My wifes other s****r

My wife has 2 s****rs, one older and one younger, I already told the story of me and Stacey and now it was Peggy's turn. Peggy came down for a week end, luckily for all of us with out her douche husband, which most of us thought was gay. Well unlike Stacey, Peggy had giant boobs and a nice ass. She had been working out to get ready for her wedding, good thing she kept it up afterwards. So after dinner we all started drinking and some of us had way more than we can handle...Peggy the 2 beer queer, her nickname. We all knew she was a lightweight drinker. My wife got her dressed for bed, lucky for us pukey was staying at our house tonight. Around 3 am, we got woken up by the sound of a slamming door and someone running down the hall. As usual I got to check it out. I went back to my room and told my wife it was nothing, her s****r was in the bathroom hurling guts. She then told me since she had to put her to bed, I had to deal with her being sick. Before I could argue, she was snoring and asl**p. So I went into the bathrrom where Peggy was, kneeling in front of the bowl crying and hugging it like it was her best friend. I sat on the tub and asked her if she was ok. She kinda ignored me and then shoved her face in the bowl know. I soon noticed that when she did this, her shirt would come up exposing her ass, and I could see she wasnt wearing and panties. Most people would not be turned on, but I was. Sure she was hurling, but her perfect ass was out, in the breeze for me to see. So I did what I had to, I sat next to her and rubbed her back, moving my habd lower and lower. She realized what I was doing after a while and with her head on the seat cover looked at me. I knew she was too d***k and weak to move, so I shoved a finger in her pussy. I continued to rub her pussy and ass as she slept on the toilet seat. I soon was hard and needed to fuck. I repositioned Peggy higher on the seat so I could get behind her and slide it in. I fucked her pussy for what seemed like hours, pounding away and her not even making a single noise. Then I had an idea. Could I fuck her in the ass. I was n the bathroom where we kept the lotions and other stuff. I found a bottle of baby oil and slathered up her asshole. With one strong thrust, I was in her ass, and she shot straight up and let out a big yell. I covered her mouth and continued to fuck her in the ass. I pushed her down, back onto the seat, so I could go all the way in. After a few minutes I was ready to cum. I pulled out and hosed down the back of her head. Good thing she had nice long, dark hair. I wiped my cock on her shirt and put it away. I sat with her for a few more minutes until she was asl**p again. I used two handfulls of hair and rubbed the together to mush my cum into her hair, kinda making it disappear. I picked her up and carried her to bed. Tucked her in and went back to my room. When I got back my wife asked me what that yell was, I told her about her s****rs disgusting projectile vomiting and how she owed me one, but I would have to wait until the morning. That was close, really didnt want her to taste her younger s****rs ass on my cock. Funny thing was the next morning when peggy came downstairs, and her hair was this wild and crazy rats nest of a tangled mess. I told her I thought she might have puked in her hair, her response " oh really? Is that what happened, I dont remember"
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2 years ago
3 years ago
wrong on so many levels but I bet it felt good
3 years ago
thats a hair raising story
3 years ago
that is sexy hot
3 years ago
Great story,,you did her justice,keep us informed of other episodes
3 years ago
jaja. Funny one
3 years ago
Damn..taking advantage of a defenseless girl like that....LOL
3 years ago
You know this may qualify as rape