Two Islands: Last Day

We packed our stuff after breakfast. There wasn't much for me to put in my bag since I already had my clothes folded after used and placed in the corner. My wound felt better. It seemed smaller now that the hook was off. It'd probably fade off in time unlike some of the more serious cuts I had.

Trying to enjoy the last serine hours in this island, I headed to the terrace. There, I hopped on the hammock and admired the sight of the clean blue sea, felt the fresh morning breeze caress my face, and allowed the morning sun to burn my skin. Almost falling asl**p, I felt two gentle hands run from my shoulders down to my chest. Embracing me and pulling me closer the the intoxicating strawberry scented figure behind me.

It was AJ. She smiled at me as I stared at her in surprise.

"Done packing all your stuff?" I asked.

"Yup! Now I still have something to do before I go." She said.

"What is it?" I asked.

"This." She kissed me. Sensually our tongues met once more. This time it felt like they were pulling us closer. Asking us to never end this pleasurable kiss. Her lips dance in tandem to mine. She turned her head as our lips kept pressing against each other. Our tongues hitting gums and teeth. We parted lips and took a moment to breath.

Without saying anything, I rolled off the hammock, stood up and grabbed her head by the ears. I kissed her. She then gave me an embrace that allowed our body to share each other’s heat. I felt her breast press against my body. Her soft sensual white legs run through the gap between my thighs. Felt her feather soft arms wrap around my neck.

I led us to the near bamboo day bed at the end of the terrace; our body still close to each other, tongues eclipsing in every breaths we took. I felt my body getting hotter and hotter as we drew closer and closer to the day bed.
Finally, we got to the day bed. She fell on her back on the day bed. I kneeled down; pushed her shirt up; and kissed her soft abdomen. I teased her by circling my tongue around her belly button. She moaned, then reached down to unbutton her cargo pants and pulled it apart to open the zip. She shrugged to kick her pants off. I stopped her. I shushed her, telling her to let me lead for a moment. Then kissed her lips.

As we kissed, I reached for her thighs. I ran my fingers against her warm white thighs, ran them up to her last pair of clean panties; her crimson colored silk underwear. I pressed my middle finger outside her underwear, right in the middle of her camel toes. Pressed it to go deeper, as deep as the soft fabric of her lingerie can stretch. She gave out short and soft moans.

Before she could climax, I stopped. I pulled off her pants, then took her underwear by the teeth and pulled it down just a few inches below her pussy.
I then fingered her. I moved my fingers around her labia. The mouth of her pussy became soft and moist. After a long moment of teasing her, I penetrated her vagina. Rubbing my finger against the walls of her pussy. Making her moan and finding her sweet spot. There, on the upper wall of her vagina, I hit her harder as I listened to her moan. She could’ve screamed in ecstatic pleasure but she held most of her expressions in to avoid getting caught by the other girls inside.

I then moved my finger in and out her pussy. Hitting her weak spot and rubbing my thumb against her clitoris as I moved my finger into her pussy. Then, she came. She squirted and her love juices was caught by her underwear. Soaking it and staining it.

She caressed her pussy. I then took her underwear off with my teeth. Pulling it to her feet and placed it on her cargo pants. I moved her shirt up, this time exposing her tits. She unhooked her bra from the front. I then got on the day bed; bent down to kiss her breast, sucked her nipples and squeezed her boobs. She rubbed her leg against my erected dick through my shorts. I unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my shorts, unzipped and dropped them down just below my butt. I then pulled down my boxers and brought out my cock.

I rubbed my dick on the lips of her pussy, looking her an entrance. Then, I felt the passage of her vagina grabbing my dick as if it was provoking me to come in. I settled myself and pushed it. She moaned thin her moan wide open. I then thrust myself, moving my hips, fucking her in a slow pace. I tried to angle myself to hit her weak spot using my dicks head.

After a few minutes I started to speed up. I banged her faster and harder. Then she came again. The feeling of her pussy juice lube up her inside made the experience more erotic. Her sensual moans gave me the idea that she has been satisfied. So I braced myself and fucked her faster. I listened to her moans in vibrating effects caused by my movements. I enjoyed the pleasure of her tight pussy squeezing my cock. Her wet walls gave an erotic massage around my dick. It felt like she was sucking my soul into paradise. Then, as she tightened her pussy, I released my cum into her. I kept fucking her and fucking her. Her moans were louder. I took out my dick and got up. I moved towards her head and asked her to clean my cock with her mouth. She gave me a fellatio that made me hold her head and moved it myself. They way she sucked me made me cum again.

I got myself covered again. Before she could get descent, I took her panties from her and told her I’d keep it as a remembrance. I sniffed it and inhaled her scent to tease her. She was against it but she knew there was no stopping me. She wore her cargo pants without her underwear.

I kept her panties in my pocket just in case she tries to take it from my bag.

