College Days - 1

You know that liberating feeling of being the upperclassman of your school?
Being the senior. Being the alpha dog. Being the guy with the bigger gun.
That sweet excitement of feeling better than everyone else, or at least better than those underclassmen. I have a bit of an addiction to that feeling back in high school and I still do now in college.

I'm not going to lie to you, I'm still in college and I'm 19.
Next year I'll be graduating at the age of 20 and maybe become a programmer.
That's how young most guys like me graduate in college here in Philippines.
I'm not bragging or anything since there's really nothing to brag about.
I just wanna make sure that things clear up before we go deeper.

Back in summer vacation (which is between the last week of march to the last week of may around here), I got myself a summer job at my school. My duty was simple, I register or officially enroll students.

Now, this isn't one of those "I had sex in the office or with my office mate" story. So please, don't spoil the story with your over conclusive dirty mind ;)

Well, as I went over my normal duty routine I had eye contact with this newcomer. She was a freshman. No clue what to do. No knowledge of how college works. She wore a blue shirt and a blazer on it paired with a pair of skin tight jeans. She spoke.

"Sir, where can I find the registrar's office?" she asked in a mildly deep yet smooth voice. If a high pitched voice was yogurt and a deep voice was a chocolate bar, she'd be somewhere in between. She would be ice cream or frozen yogurt, or maybe syrup. She had this sweetness in her eyes and in her tone that screamed out innocence.

"This is the registrar's office" I said. We shared a giggle.

There was real connection between that moment, we both knew it.

"Is this where I get my registration form?" she asked, holding out a piece of paper. The procedure. She passed it into the office window and I took it.

I looked at her procedure and said "Yeah, but you have to go to these offices right here before you come to us. It's step-by-step actually so you just have to follow the order of the offices printed on this guide."

"Then can you tell me where this is?" She asked pointing to her next step, fitting for the uniform.

"Well, you see that car over there? When you turn right, there will be a canopy -" I said but then my boss int interrupted.

"You don't you bring her there?" My boss said. "Frankly, you have nothing to do since enrollment just started. Cali will be alright alone this afternoon. Give her the university hospitality!"

"O - - -kay?" I said. Feeling awkward my boss would say that. Maybe he just had really good sex with his wife last night or this morning. "Wait there, I'll help you." I said to the girl through the window.

I brought her to the school dressmaker, she was brought inside the fitting room where she has to take off her clothes (except for underwear of course, we have to do this for really accurate measurement. Uniforms fit perfectly in the end so it's kinda worth it. I had to do it too but thankfully I was wearing boxer briefs that day).

I sat down in the waiting area and noticed she left her procedure. I knew she needed it inside where the dressmaker would sign it so I took it and waltzed right in so casually.

My mind was blurred by the thought that I was doing helping her a lot by bringing her procedure to her and forgot that she was supposed to be half naked in the other room.

When I came in, I said "Hey, you forgot y-" I was stunned. She was hotter than I thought. From the glass she was skinny and didn't seem to have much of an ass but she was actually sexier than she looked. She was wearing a matching pair of cotton lingerie. Pink with white tiny polka dots.

"What are you doing here? Get out!" The dressmaker yelled at me.

I shouted I'm sorry as I threw her procedure to the dressmaker's assistant, the one who always takes note of the measurements.

After the fitting, she went out of the room with the procedure in her hand.

She looked at me and her face suddenly flushed red.

I apologized again and again and she kept saying it's alright.

I still accompanied her that afternoon. And we got back to normal a little later. We finished her enrollment really fast.

That night, I looked her up on Facebook and sent her a friend request. The next day she accepted and we talked for hours ever since.

School started. But I had no class. Not in school at least. I had an apprenticeship in another office. Really far from my school so we couldn't see each other.

Then one day, we we're asked to come back to school from a meeting.
I came back of course. Told her to meet me after my meeting.

