It's A Trap : 8 Years Finally Pays Out

"Hey bes, you've never seen a guy's thing right?" I asked as I lay beside her on her bed.
Silk bed sheets she got when she went to Hong Kong last Christmas made it a bit hard for me to move.
Not that it was hard to move on but I was afraid that my large body will tear the fabric apart.

We both kept staring at her ceiling. It's always been like this. My best friend and I would lay on her bed and we'd talk about pretty much everything. There was almost no boundaries between us. We met on our freshman year of high school in such an unusual way that I find it strange how this cute little girl is calling me her best friend.

"No." She laughed at my question. "I used to take baths with my b*****r and dad when I was younger but most of the time they'd wear underwear." She pouted. I liked how she pouted when she couldn't get things her way. She was wearing an old dress. She got it when she was in grade school, it used to cover down to her ankles, now it just covered about 2 inches below her crotch. I hated how she'd tell me "You want to see my panties? It's the ones you picked out for me." And she's pull up her dress in front of me. Of course I'd cover her with anything. She was a girl who's only 4'11&1/2". She'd always emphasize the 1/2 inch.

"It's kind of cute how you're that pretty and you're still a virgin." I tease her, hugging her in a playful manner. Rubbing my unshaven chin on her neck, which is the only spot I've managed to find she's ticklish on.

She struggles. "Stop that!" She laughs calling me crazy. Her small boobs rub against my arm but she doesn't mind. She kicks her feet up and down to keep struggling. Her dress lifts up and her panties come to sight. I stop.

"I'm sorry." I look at her face assuring her I'm not trying to catch a glimpse of her panties. "Could you cover that up now."

"It's okay. You've had sex with other girls so it's not like mine's any different right?" She keeps pulling up her dress to tease me.

"It's not, you're not like the girls I've dated." I gave her a sincere look. She looked sad.

"I see. I know my body looks like it's never going to have large boobs or even have a camel toe, it's camel toe right?" I nod. "But, I-" Her voice faded.

"What are you getting at?" I asked, confused and hoping I could make up with what ever I did or didn't do.

She shakes her head. "Never mind." She gave me a grin. "Well, since you saw my panties. You could at least show me your briefs."

I back away a bit and laughed. "What?" I couldn't believe she'd joke about this then again, she was always the direct one, I was the one who'd give out clues, our roles were somehow exchanged. She gave me a stern look though. I sighed. "You know I don't wear briefs, I wear boxers."

"That'll do." She smiled.

Shit. She had the worst timing. Having her breast rub against my arm, soft and obviously not protected by a bra, again, which worries me that she might not see me as a guy anymore. My cock was on a semi. I knew it's not full flag but it'll still be an obvious stand. "Can I pay you back for seeing your panties next time?"

"No." She said playfully. "It's not like you're hiding something right?" She laughs.

Knowing that there's no point in arguing with her so I said "Fine." I stood up, slowly, hoping to buy some time to get my buddy down there to calm the fuck down. No luck though, seeing her lying on her bed, wearing the panties we picked out last year, seeing her tiny nipples bulge through her tiny dress, just got me harder. I feel like a trapped a****l.

I dropped my pants, I was wearing a dark grey and light grey boxers. My cock was pushing the fabric of my underwear forward. "Okay, so this makes us even right?"

She laughed. "No, take your pants off. Let's stay like this for a while." She went back to lying down, not fixing her dress, still exposing her panties to me.

I obliged. There's no going back from this point. Anyway, it's not like we're doing anything wrong.
I lay next to her, trying not to get too close, covering my erection with a pillow.

She took it away though. "Don't do that!" She threw the pillow away. "That's not fair and you'll ruin my pillow." She laughed.

"What are you trying to do bes?" I look at her raising my eye brows.

"Well, since you mentioned about cocks and all. I was wondering if you'd do something for your cute little best friend." She tried to make a cute face. She didn't have to though.

I had an idea of what she wanted me to do, I still asked to hear it from her. "What?"

"Can you show me your cock?" She asked with a smile and a pair of dead serious eyes.


