Peggy and Stacy , part 2

So I thought I was in the clear, my wife, and Stacey and Peggys husbands, and noone else at the party knew that me , Stacey and Peggy just had a 3-way. The party continued, people ate and eventually eveyone left, leaving me and my wife to clean up the yard and deck. It was hot tonight and I was still buzzing and really didnt want to clean anymore. Obviously my wifes pussy was still off limits due to her monthly "friend" so I knew she wasnt bribing me with that. Its a good thing many bushes and a fence keep my yard secluded from the neighbors view. I guess my wife was hot too, when she pulled her shirt off and was cleaning with her twins out. Knowing she was just trying to get me to clean, I opened another beer and watched her tits bounce around while she cleaned. I finished my beer and helped her finish cleaning, the whole time watching her tits bounce and shake, and getting a hard on. Eventually we were done, and I was going to hop in the hot tub for a minute or two. My wife told me to hold on, since she could not come in, she had something for me. She pushed me down onto the steps of the hot tub and pulled my shorts down. She started to jerk me off and slide my cock between her titties. She has huge 38 boobs, D size, but she still squeezes them into a C bra, and complains that they are too big. Then I had a thought. A few hours earlier I fucked both her s****rs in their asses and she would taste there asses on my cock. Oh shit!! haha, literaly. I had an idea and told her to hold on. I stood up and took my shorts off all the way, I grabbed another beer and opened it. I poured some on my wifes tits and fucked her tits again. I kept pouring little drips of beer to use as tit lube, really to get the beer taste on my cock, not her s****rs asses. When the beer was empty, I was pretty sure my cock tasted like beer and not ass. I grabbed her head and pushed my dick into her mouth. She sucked me deep. I was balls deep in her mouth and she was playing with my balls and rubbing my grundle. Not being able to hold on any more, I pulled out and sprayed cum all over her tits and face. She had cum on her shoulders and in her hair. She kept jerking my cock and licking the tip. Then she handed me a plastic spoon and told me to feed her. I spooned the cum off her tits and face and put it in her mouth. She swallowed it all! I spooned my cum off her shoulders and got it all off her tits and face. I cleaned her up with the spoon and she ate all my cum. I never did go in the hot tub, after that we went inside and went to bed.
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great end