After 40 mins of boring topics I finally got my chance to meet her again.
I went to her building. We talked at the second floor which was always empty since that's where the Hotel and Restaurant Management students practice table setting and how to fix a bed (that subject is only thought during the second sem).

So as we sat on the floow we shared stories, laughed, then that moment of silence arrived where I think almost every guy experiences.

I didn't know what else to say so I just said really fast "I wanna try something out. Don't hate me for this." I grabbed her cheek with my right hand and pulled her face to mine.

We kissed. Our tongues clashed like swords. I pulled myself back but she pushed herself to me. I almost fell but I used my right hand to stop me from falling down.

She fell on me. She then giggle. And I looked down, her hand was on my pants. Right on top of my half erected dick.

I asked her "Do you wanna do it?"

"You mean here?" She whispered. I guessed that was a yes.

I got up, helped her up and find an unlocked door of the practical exam rooms where students learn how to "make a bed" or ready a bed. It wasn't hard to find an unlocked door since teachers sl**p in the rooms when they have free time.

We got in the room, locked it from the inside and started making out.

Her tongue was like an eel in my mouth. She wasn't really experienced but she was good.

I lay her down on the bed, took her shoes off, unbuttoned her pants. She raised her hips up allowing me to pull her pants off.

I smelled her underwear first before taking it off. She had an erotic kind of scent in her. I took it off and started licking her virgin pussy. I slowly rubbed her clitoris with my left thumb and fingered her with my right.

Not too long she squirted on my face. She apologized but I wiped her juiced off my face and licked it off my hand. She pulled me to the bed, kissed me. Then took my shirt off. She pushed me down and she was on top of me now.

She took her shirt off and I unhook her bra as we kissed.

She took her panties and wiped her wet vagina and shoved it in my mouth. Waved her silk bra in front of my face giving me a whiff of her breast scent. I tasted her pussy juice from her panties.

Then she took her panties out of my mouth and kissed me as she rubbed her wet pussy on my belly. I unbuckled my pants and kicked off my shoes. In a matter of breaths take from kissing we were both left we nothing but socks on. She rubbed her pussy on my dick and said "I want it. I want it so bad." with a face that looks like she's in pain begging for it.

She lies down and we took the missionary position.

"W-w-wait!" she interrupted. "This is my first time so I don't really know what else to do."

"Don't worry." I said. "I'll do everything from here on."

I rubbed her pussy with the head of my dick. She was soaking wet. I sucked on her perfectly plump breast. My hips slowly moving and dick getting harder than ever.

"Here I go." I said and slowly pushed in.

She hugged me and scratched my back. She gave a faint scream. "Move" she said. I then thrust myself to her. Pushing and pulling my dick. She moaned in oooh's and oh's and ah's.

Gave me seductive looks and kissed me from time to time.

I moved faster. Her pussy getting even tighter.

She was moving her hims too.

With one big push I flipped us over. I was on my back now and she was riding me. She moved her hips back and fort.

I squeezed her young breast and said "This is mine. Nobody else can suck on this, okay?" and kissed her breast. She nodded with an open mouthed due to the intense feeling of riding my cock.

I then told her I'm cumming. I pulled out and I moved her so we can go into a 69 position. I fingered and licked her. She sucked on my dick. She began moving her head faster and I saw her vagina beginning to be wet again. She then came again. This time it slid from her vagina to my face. I kept licking her pussy.

She stroked my dick and sucked on the head.

Then I couldn't hold it in anymore. My hips moved to help her lips. My hands squeezing her ass. I blew my load into her mouth. She jerked but did not release my dick. She sucked on it until no cum was left.

I sucked on her breast some more after that and fucked her twice then we got dressed and got out of the room.

When we got out, Tesalee, a lowerclassman of mine but an upperclassman of the girl I was with was waiting for us outside the door holding her celphone as it played a video of us fucking in the room.

I'll tell you all about her next week...
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