Peggy again...part two!

So Peggy had this big grin on her face, and I was standing in the hallway with half a chub, obviously sticking out of my shorts. She asked if I slept ok, I looked tired. I said everything was fine, still not knowing 100% if it was her, and I didnt want to assume and be wrong. She said she was on her way to take a shower and asked if I was making breakfast. I tried to make a joke and ask her how she liked her eggs, scrambled or fertalized? She said she didnt feel like eggs and I shook my head and walked back to my room. After hearing the shower turn on. I figured I had a few minutes and began to relive what had happened, and maybe rub one out while I could. Then Peggy starts screaming about a bug or a spider in the shower. I tried ignoring her but then she opened the door and yelled even louder, calling me in to kill it. So I walked over, and she was standing on the toilet, trying to cover her giant cans with our curtains. I stepped into the shower and really didnt see a spider, but pretended to kill one anyway so I could leave. As I walked over to throw away " the spider I killed" I did see a very real spider crawling towards her foot. Before I could tell her to move, she saw it and jumped off the bowl and I guess she thought I was ready to catch her. She knocked us both down and landed on me, with her giant tits covering my face. She then lifted herself up, slid her naked clam down my body and across my face and ran into the guest room. I stood up and killed the spider for real. A minute later she peeked out from the door and asked if I got it. I told her yes and thanked her sarcastically dfor knocking me over. At that point she opened the door and showed me she was still wearing nothing, and asked how she could thank me. I told her to stop playing, all the while scanning her naked body. Her hair was still wet, her giant boobs had really big nipples and were a darker shade of brown. Her pale white body made the look even darker. Her pussy was bald and you could see her lips sticking out from the front. You could also see two giant red marks on her knees where she hit the ground. I laughed and tried to make fun of her saying" nice knees". Peggy then asked, while standing in front of me totally nude, if her knees was really what I was looking at. I told her that I couldnt look at anything else since she was my s****r-in-law. She said ok, bent over and picked up a towel. A slow deiberate bend, kinda squatting showing me her shaved asshole and pussy from behind. She then turned back, and said that most of the swelling went away and she was now able to shit normal again, obviously knowing about the time I fucked her in the ass when she was d***k. I asked her how she knew, and she told me. She did not remember it all, but the next day her ass was swollen and sore. She also figured out that it was cum in her hair, not puke. She also told me if I didnt want her to tell my wife, I needed to do her a be continued
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2 years ago
Love it when favors are involved.
2 years ago
3 years ago
Fun to be had here all right,