My Massage from Stacey

Stacey had needed a part time job and started to take classes on massage therapy. I used to mess with her and ask about "happy endings", and she would shake her head and call me an idiot. I guess she really was learning the real massage therapy stuff.
One day I had to help move some stuff at Staceys and after a while felt something wrong with my shoulder. It got real stiff and had a little pain. She offered to look at it, but not taking massage too seriously, I laughed it off. Seeing how much pain I was in at dinner, my wife (Stacey's s****r) told me not to be stupid and to let her look at it. Finally I agrreed and we went into the finished basement where she could work on my shoulder. I had to take my shirt off and lay on her portable little table thing. I have to admit it did feel lgood after a while and I started to relax. When Stacey moved in front of me, to get better leverage on my shoulder, I was staring right at her croth. I was able relax even more since I was staring at her camel toe, and started to day dream about it. After a few minutes I was kinda hard and sthen she told me to roll onto my back. Knowing I was hard, I suggested I stay on my stomach, but she would not go for it. I finally rolled over and it was obvious I was pitching a tent. She pretended not to notice, but eventually told me it was normal while getting into a relaxed state. Then she asked me if she could lean on me for leverage to continue working on my shoulder. I agreed, not expecting her to climb up and straddle my chest. I didnt mind, since she was a smaller girl, and now her camel to was actually on me now. I also kinda liked the was her boobs swung back and forth in front of my face. I made a joke and told her that her cans were hypnotizing me. She told me to close my eyes and relax. Like that was possible with her boobs swinging and her sitting on my chest, ass rubbing my still hard cock every once and a while. Finally she pushed my eyes closed and hopped off. She told me to just lay there and relax, she needed to get some kind of special oil, or something. Next thing i know I feel a warm sensation on my cock and I opened my eyes. Stacey was standing next to the table, with my cock in her mouth. She told me how wet I made her and she couldnt resist. I had no problems with that and palmed nher ass in my hand. It felt soo good when she tried to get all of me in her mouth. The little gags and spit noises were the sexiest things I have heard in a while. Caught up in the moment I may of pushed a little to much on the back of her head, causing a giant gag reflex, causing her to bite down a bit and then give me a dirty look. It was supposed to be a mean look, but with tears running down her cheeks and her face all red, it just made me harder. Finally I lifted her back onto me in a 69, although I call it a 71 when I put 2 fingers in, haha. Her pussy was soo sweet tasting and smelled great. I loved how she was totally bald too. Not one stray ass hair either. I felt my load coming, but chose not to say anything. Instead, I pushed down on her head again and shot the biggest load ever. I heard her gagging on the amount of cum, and felt her trying to get my cock out of her mouth. I held her down and filled her mouth with my load, until cum actually dripped out of her nose. She wiggled free and called me an asshole. I giggled and told her I may need another session on my shoulder. Later that night my wife asked me how the massage was, I told her it was ok. I think she wanted to know if her s****r was wasting more money on another school. I told her she needs more practice and maybe she could use me again.
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1 year ago
Wow. There getting better an better.
2 years ago
naughty naughty
3 years ago
Hot story. Maybe you'll have more to write about soon. Thanks for posting.