Two Islands: Day 3 - II

After the morning wrestle, I decided to go fishing. AJ & Rina were still diving. The adults got back from mainland. The good news is they brought back enough beer to keep the twins and Maribel from continuing their reverse gang bang.

I never done fishing with a real fishing rod before so when I tried to throw the line, I got myself hooked at my right shoulder. I flinched from the pain and tried not to move so much so I wouldn't feel the small piece of metal injected in my skin rubbing my flesh. I didn't call out for help. Thinking my aunt would just get mad for being careless. Instead, I tried to walk back in the house. But before I could turn, I felt a soft palm holding my back.

I turned around and saw Maribel. Her bl**dshot eyes gave me an obvious impression that she was d***k. But she was also the only help I had that moment.

She poured cold beer that she was holding on to my wound. I felt the sudden sting of alcohol around the hook.

"Don't tell anyone." I said as I grabbed the hand she placed on my back.

"Okay. Don't worry, I studied first aid in dental school." She told me. I thought she was a lose kind of girl who dances all night and sl**ps all day. I was wrong. "Let's get you inside." She said.

She guided me inside. As we walked in, I was the twins passed out on the couch with a pile of empty cans of beers in front. "They couldn't hold their alcohol." She quoted. She led me to the kitchen.

There, she brought out the first aid kit. She opened it and took out a blade. I wanted to stop her from cutting my skin but she was moving around so fast. The next thing I knew, she was already throwing the sterilized blade and was bandaging my wound. As I sat on the marble kitchen table, I thanked her.

"I never knew you were studying to be a dentist." I said.

"My uncle really wants me to finish college. Any course was fine." She told me.

"I never thought you were that serious in life." I said.

"Well. The first impression I gave you was just my weekend mode kind of thing. At school I'm a real nerd." She told me.

"Really? But you seemed so free spirited." I exclaimed.

"I maybe a slutty party rebel in this island. But back at school I'm the virgin saint of the deans list." She said in a sassy face.

I smiled. "But I think you'll be having trouble with your patients when you become a dentist." I said. I was looking at her wrinkled shirt that was being stretched by her boobs. They seemed like they were about to burst out of their bosoms tear the fabric that enclosed them apart.

"Why?" She asked and opened another can of beer.

"Well, you'll be bending down to look at your patients mouth and when your looking at his teeth, he'll be looking at your tits" I said and smile. "They might even come back just for a check up."

"You really are a pervert Den." She said. "First Rina, then Anna Jane."

"Actually AJ was first. We did it while you were at a beach party." I interrupted.

She shook her head slowly with a smile. She then came closer to me. Closing herself between my legs. She then pushed her face to mine. "After this weekend. We wont be seeing each other 'til Christmas, maybe." She whispered. Our lips only a breaths apart.

"What are you talking about? We live in the same city. You can call me if you need help... or get lonely." I whispered back.

"You wanna be my booty call?" She asked whispering. Her hand placed on my chest.

"We could just call it something else." I answered.

"Like what?" She asked.

"I don't know." I kissed her quickly. "You tell me."

She kissed me hard. "Friends with benefits?" And kissed me french. Our tongues clashed. It gave me a high from her beer scented breath. "Fuck buddies?"

In every release of our kissed she said a name we could consider ourselves when we get home. "Sex Partners? Fun Friends? Sex slaves? Fuckmate? Sex mate? Bed Warmer?" And on and on she went for a while. As she continued to kiss me. I held her back and lowered it way to her ass. With both hands I pulled her to me and slid my hands around her ass. Her shorts were loose enough to alone my hand to reach into her pussy.

I teased her from the outside of her panties. Slowly I slide her underwear to a side and fingered her. With one hand on her ass. Squeezing it tight and frim. Sometimes spreading them to allow my hand to move freely and finger her more.

When she ran out of names to say, I moved my head to kiss her neck. She moaned as I gave her a necking and make my fingering faster. Then, she came. Her pussy juice dripped straight down the kitchen floor. My cock got so hard that it hurt having it in my shorts.

She pulled down my shorts and made my dick pass through my boxer's slit. She then gave me a blowjob. She sucked the head of my shaft and stroked my dick like she was milking a cow. Licking my cock down, she started to suck on my balls. I moaned loud and took deep breaths. Holding in to avoid early ejaculation from her sweet luscious lips. She went back to sucking my whole dick. Stroking it from time to time. Then when she had her tongue wrapped around my cock in her mouth. I came. She opened her mouth and backed up a bit in surprise. My cum landed all over her top.

"Oh no! Now my top is ruined!" She said. She then gave a smile and tore her shirt apart. Releasing her bulging breast.

"No bra?" I asked. She smiled. Then she cleaned her face and kissed me. She took off her shorts and showed me her tie-in lingerie. Pulled the knot of her panties and allowed it to fall off. She then turned around and bent herself to expose her dripping wet pussy and fine round ass.

I then jumped off the table and took my hand and placed it on her hip. Moved it to her stomach, feeling her soft skin. I held my cock and aimed for her pussy. I thrust in and got in her in ease. She was soft, wet, warm, and tight. Her wetness was absolutely unbelievable. Her being so lube gave me tingles as I tried to move.

I pushed myself and pulled again. I moved my hips to keep up to the sensation of being inside her. I kept fucking her. I moved faster and faster. She moaned so loudly I thought the twins would wake up from her screams. I grabbed her breast from behind. Squeezed it nicely. Pulling her nipples. Pushing it up. Circling her nipples with my finger. Then, as I banged her even faster, I reached down for her clitoris. Rubbed it with one finger.

"Oh my God! Den I'm gonna do it again!" She screamed and she came. Her insides were even wetter than before so I pumped her harder. Both my hands on her waist now. Fucking her. Moaning to the pleasure of her wet pussy. And when I felt the walls of her vagina tightened. I pulled out and came on her ass.

She reached for my cum. Spread it around her butt. Then with her wet finger, she fingered her asshole in front of me. She blushed as she moaned. I pulled off her hand and analled her. Getting inside her ass was hard. But with a few strokes, I got myself in her. I pushed myself and felt the soft skin of her ass touch my stomach. I held her into place and fucked her slowly. She bit her lip to the sensation. I kept accelerating my movements. I held her ass this time to keep her from moving. She moaned.

Then she dropped her upper body lower. Her strength depleted from the orgasm. I then thrust even faster and faster, until... I came in her ass. We lay on the kitchen floor for a couple of minutes. We walked naked to the bathroom to clean up.

"I'm glad your wound didn't open up." She said.

"Yeah. Maybe the all bl**d went down to my penis and allowed me to keep that hard on." I told her.

The rest of the night was quite. We all had dinner together. Sang karaoke. The adults drank more. We went back to our island and played spin the bottle. Kissing didn't really seemed that trilling when you've already kissed all of them. The twins made it a big deal though since I only fucked them once each. Maribel got d***k and got chatty. Allowing AJ & Rina to know that the other girls already knew about what happened. I thought we would all have sex that night but when they tried, I just wouldn't stand up. Maribel just laughed, knowing she had the last bit of fun before I got too tired. We then snuggled on the couch watching Freddy VS Jason. Erika would sometimes rub my shorts when a explicit scene came, just to see if there was any chance of having fun that night.

Watch out in a few days I'll post the last day ;)
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3 years ago
Very nice series going here. Hope that you have more installments. Thanks for sharing