Peggy and Stacey, part 1

So it was Labor day week end and we were having everyone over for a big end of summer BBQ. Everyone was over including my wifes two s****rs Peggy and Stacey. Of course Peggy had to stay with us, since she lived 8 hours away. The morning of, my wife went out for bagels and juice so I decided to rub one out using my new fleshlight. Sitting on the end of the bed all lubed up sliding my cock in and out of Jenna Hazes fleshlight asshole. It felt amazing!! I heard foot steps coming down the hall and stopped for a second. It was Peggy in the hall closet getting some towels. I continued to fuck my fake ass. As the footstep started down the hall again, I figured she was going to go shower, and then she opened my bedroom door. She caught me using my fleshlight. I jumped up and put my toy behind my back, leaving my rock hard, oily cock bouncing in front of her. I think I was more embarrased about the toy than getting caught...again. Peggy asked me what I was doing and I told her nothing, go away. She wanted to see what I had and refused to leave until I showed her. So I showed her and then had to show her how it worked. After watching me use it she asked why I needed a toy and just didnt fuck her s****r (my wife) in the ass, did she not let me? I told her it was her time of the month, it started yesterday. Just then the car pulled up and I had to go rinse off and get dressed, not being able to finish.
After cleaning the yard and setting tables and getting food ready everyone arrived and the party was in full swing. I then noticed Peggy and her other s****r Stacey talking and giggling on the other side of the yard. They then both walked inside. A little while later I had to get more stuff and went inside to the kitchen. I could hear footsteps upstairs, and had to go make sure no k**s were playing up there. I gave the extra food to someone else to bring outside and snuck upstairs. I could now here more whispering and giggling coming from the guest room, where Peggy was staying. I listened at the door and could here them talking about my toy, and I think they had it. I opened the door to find them with my fleshlight, giggling and laughing about it. I walked in and tried to take it back. They told me they would tell my wife unless I showed Stacey how I used it. I told the I had a few drinks and couldnt get hard. They told me to try and started rubbing my cock through my pants. I have already messed around with each of them seperatley, so each didnt mind rubbing my cock to get me hard. I told them I needed my lube, but they wouldnt let me leave. Peggy slid down her shorts and started rubbing her pussy. She told me to use her juices as my lube. I told her I needed alot more than that and Stacey did the same. Stacey slid up her skirt and the two s****rs were laying back next to each other rubbing there pussys together. I was rock hard and ready to go. I dipped my cock into Peggys pussy first, telling her this was the best way to get her juices on me. I then dipped into Staceys pussy. They were both sooo wet. I continued to pump 4-5 times in each of them, switching back and forth. Then Stacey got on all fours and stuck her ass in the air. I fucked her doggy and then put my cock in Peggys mouth. Peggy sucked her s****rs pussy juices off my cock like it was candy. I went back to Staceys wet, dripping pussy and fucked it some more. I then pulled out and pushed foward again, right into Staceys asshole. She grunted a little, but took all of my dick in her ass, to my balls. I fucked her ass a few pumps and pulled out. I went back to Peggy and put my cock in her mouth. She licked and sucked my cock, not knowing it was just in her s****rs ass. I went back and forth from Staceys ass and Peggys mouth a few times, thinking it was funny. Now it was Peggys turn. I rolled her onto her knees, and pushed her down so her ass was in the air. I fucked her pussy with Stacey now sitting next to her, arm over her back, squeezing her ass cheeks and playing with her asshole. Stacey was now 2-3 fingers in her s****rs ass. She looked at me and said put it in now. I pulled out and slid right into Peggys ass. Peggy gave no reaction that I was in her ass. I fucked her ass , while Stacey slid her arm down and was now playing with Peggys pussy. I pulled out of Peggys ass and tried to ATM Stacey, but she shook her head no, and jerked me off. Both s****rs still had shirts on so titty fucking Peggys giant tits was not possible right now. I had to come in someones mouth, to avoid having to clean up, so we flipped Peggy back over and I went back to fucking Stacey in her ass. I was soo close to busting I pulled out and put my dick back in Peggys mouth. This time, she either tasted something funny, or I went too deep, or both. But Peggy with my cock balls deep, started to gag. Just as I busted a huge load, she gagged again and a mix of spit and cum shot out of her nose and out of the corners of her mouth. I held her head, making sure my cock didnt come out, I was still cuming!! Now her eyes were watering and more spit and cum mix was leaking out of her mouth around where my cock was. She punched me in the gut and I knew to pull out of her mouth. She called me an asshole, and ran to the bathroom to dry heave. Stacey grabbed some towels and wiped up the floor. Peggy fixed her make up and we all went down stairs. As to not be seen leaving together, I went out the front door and around the side of the house to the yard. Peggy and Stacey walked out the back door together, like nothing had happened. And I thought I got away with be continued
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1 year ago
Nice one
2 years ago
3 years ago
Now THAT was a good damn story!! Sounded real and believable. Hope it happened for real brah. Fuck 'em all!