Call Center - Merry Christmas

This happened after last year's Christmas Party.

I once worked for as customer service representative in a call center for a big telecommunications company. Like all work places, there are always rumors about casual sex being a past time here for those who worked in the grave yard shift.
I was still a trainee so one of the HR rep, Elaine, would often come in the training room and talk to us. She was particularly fond of me, it’s not one of those things guys brag about, I mean she’s hot but at the same time she gives off a sense of “you’re being hunted”. I was her prey. I tried to like the idea of hooking up with her but she was seven years older than me, my maximum for older chicks was five by that time.
One time during a call simulation she was the one who acted as a customer, she started flirting with me and asking personal questions. I tried to act nice but at the same time I was trying not to make her think I’m into her.
It was our company Christmas party when my fellow trainees decided to leave the party and head to a bar. I was paying for the first round of drinks so there weren’t any complaints. Not too soon after our drinks were served, Elaine and her fellow HR mates came. One of the guys in my group who had a thing for her called them over and invited them to join the table.
I acted like I was inviting them too; Elaine instantly took a seat next to me. Soon we were smoking, drinking, and sharing stories and experiences. I nearly forgot Elaine was there.
I stood up and excused myself to call a friend. I headed to the corner heading to the restroom and called my friend. A few rings later she answers when suddenly Elaine surprises me by turning me around and pushing me against the wall. She leans closer, her forehead against mine. Nose to nose she giggles and raises her leg closer to my crotch.
“Wait, what are you doing?” I was d***k so I even said “Is this a sexual harassment test?”
She didn’t say anything back, I kept holding onto my phone as she pushed me into the restroom and locked the door behind us. She quickly takes her shirt off and hangs it on the doorknob. She leans towards me and kissed me, sliding her tongue into my mouth as she grabs my hand and pressed them against her tits.
It didn’t take long for me to start enjoying it and getting harder. She lowered herself and undid my pants. She pulled them down and my boxers slide down along with it. She then started kissing my cock, licking the full length, then sucking on my balls as she jerks me off.
She looks into my eyes as she puts the tip of my cock against her lips and slowly pushed herself forward, pushing my cock deeper into her mouth.
She starts sucking me and quickly develops a rhythm. She moved her head faster and faster as she blew me harder and harder. I held on to her hair as I can feel my hips begin to thrust into her mouth. I groaned and came into her mouth. She licked me clean and left me in the restroom.
I still had office the next day, happy to say she didn’t. Our trainer was hung over so she just assigned us to listen to the regulars respond to calls. I sat next to a friend I made in the office, AJ. Her voice when helping customers was like the voice of an angelic VJ. I often get goose bumps just listening to her.
The office wasn’t full, there were only a hand full working today so most cubicles were empty.
“I heard you had a lot of fun last night.” She said.
“What? Getting d***k and sl**ping for two hours isn’t fun.” I responded.
“I meant what you did between those two events.” She laughed as we waited for a call to come in. She leaned into me. “You called last night while you were getting laid.” She whispered.
“Oh!” I turned white instantly. “I’m so sorry, I-I…”
She laughed. “Don’t worry, it was fun listening to you moan. Too bad you came just before I did.”
“What?” I was confused.
“You heard me.” She looked at me with a smile “I was getting off to your moans, but you came before I could so you owe me an orgasm my friend.”
I laughed thinking she’s joking. “Anytime anywhere.” I said as a joke.
“Really? Then I might as well cash in today.” She looked at me and pulled me closer.
“Wait…” I tried to tell her I thought she was joking but it was too late, she was already rubbing my leg.
“Hi! Thank you for calling ********, this is AJ, whom do I have the pleasure of speaking with today?” She answered a call as she slowly unzips me. “Hi Roger, how may I help you?”
I kept quiet, the microphones on then headphones were very sensitive so within the radius of a meter, any noise would probably be heard by the called. Her voice turned me on and so was the sight of her pulling down her leggings. “So, just to verify, you’re using your wife’s phone to call me and not the one you’re having troubles with? I see, that’s very good.”
She started to pull my boxers down, I was already hard by then. “I see, have you tried turning it on and off?” She exposes her pink and white striped panties to me. She starts pumping my cock as she rubbed her cunt through her panties. “Can you please do that for me Roger? Thank you very much.”
She leaned towards me and kissed me as she waits for the customer to finish restarting his phone. She moves her hand up and down faster and faster. I couldn’t help but give out soft groans as her soft hand pumps my cock so hard. I watched her other hand pleasure herself. “So, can you try using your phone for me Roger?” She talked as if she wasn’t on the verge of reaching orgasm. “So it’s working already? That’s good to know. So now that we’ve fixed your mobile, is there anything else I can further assist you with Roger?”
She bites her lips as she listens to the customer praise her for fixing his problem. I couldn’t help but arch my back as I held back the urge to shoot my cum. “Again thank you Roger for calling ********, have a good day.” The call ends and she dives down to my cock and starts sucking me as she moved her panties aside and fingers herself. I let myself moan a little, trying not to attract attention from the other agents.
“I’m about to…” I tried to warn her but I already shot my load into her mouth, at the same time she came on to the chair. She made me lick her fingers clean.
A few weeks later we got called into Elaine’s office, apparently we were caught by the security cam. I told Elaine she should fire me instead of AJ, so she did. Thankfully, Elaine kept the issue discreet. After a month, AJ too left the company. We met once to have coffee and actually have sex, but that’s not a story that’s as exciting as this.

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