Breaking Babysitter Rules

When I was twelve my parents needed to leave town for a friend's wedding. I couldn't come since I had advance classes to take every Saturday. Not that I was a genius or anything, it was just part of our school's program back then.

None of our relatives were really free enough to stay with me and they didn't trust me enough to leave me by my self for the weekend. So they called Janice, the next door neighbor's niece who lived not too far from my neighborhood.

She was a nice girl who used to help me out with my homework 'til I was ten. She was about six years older than me and she knew how to cook so my mom really trusted her to "babysit" me.

I had a huge thing for her. Not a crush, not love, just a "thing". She was smart, funny, cool, and she had this rocking body that boys over at her school craved for. She looked at me like a younger b*****r though.

Friday afternoon, my parents already left, they did say their goodbyes this morning so it wasn't much of a surprise.

The T.V. was on and Janice was there watching HBO. She turns and smiles like an angel. Just imagine a young Mandy Moore (the one in Princess Diary)but brunette and short haired.

"How was school k**?" she asked with full interest in her tone but I hated the word k** back then, since I was about to turn thirteen in just a few weeks.
"Boring." I told her and headed to my room.
"Awe. Don't you wanna watch TV with me?" She said mockingly. I didn't answer. I don't like being a little rude to her but being called a k** was a big deal for me back then.

I changed my clothes and got out. I apologized for being a bit rude and she told me to watch some old movies with her. She told me her friend burned her a CD with a new movie.

She played the move, which was Pirates of the Caribbean 2. I watched with pleasure though the video quality was poor since it was just pirated. She left me to prepare dinner. I kept watching and she came back.

"Let's allow the food to cool a bit so we don't burn our tongues." She smiled and rubbed my head.

Just then, in the part where Elizabeth had to take off her clothes to fool the people on the ship, a thought came to my mind. I was wondering what her breast would look like and how she would look fully naked. I turned my eyes to Janice and glanced at her wonderfully developed breast. I kept staring at it, wishing I could bury my face between those heavenly soft bust.

Then a strange sound came from the TV. The movie was half burned with half a porn movie with a pirates theme. I looked at the women, all naked and wearing pirate captain hats, making out as they take turns over fucking a man on the ship's deck.

Janice panicked and hit pause instead of stop and tried to cover the screen with her hands. She was literally bending over to hide the porn from me that she accidentally exposed her underwear from her lifted shirt. I gazed at her pick striped cotton underwear as she frantically tried to figure out the remote.

"Janice" I said, trying to give her the most innocent look I could muster.

"Yes?" She finally turned to me.

"I want to know what a girl looks like." I told her, hiding my boner with a pillow.

"What are you talking about? I'm a girl." She said. And stood up trying to present herself.

"Yes, but I want to see every part of a girls body. All of it." I told her and she understood.

"Listen k**..." She said.

"Stop calling me k i d. You're just six years ahead of me and when I was seven and you were thirteen, no body called you k**." I interrupted her. "In a couple of weeks I'll be thirteen. So..."

"Is that so?" She smiled like a cat. She probably think it's cute I want to be seen all grown up. "Then we should look for a girl who would let you see her naked then?"

"But, like you said, you're a girl." I stunned her with my words.

"But, that's..." She didn't know what to say.

"Please." I tried to give her the puppy dog eyes. "It's be like a pre-birthday present." She stopped and sighed with frustration.

"Fine." She turned the tv off. Shut all the curtains close and locked both front and back doors. "Sit." She lifted her body fit striped shirt, showing her laced pink bra. She then stripped down her skirt that re-exposed her panties. My cock just grew hrder and harder. "Satisfied?"

"But you're still wearing your undies! If I wanted to see that..." I gestured to her body "I would've asked you to bring me to the beach or pool."

She sighed but this time she smiled. She unhooked her bra and took it off. She threw it at me and laughed. Her breast were voluptuous and her nipples rosy pink, the curves of her bust were perfect and beautifully round. It bounced when they fell out of the bra. She then looked at me with a smile as she bent down to take off her panties. He breast hung with grace on her body as she stepped out of her panties. Her pubes were thin and seemed like it was still just about to grow. She told me to stand up and she sat down on the sofa and spread her legs wide open for me to see my very first vagina.

"Take a closer look." She said, though her voice told me she was uncomfortably shy about this.

I dropped my pillow, my boner hung out. "But before you take a look, why don't you take your shorts off?" She told me. "I show you mine, if you show me yours. Plus, I don't think it's very comfortable in those shorts. Not with something like that trying to break out." She pointed at my boner.

