Peggy again!!

So Peggy was down visiting us again, and as usual had to stay at our house. I wouldnt mind it but she can be very annoying, but on the other hand she does have huge tits...and a nice ass. So we spent the night watching tv and as usual I got to clean up her empty glasses and plates, and whatever else she left around to annoy me. Lucky for me ( sarcasm), my wife had to be in work early the next day, leaving me to hang out with Peggy until she got home. Really should pick my days off better...or so I thought.
I heard my wifes alarm go off and after hearing her turn the shower on, I rolled over and went back to bed. I was just on the brink of consciousness and could kinda hear what was going on around me. I heard the door open and someone came in. I pretended to be sl**ping so that I didnt have to get clothes off the clothes line in the basement, or let the dog out for my wife before she went to work. Maybe she would leave me alone and let me sl**p. Thats when I felt her crawl under my covers and pull down my shorts. I opened one eye and could see her bent over up under my blanket, obviously she had some time before work. I was all for it and still pretended to sl**p, so I could just lay there.
So now she went from using her hand to get me hard and now had started to suck my cock, going balls deep and using her other hand to play with my balls. I was in heaven, it sent chills up my spine and made the little hairs on my neck stand up. What made it even hotter was the little noises she was making, little gagging and spitting noises, she was really getting into it. I lasted only a little while longer and finally busted in her mouth, hope she didnt brush her teeth already I thought to myself. I felt her swallow every last drop and sucked every bit from my cock. Then I felt her crawl out from under the covers and heard the door close behind her. Still kinda hard I went out in the hallway looking for her, hoping we could fuck and not wake her s****r. I didnt see her in the bathroom so I went back into our bedroom and looked out the window. My wifes car was gone, and I was confused for a second. I looked at the clock and it was 10:30am, my wife had been at work for an hour already. I put a pair of shorts on and went back into the hallway, only to find Peggy, my wifes s****r, coming out of the guest room, with a giant smile on her be continued
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2 years ago
2 years ago
love it , but you should put some of these parts together
3 years ago
Nice one, everyones idea of a good sister-in-law.
3 years ago
Hot story! Can't wait to hear the rest of it