Parent Teacher Association

I belonged to a special class in high school...
We were isolated from all the other regular students that we the teachers came to our rooms for our classes so we didn't have to go out...
Our building even had it's own canteen and special janitor...

On my sophomore year, I had a friend named Ramon the 4th... One day, our teacher told us to bring our parents for a PTA meeting next week. Back in our freshmen year, Ramon brought his dad. So I thought he'd bring his dad again.

The week passed. My friends and I skipped school since teachers were busy trying to impress our parents.

After hours of playing computer games, we decided to head home. I told my friends that I'll go back to school to meet up with my girlfriend. But when I got there, she passed by me in her parents car.

Feeling disappointed, I continued walking to our building. I went in our special library and started reading "The Golden Compass". After a while I heard some noise coming from the back end of the library. Sort of like a rumbling wind.

Yet, somewhat scared and thinking it was the rumored ghost of the special science building; I pushed myself to discover where the noise was coming from. I kept telling myself two things: "Helen Keller said: Life is either a daring adventure or nothing" and "God I hope it's just the air con!"

When I came to the dark corner of the library, I saw a fair skinned girl - snoring and fast asl**p in a sitting-position on the floor. She looked a little older than me. She was wearing a white long sleeved full-buttoned type polo, a black above the knee skirt, and black high heels. Her hair was straight and long. Her bust size were finely firm and full.

Now, really beautiful girl snoring would've offended me at that age. But, I really had a huge turn on for long sleeved polo wearing babes.

I stared at her for a moment, trying to keep a mental picture of her. But my fetish was turning against me. Just the sight of her gave me a boner. (I can't help it. I was young.)She suddenly shrugged and opened up her legs. Her skirt slid down and exposed her milk white legs. Her satin underwear showed. I could never forget the violet color of her underwear matched by the black waving design on it. Her camel toes were shaped very nicely that I somehow drooled a bit when I saw it.

I was swallowed by both lust and excitement. I loosened my belt and put my hand in my slacks. I started to rub the head of my dick. And as soon as I felt a little freedom for my hand to move, I started to jack off in front of the sl**ping girl. I couldn't hold myself, I backed up a bit and hit a book shelf. One of the larger books fell off and made a loud thump sound. It woke the girl. She first yawned and was lax about everything. But then she was me with my hand in my pants and her upskirt position. She took a deep breath. I though she was going to scream when she opened her mouth but she didn't.

"My oh my... What do we have here?" She asked. Not moving from her position.

"Please. I'll do anything. Just don't tell anyone." I plead.

"Anything?" She grinned. "Pull down your pants."

I though she was just teasing me. Then a possibility humiliation came to mind. Maybe she's gonna make me run around the school naked!

"Hurry now. Lunch hour is almost done. Teacher's are going to come back soon you know." She said. I pulled down my pants.

"Wow. You got your hand in your underwear!" She exclaimed. "Take off your underwear" She demanded. I did as she said. I tried to keep my cock hard to avoid further humiliation.

"Are you really that turned on just by look at me?" She asked. She moved her legs, making it look like she's teasing her camel toes but she was actually teasing me.

"Yes." I answered and my dick got harder.

"Then I believe I must take responsibility for my causes." She said. She then gestured to me to come nearer. I did. And she knelt and held my dick. She started to stroke it. She kissed the head and started to lick around.

The jaw dropping sensation of her hand and mouth combo was superb. Just when her stroking got faster. She sucked my dick. She thrusting her head back and fort as her tongue wrapped my hard cock in her mouth. Having the orgasm filling my head, I didn't think twice of cumming inside her mouth. My hot man juices filled her mouth in one blow. She continued sucking until I was empty and hard again.

She swallowed my cum saying "Let's not leave a trace for the janitor to find out." and smiled.

She stood up and said "My turn to have fun." She pulled kicked off her sandals and pulled down her panties. Pulled up her skirt and sat on the desk next to her. She opened her legs as wide as she could and showed me her pussy. She got one leg up and opened the lips of her pussy. I then walked toward her and she held my dick with her fingers. Guided me in her and I pushed in.

She moaned and took a deep breath. "Move." She told me.
I placed my hands on her legs and pulled myself to her. I pushed and pulled my way. Churning her insides. Thrusting in her pussy. I felt the sides of her hot pussy walls starting to become wet and tight. I moved faster.

She bent backwards and unbuttoned her top. She then unhooked the front of her violet satin bra. I took a hand off her leg and placed it on her breast. I squeezed her cloud soft boobs and teased her erect nipples. I sucked and licked her nipples as I heard her panting for air. Holding in her moans.

I gave soft moans as I kept banging her. My dick in her wet pussy. One hand holding her leg, the other grasping her ass. My lips busy with her breast. She started to move her hips and her moans started to become loader "ahs"...

I couldn't hold on any much longer. "I need to cum!" I told her.

"Go on! I'm reaching my limit too!" She replied.

I ejaculated in her. As the climax subsided, I slowly pulled my dick out. We put back our clothes on and walked out the library.

"Are you a senior ?" I asked her as we exited the building.

"Don't flatter me boy. I'm a mother, here for the meeting!" She said.

"Oh my God! Who's parent are you?" I asked.

"You might know him. His Ramon ******** IV. I recognize you from the photo's my son has in his friendster." She said.

"No way! You look like an older s****r when you stand next to him!" I exclaimed.

She kissed me on the cheek. I just had sex with my classmate's mom. We didn't tell Ramon about it. We did have sex again on his birthday. But that was the last of it. But bl**d runs down the f****y. So, who knows, maybe this time I could score on his s****r.
84% (15/3)
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3 years ago
believeable Asian women do not really show their age until after 40
3 years ago
Well... she is kinda short... but she was 18 young when she married... and i don't know.... -.- maybe it's in their genes... Hahaha...

Well... I'm just sharing... I wont force you guys to believe it...

If I get a chance to take a picture with her the next time I go to Ramon's house maybe I'll share the link here...

She's kinda older looking today though... hey... it's been four years...
3 years ago
Very good,but this is all fi tion I bet
3 years ago
A slight bit unbelievable but hey you know shit happens and if it did then awesome story, if only fantasy then still a good story...Thanks
3 years ago
Lucky you.
3 years ago