleaned her room, and I checked her exam. She checked on the phone for the automatic voice mail. I few minutes later she came back to the room wearing ONLY an apron. “Dad left a message saying he won’t be home ‘til morning.”

After that we fucked again and again, called home I was gonna sl**p over at Geo's. We had a lot of intercourse with different foreplays. We kept having sex even after we we’re supposed to be done with the tutor sessions. It kept on for a while until, they had to move again.

From time to time Geo emails me some naughty photo’s with her holding her report cards with high marks on math related subjects. I’d love to share to you all some of her pictures but I’d rather not. Who knows, her dad might already be on this site watching porn while waiting for a client to call his call center for customer assistance. So better safe than dead.

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very good but details on all the nights
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Very good