the zoo

So its been a pretty mild winter so far, so we decided to go for a trip to the zoo. Me, my wife and her s****r Peggy (yes, shes still with us)got in the car a drove to the zoo. It was about an hour drive and I had to sit throught the usual chatty BS while I drove. I zoned out because I dont really care about handbags or purses or Daughtry's new cd. So we finally get there and start to walk around. I guess most of the a****ls were up and moving around due to the weather, quite a change from seeing them just laying there in the summer. It was a normal trip until we got to the horses. Apparentley Peggy noticed one of the horses had a boner. her and my wife stood there giggling and pointing at his giant horse dong for like 15 minutes. I left to take a leak and found them there still by the horse. I suggested we go eat lunch and they finally agreed to leave their horse.
Lunch was interesting, eating, while listening to my wife and s****r discuss this horses junk.Then I felt a hand rubbing my cock. Then Peggys hand started rubbing my cock from the other side. I figured if that horses cock was turning them on this much, whatever...another 3-some for me!!
Im all for public sex, but there were too many k**s here, so we left. We made it to the car and onto the highway before my cock was in there mouths. My wife was bent over blowing me from the passengers side, and Peggy was reaching over rubbing my balls and her s****rs ass, from the back seat. I shot my load into my wifes mouth and she swallowed and just kept sucking. Peggy said it was her turn, and she and my wife switched seats, by hopping over. Peggy got in the same position and kept sucking my cock. She was wearing a skirt so it was easy for my wife to get a hand full of her ass. Then Peggy started making these low grunting noises, while balls deep on my cock. I looked over and my wife was fingering her own s****r. She then showed me two fingers and rammed them in Peggys ass. Peggy let out another grunt and started making purring noises. My wife was really working her s****rs ass and pussy now. Peggy was really getting into it, stopped sucking and was really just holding my cock now. I was getting on the highway, so I took her hands off my cock, so we didnt crash doing 70mph. Peggy climbed into the back seat, and I could now see them doing a 69, in the rear view mirror. My cock was still out, so i fondled it to get hard again. In about 20 minutes we pulled into my driveway and they were still going at it. We pulled into the garage and I hopped out, cock in hand ready to fuck. I opened the back door and shoved my cock into whoevers pussy was in the air. It happened to be my wifes and it didnt take long for me to bust another giant load. This time Peggy got her face full, and her hair, and got to lick some cum from my wifes ass crack.
So during dinner, again they talked about that horses cock. I guess the zuchini we had reminded them of his giant horse dong. So now they are discussing finding a way to go play with a horse cock.
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2 months ago
I love the animal aspect, but car sex never seemed realistic to me.
3 months ago
HELL YEA KINKY SEXY,sweetie,love to lick all clean sweetie love cum people and animal sweetie
2 years ago
Love a women or two that love animals like that.
2 years ago
stevie likes
2 years ago
wish you luck sounds like fun
2 years ago
you should really record one of these days soon
2 years ago
3 years ago
Lucky you
3 years ago
mmm nice
3 years ago
if they find it, there's another story
3 years ago
3 years ago