Holidays with Peggy, my wifes s****r

Once again it was Thanksgiving and my wifes s****r Peggy was staying with us. We have a pretty good history between us, and with her older s****r also. Well this time Peggy came down alone, her husband had to work. So this day started with a phone call from my wife, to get the hot tub ready because her s****r wanted to go in it. Whatever I thought and went out to turn it up to 103. My wife also layed out some of her bathing suits for her s****r to borrow. Since me and Peggy have a history( see other stories) she felt comfortable enough to walk into my room naked to pick out a suit. I had to admit she looked good this time. Her weight goes up and down throughout the year, she was looking really good right now. Her pale skin, huge D boobs, a nice round ass and a shaved pussy. She told me to forget the bathing suits, she was going in naked, good thing the yard is really private. I told her whatever and followed her outside to help her in. Clutzyness runs in the f****y. As she walked up the steps and bent over to check water temp I could see her pussy and asshole. She looked back and asked if I was coming in. I told her no, and she then asked me if I was gay. After a few more times of asking I told her fine, let me get a beer, and I will meet her in the hot tub. I went inside to get a beer, and rubbed one out real quick, just in case I got to fuck Peggy again.Good thing I did.
When I came back out Peggy was already in and slid over to help me in. I told her "I got it" and as I was stepping in, she pulled down my pants and popped my cock into her mouth. I sat down and spread my legs so I could lean back and watch her take the whole thing. Peggy has amazing talents with a cock in her mouth. Even though I just busted a nut, my second one was very close. I hekd the back of her head and fucked her mouth and face. Pretty soon she was making gagging noises and spit was dripping out of the sides of her mouth. Then I came!! It must have been a big load, since I was still holding her head on my cock, and a mix of cum and spit came shooting out of her nose. Now I had a load of cum and spit at the base of my cock, and in my belly button. Before I could wipe it off, Peggy leaned over and slurped the mixture off my belly, off my cock and swallowed it all. That kept me hard and ready for #3.
We switched places and I leaned Peggy over the side, her giant tits hanging over the side. I now was working her pussy and ass with my tongue and fingers. I was able to get 3 fingers in her ass and had an idea. I used the bottom of my beer bottle and fucked her ass with it. She was now starting to get noisy, noisy enough for the neighbors to hear. I realized the water jets had shut off and needed to be put back on again. I went back to fucking Peggys ass with a beer bottle and licking her pussy. I pulled out the bottle and put in my cock. Im not gonna lie, my cock isnt as big as a beer bottle around, so it went in pretty easy. I rolled her over so I could see her tits bouncing around. Being I was working on my 3rd load, my cock was numb and I was railing her in the ass. I was pounding her ass like a machine. Finally my load was ready. I shoved her out onto the deck and pushed her down to her knees. Again I put my cock in her mouth and she deep throated it all. I fucked her face and pulled out. I hosed down her face and hair with another load. She cleaned my cock after this one too. I told her to hold on, I would get her a towel. Since the cum was now dripping on my deck I told her to lay down on a recliner. When I got back with a towel I noticed her eyes were closed, I think she had cum in them. By now I had to pee, so I aimed for Peggys face and let go. I rinsed all the cum off her face and was now hosing down her hair. She was getting into it until she tasted it was my piss. She jumped up and and grabbed a towel to wipe her face and dry her piss hair. She called me an asshole and said it was now my turn. If I didnt want her to tell my wife I had to now lay down. She climbed up and sat on my chest. I then felt a warm sensation and she was peeing down my chest. I had a great view of her boobs so I grabbed them. She must have peed like a quart. It took forever. After she got me back, we went up and showered together. She tried to suck my cock again, but it wasnt working. It got hard but it hurt for her to touch it. I told her we could finish up another be continued!!
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2 years ago
Nice piss action.
2 years ago
Oh yes. Love piss fun.
2 years ago
very good slut sisters
2 years ago
Thats a hot sister in-law
2 years ago
can't wait for part 2
3 years ago
Good start