I dropped my shorts and along it my boxers. My cock was fully erect, bigger than my morning woods and it was truly hard. She smiled. I knelt to look at her exposed pussy. I took a sniff and dared to touch them but her hands stopped me. "You start from the top." She told me as she place my hands on her breast. Soft. I thought. The softest things I've ever touch in my thirteen years of life back then. I fondled them and squeezed them. I pinched her nipples. She moaned. "Not too hard."

I went back to her pussy, I tried running my finger along the lines of the lips and slowly pressed deeper. She bent down to reach for my cock and started playing with it. Just rubbing it and stroking it slowly from time to time.

I plunged my finger in her and she moaned but this time she looked like she was choking. She held tight to my cock. I pulled my finger out and pushed it back in. She started stroking me. I turned red with the delight of a hand job.

She squirted in front of me after a few minutes of fingering her. My cock was still dry since her hand job was interrupted by constant moans and I jacked off this morning.

She looked at my cock with surprise that I still haven't come. She told me to sit on the sofa but I pushed my face on her pussy and licked off her juices. She kept moaning and cussing. She pressed my face closer to her and I got my tongue into her vagina. Then she came another load. Most of her discharge shot right into my mouth. She lied down for a moment at asked me to switch.

I lay down on the sofa and she started stroking my dick. She kissed the tip and slowly took in all in. She sucked on my cock gently and slowly sped up. Her stroking turned into fellatio. I grabbed one of her breast and screamed as I came right into her mouth. She coughed but kept my cock in her mouth. She sucked my cock clean and licked off my cum.

She then climbed over me "Let me give you a proper birthday present." she said. She held my cock and positioned the tip to kiss her pussy lips. She then lowered herself, her breast fell on me as my cock entered her wet tight pussy. I took her breast and sucked on them as she moved back and fort to pleasure me. She kept moaning and she sat upright, my hands on her breast and my cock squeezed in her vagina. She moved faster and faster, her eyes closed as she moans with half breaths. Then I moved my hips in tandem to the sensation of my first vagina. I then moved faster and faster as my grip on her breast grew tighter. Then I ejaculated straight into her pussy as she came just moments after. She kept moving and slowly she stopped to get off me. She told me to take a bath as she heat the food.

I went upstairs to shower, moments later she came right in to shower with me. I kissed her breast and she bent down, gesturing me to fuck her from behind. My cock grew hard again and I pushed into her. I grabbed onto her ass as I fucked her cunt from behind. I then placed one hand on her boob and the other fingered her mouth. She massaged her clit which made her tighten up. I moved faster and faster, the water raining behind us. I then came again. I allowed my cock to rest in her pussy and tried to catch my breath. After that I pulled out and we cleaned up.

---Tell me if you want to know what happens next.
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10 months ago
Nice story...
1 year ago what does happen next?
1 year ago
Great story. Very well written.
1 year ago
I've posted the next part. The moderators will have to review it and just search "Breaking Babysitter Rules: Aftermath" to view it.
1 year ago
Finally out of the shower, freshly fucked and cleaned, they had some dinner and small talk. With the dinner dishes cleaned up they settle down in front of the TV again. A few minutes had gone by when there was a light tap at the front door. Janice walked over and opened the door and invited her friend Amy in. Amy was a gorgeous young woman with blond shoulder length hair, bright blue eyes, tight athletic body that stood just over 5 feet. She was wearing skin tight black leggings and a low cut, tight tee shirt. Without saying a word, she walked over and wrapped her arms around me and planted a very hot and sexy kiss full on my mouth, her tongue exploring every part of me.....
1 year ago
First part started off good and would love to see further parts. Agree re pregnant side of things.
1 year ago
Love this story WOW amazing!!!
1 year ago
oh yeah more please?
1 year ago
Mom comes home... longer

She gets pregnant
1 year ago
To my beloved (fellow horny) readers... I will post the next chapter this weekend...
Forgive me since I also work as an app-designer for tablets...
(Gotta work to buy condoms)
1 year ago
pls continue
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Great story, more please
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good so what happens next
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very good & yes more
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He keep fuck her all weekend!!!! then she find out is knocked up!!!
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love the story would like to read more
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plz tell us more about ur babysitter
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hope you get to fuck her!!
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my hard on is waiting
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good story plz tell us wat happens next
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What.happens next
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What an awesome babysitter
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great storie wish my babysitters were like yours when I was growing up, keep writing please.