One day at work

One day at work we were discussing sex toys, which later turned into a talk about how girls fail when trying to be sexy for their new boyfriends. This one sexy little Latin girl I work with didnt believe me and thought her pics were sexy. I dont want to use her real name or where we work so we can call her "Maria". Maria just got a new boyfriend and decided to show me the pics she sent him, and posted on facebook. I asked how good can they be if you can post them on FB? She showed me them and as usual, it was her dressed all sexy, bent over taking pics of herself in the mirror. I handed her back her phone and said nice try, your facing the wrong way. She told me I was wrong and he would like them. Then the topic of her ass came was her best feature. She had recentley lost some weight and her ass was soo amazing right now, stuffed into a tight pair of pants. Her low cut shirt also showed off her boobs, B cups if I had to guess, they are the size of large oranges, not quit g****fruits yet.
Everytime Maria answered the phone, she leaned over the desk to pick it up, pretty much leaning across me to get to the phone. Every time she did this her shirt came up a little, just enough to show her little thong undies. After a few times I had to make the joke about " mooning me". She said , jokingly, she knew I loved her ass. I told her thats the kind of pics she should be sending to her BF. I never thought she would let me take the pics, but I offered anyway. She agreed to let me take pics of her ass with her thong sticking out, and another pic with her pants halfway down and her thong out as well. Luckily there is a back office, behind the front desk where noone has access to. While taking pics the phone rang and I kept taking pics, I even made some adjustments to her thong and pants. I might have "accidentally" touched her ass cheeks also...oops!. The phone wrang again and she was talking to more people trying to book rooms. This time I pulled her pants down, and took a pic in just her thong. Her ass was soo amazing looking, I was starting to get hard. Still on the phone I figured I should go for the full nude ass pic and slid her thong down too. She kinda looked back at me and gave me a fake mad look, then smiled so I knew she was cool with it. I snapped some more pics with her phone. Then without realizing it I started to massage her cheeks. Her ass felt soo good, nice and firm and tight. I didnt think of it at the time, but she was still on the phone, but I didnt care. Maria was now twisting and moving her hips while I squeezed and massage her ass. I started to spread her cheeks to try and get a look at her pussy and ass. I was as hard as steel by now. I licke d my finger and started to rub her pussy. Luckily by this point she had hung up the phone. Her head was down and she was gyrating on my hand and fingers really getting into it. Then I had an idea to put my finger in her ass. Just as I pushed it in she let out a grunt. She was now grunting like an a****l, due to my middle finger in her ass and my thumb rubbing her pussy. She was now panting and grunting and making all kinds of noises. It was sexy and kinda funny. I figured now was the best time to drop my pants and slide my cock into her pussy. I untied my pants and dropped them to the floor. Just as I got the tip of my cock between her pussy lips she hopped off the desk. She pulled up her pants and told me to run. The overnight houseman was coming to change the garbage in the back office, she saw him on the security camera. As he opened the door, I pulled up my pants and was running into the offices behind the front desk. I hid out for a while, trying to keep my hard on, hoping to continue fucking Maria. When I heard him leave, I walked back out and she was at the desk now busy with guests. I hung out for another 20 minutes and decided to leave. Hopefully we can continue this again. TBC....
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