"But, bes..." She argued with me for a while. Talking me into doing it. Strange enough my cock didn't even go down. It ended with me submitting though. I was bad at talking her out of something. I'm just glad she didn't ask other guys to do this.

"Just don't expect a lot. It's not as big as your friends told you but I make up for the technique." Dropping my boxers slowly. I've done this many times in front of her friends, one by one I had sex with almost every cute chick who was in her clique and each one asked me the same thing "You've fucked Krissy too right? I mean, it's okay if it's just a secret for the both of you." She's never seen a guy's cock and she even asked me how women masturbate, if there was anyone who'd teach her these kind of things, then I guess it's better if it was me.

"So that's how it looks like." She said with an Oh-I-See look. "Can you come here and lay down?"

"This is silly, I should put my pants back on." I said trying to turn away.

"Come on, you're already showing it to me, you might as well give me the full show right?"

"Full show?" I laughed but wondering what she meant.

"Do it for me." Smiling as if she's asking me to dance or buy her french fries.

"Do what?"

"Uhm - masturbate." Grinning.

"Wait! That's - no!"

"You do it everyday and we've talked about it countless times, now's just a visual aid." She said. "Come come." Patting on the bed. Sighing. I sat on the bed and lie down. "Yey! Now do it. Hurry." I can feel her excitement."

"Wait." Closing my eyes trying to get into the mood.

"What are you doing? Don't sl**p!" She sat up. Her knees near my head.

"I'm not sl**ping, I'm trying to fantasize on a scenario so I can jerk off to it." I explained.

"Well, that's disappointing. Why don't you just use this?" I opened my eyes. She pulled her panties aside, showing off her crotch. Her pubes haven't fully grown. It was the kind of pussy you'd find back in high school.

"Wait! What are you doing?" Trying not to corrupt her.

She laughed. "You can complain all you want but you grew harder." She poked my cock.

"Fine. I'll need some tissues or a towel so I can wipe off the cum."

"Okay, you can use this." She stood up and took off her panties. She sat closer to me this time, exposing her "innocent" pussy in front of me.

I licked my tongue, she saw and she gave me a smile. He panties in my hand, warm and the scent still fresh. "Okay, I'm going to start." Looking at her crotch and stroking my cock slowly. When she was busy watching me stroke my cock I took at quick whiff of her panties. She caught me though.

"Don't! That's dirty!" She gave me a worried look.

"It smells nice." I kept my pace in stroking.


"No, don't stop me now." I stared at her pussy. "Oh bes, the kind of things I'm thinking right now are all your fault."

"What are you thinking about?" She said watching the expression on my face.

"I want to lick you down there. Slide my finger along your slit and then push it in and out of you."

"Really? I didn't think you'd have such a dirty thought about me. u*********sly she touched herself. I didn't say anything. It was more like a massage on her mound anyway.

I found myself licking her panties. It's been a good while since I started, I can feel my cock about to burst. "Bes, I'm about to-" I moan. I can see her get a little wet. Dripping in fact.

She kept her eyes on my cock now. "It's coming out!" I shot my cum up in the air. It gave her quite a show. I held it long enough to make sure she saw enough of me. My cum landed on my legs, some on her bed sheet though. I'm sorry! I'll help you wash that off."

"It's okay." Her face red. "Can you take your hand off your cock?"

I didn't ask why, my mind a little blank. "Sure"

She suddenly took hold on my cock and started taking it in her mouth. Licking it and sucking it. "Wait! Don't!" I said though feeling amazing how great her mouth feels.

She cleaned the cum off of my cock and even my legs. "I - saw that in a porn we watched back in high school. I'm sorry if it didn't feel good."

A little embarrassed at my face. "No, it was great. I can't believe it was your first time to do that."

"Really? You're just teasing me." She punched me.

"It's true. But can I put my pants back on?" I asked.

"Wait. I still have one more favor, or at least two more." She said, I noticed she still hasn't taken her hand off of my cock.

Okay, I'm kind of tired and this happened just yesterday, so I'll write the rest after a few days.
Can you tell me if you want to read more?
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