At breakfast, I sat next to her. I often pretend to pull out my handkerchief from my pocket to wipe my face and put it back in; but actually I was putting my hand in her loose cargo pants pocket and tease her pussy. She loudly moaned twice. The first one, she pretended she yawned and told everyone she didn’t get much sl**p; the second one, she escaped getting caught by pretending she was choking. She took my handkerchief and wiped her moist pussy. She kept it, like I kept her panties.

About 2 pm we got on the pumpboat to our island. Well, I sat between Maribel and Rina on the second to the last row seat of the boat. Behind us were the twins, AJ was seated next to Rina. To those who doesn’t know what a pumpboat looks like, google it. It has a row boat design but runs on an engine. It’s seats are arranged differently in other regions. Mine are in rows of long wood lumber with another long wood attached to it so we can rest our backs.

Behind the twins was the driver of the pumpboat and in front of us were some of the adults. It was a 30 – 45 min ride. So I started talking to Maribel. One thing led to another and she gave me her celphone number. We then talked to Rina.

“Hey Rina. I heard Den & AJ had sex on the terrace this morning.” Maribel whispered so out guardians won’t hear. When I heard Maribel say that my mind was like ‘oh shit’.
“I heard them too.” Rina said. She surprised me. “AJ was really loud. Sorry Den.”

I just blushed in the middle of the two. “You know what? It’s not fair that AJ got her last supper. I know I’m getting something from Den when we get home. But Rina, what about you? Don’t you think it’s unfair you can’t fuck Den for one last time?” Maribel said. Rina nodded lightly. “Then Den, why don’t you do Rina now?” Maribel took my hand and placed it on Rina’s shorts. She then loudly said “Oh my! It’s so hot! Rina, you look sl**py. Here sl**p on Den’s lap and we’ll cover you with my tube skirt (Malong).”

She pulled Rina’s face to my shorts and Covered her with her tube skirt. I then got what Maribel’s idea was. So I pushed my hand deeper and felt Rina’s crotch. I pulled down her zip slowly, trying not to make a noise. Then I felt her soft satin underwear. I pulled it aside. She made a sound, probably tickled her. I then my finger up & down the lips of her pussy. Then I softly applied pressure on her clitoris. The feeling of her young soft skin in my hands and the thought of having her getting fingered by me in public turned me on. So my dick slowly stood up. In a few minutes of teasing, Rina finally felt my dick hitting her face through my shorts. She opened my shorts, my dick was already outside my boxer’s slit. So she grabbed it with her hand and sucked it. I was about to moan but I kept it in. Maribel warned me to keep my poker face on. AJ was fast asl**p on the other side and the twins were too busy talking that they haven’t even notice us.

As I led my finger in her vagina, I felt her mouth suck me so hard. Her head went up and down, tilted left and right. Kissing, licking, & sucking every inch and every corner of my cock. I wanted to move my hips but didn’t. Didn’t want anyone to notice. I kept moving my finger in her. I moved it faster and faster and faster. Then after minutes of fingering, she came. I hand got so wet. I let it stay in her. She moaned but it was too soft to be noticed. I then focused on enjoying the blow job she was giving me. Her tongue licking the head of my dick. Her mouth taking in the whole cock. Her wet mouth walls that squeezed my dick. Then, I couldn’t hold it in much longer, I came. She sucked out the cum. It felt amazing. For a moment I felt like I was flying inside the boat. She drank my cum and got up. The tube skirt covering my dick, I took my wet hand out of her pussy. She then fixed her underwear and zipped her shorts. Flashing me her wet pussy before doing so. Maribel took my hand of pussy juice. She licked the pussy juice off my hand, showing it to Rina. Then she got under the tube skirt and sucked my cock again. I stopped her. I felt sore from Rina sucking me.

“Later.” I said as I gave Maribel the puppy dog eyes.

She grabbed my dick, rubbed the head and said “This better be hard when we get back to the city.” She gently placed my dick inside my boxers and zipped my shorts.

After we got home, we went separate ways. I went home with my aunt. They did the same with their guardians. My boner lasted ‘til we were in the taxi. A week later, Maribel and I went to the zoo. We had sex in the zoo’s hotel. Made loud moans, fucked like a****ls. I kept AJ’s underwear. Never washed it, she told me she didn’t was my handkerchief the last time I asked. I got to see AJ %&Rina a couple of times. I heard one of the twins got pregnant. I’m not the dad! Maribel moved after a few months so I never got to see her after a few “encounters”. I changed my lifestyle after hearing my buddy get std. He’s a sailor and has sex with different women in different ports so he had the bad end of the bargain. As for now, I’m living a sex free life with a girlfriend who lives half way around the globe. But I’ve had enough sex to help me wait for my girlfriend to marry me.

Thanks for reading Two Islands. Tell me if you want to read more.

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wow, what a stud. good series
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^^ Thanks
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Very nice series. It was a pleasure to read. Thanks