Two Islands: Day 3

When I woke up, I found Erika, Eliza and Maribel was in my room.

"Hey guys! Good morning! What's up?" I greeted them. Wondering what were they doing in my room.

"Did you have a nice sl**p Den?" Erika asked.

"Are you sober now or do you still have a hangover?" Maribel asked.

"I slept fine. Shame we can't do much about the mosquitoes though." I answered.

"Let's get straight to the point Den. Where's our booze?" Maribel asked.

"Oh. That. It's all gone. If you want I could buy you some..." I said then Erika intervened.

"Buy where? It's Sunday! 80% of the stores here closes at Sundays!" Erika said.

"Now, we're gonna make sure you entertain us while we're sober since it's our last night on the island." Maribel said.

"Rina and Anna left to go diving. Coast is clear girls!" Eliza said. And as she gave the news, Erika and Maribel took my hands & legs and tied me to the bed.

"Wait! What are you guys doing?" I asked. Fearing they might torture me throughout the day.

"Isn't it obvious? We're gonna ride you until we're fucking tired." Maribel said as she pulled down my shorts.

"Wait! I need to go to the bathroom!" I screamed.

"No you don't. Your morning stiffness prevents you from peeing." Eliza said.

"What about the guardians?" I asked. I was really scared since they might end up fucking me dry. I would gladly do them. One on one, sure. Three some, anytime! But four on floor? And I hadn't even had breakfast yet.

"They went out. They said they'll be back before lunch." Eliza said.

"Then can I at least wash off my morning breath? And my face?" I said. Trying to make them untie me to go to the bathroom.

"Here." Erika offered me a cup of mouthwash. "Swallow it. I watered down. And for your facial wash." She then took a wet towel and rubbed my face with it. She kept cleaning me down to my chest. I giggle. I was ticklish.

Before I could think of any more alibis I gave a sudden "ah" moan. To my surprise, Maribel already ate my dick. Her blow job was magnificent. I felt the life of my cock being sucked out of me replacing it with orgasm. She released my dick from her mouth. And pushed it. "Well, it's ready." She said. She pulled down her micro shorts she always wore to sl**p since we got on this island. To my surprise, she wasn't wearing panties.

She sat on my dick and started to rub her pussy on me. Slowly, she became hot and wet. After a few more thrust she caught my dick with her vagina. And with a moan she took off the tank top and bra. She then put her hands on my chest to use it as a support. She tossed herself up and down on me. Her C cup breast I've been silently watching for this last few days bounce and jigged in front of me. It swung like bells as she enjoyed herself on top of me. I struggled to the orgasm. Having difficulty in moving since my hands and legs were tied to the bed. I then pushed myself up and bent my hips forward to get in her deeper. I didn't care anymore if they'd fuck me 'til powdered sperm comes out. I was gonna enjoy this ride!

She kissed me. Her tongue and my tongue crossed like swords in a battle. Then she climaxed and screamed "Oh Fuck!". Her pussy juice shot out of her and covered my dick.

"Damn. He hasn't even ejaculated yet." Maribel said.

"It's quite normal after screwing AJ in the bath last night" Eliza said. So they knew we were having sex last night.

"We heard every moan Den. Don't be so surprised. Rina too. She sl**p talks, don't you know? She was all 'Den get it in deeper! ah' while she slept last night" Erika said.

"Wanna go again?" Erika asked Maribel.

"Maybe later." Maribel answered.

"Can you guys untie me now?" I asked.

"No way! You haven't fucked us both yet!" Erika said as she pointed to her twin.

"It's not like I'm gonna run outside butt naked!" I said. They looked at each other and decided to agree to my point. They untied me.

The twins took off their clothes as Maribel finished off untying me. Erika and Eliza had matching underwear. Erika took her stained satin panties and covered my mouth and nose with it. The erotic smell of her cunt made me harder. Then Eliza covered my eyes with her bra. Wasn't much off a use since her bra was really big. They then started to tease each others nipples and pussy. Fingering and pinching and sucking and kissing. I got so horny that moment. When Eliza was wet enough, she climbed on top of me. She placed herself on my dick. Erika then surprised me when she pulled me down to lie and sat on my face. Eliza then shrugged to get my cock in her vagina. And Erika started to finger herself on top of me. I let my tongue out and licked Erika's pussy. And she placed it closer. I kissed the lips of her pussy and licked her clitoris. I then placed my hands on her boobs and squeezed them tightly. Eliza then started to thrust after getting my dick in her.

She moved front and back then up and down. As I ate Erika's pussy, Eliza was fucking me. And as I teased the gentle breast of Erika, the twins were french kissing each other on top of me. Eliza came and so did Erika afterwards. I continued to lick Erika's pussy juice. But then they got up and changed positions. This time, Erika fucked me and Eliza covered my face with her breast as she allow Erika to lick her pussy by bending over me. Erika pushed herself faster and faster. My breaths were getting deeper and deeper as the two came to their peak. They both came.

After they got off, Maribel got up on me. I rolled us both over to be on top. I inserted myself into her wet dripping pussy. Pushed and listed to her kitten like moans. She pulled my hair and I fucked her faster and faster. The walls of her pussy that hit my dick became tighter once more. And as she pulled herself up to hug me, I continued to fuck her while she hang on to me. And then I took her down and took my dick out. Her pussy juice overflowing, I stoked my dick on her face and she opened her mouth just in time for my load to blow. My ejaculation shot far. And I let her suck me clean.

As I watched them sit to regain their stamina, I slowly walked out to go to the bath room. I showered but then they followed and we fucked again in the bath.
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3 years ago
Thanks guys! There's still Day 3 - II coming up... And Two Islands - Last Day... But I think the last day would be done by next week...
3 years ago
awesome but more details you gave the 2 virgins each more than you did the 3 girls
3 years ago
Dam what a hot weekend,,thanks
3 years ago
Nice day 3..Thanks for the series..