My Wifes s****r

Stacey was my wifes s****r, older by a few years. She always kept her hair short and wore very conservative clothes, really not my type at all. Years after we had first met, she was the first to pop out some k**s, making her ass a little wider and boobs a little bigger, but still a nice little package. Holidays were usually spent at her house, so I got to watch her pose for pictures, catching a glimpse down her shirt, or her ass as she bent over and even an upskirt panty peek once or twice. I dont know what happened, but know I started fantasizing about her, I needed to fuck her in the ass. Which I thought would never happen.
During the summer months we would go over to swim since they had a pool. Stacey would always have on a bikini, but never really went in the pool. Every once in a while she would get in with the k**s, giving me the chance to rub up against her tits when we passed the k**s back and forth. Then there was the day I was waiting for. While waiting my turn to climb the ladder out, I was waiting for Stacey to go and I was behind her, hoping to watch her ass go up the ladder. As she got to the top, I looked down for the first step, and when I looked up I had her ass coming right at my face, she had slipped backwards and was falling back into the pool. I got a face full of her ass, and she momentum pushed us both under. It was a reflex at the time, and a great move in hind sight, but I was able to put both hands on her ass and squeeze as we went down. Might have even f***ed my nose between her ass cheeks a little. We both came up laughing and she was none the wiser about me grabbing her ass...or so I thought.
After swimming, my wife and her husband got the k**s changed and everyone was back outside on the deck, waiting for dinner. I assume she thought I was outside too, and took off her bikini and ran to the bathroom to get dressed. The same bathroom I was in, reliving her ass on my face causing me a giant hard on that I needed to play with. So I am sitting on the sink, cock in hand and here comes Stacey running throught the door. She runs right into me and in order to not get knocked into the toilet, I wrap her up in a hug. She tries to wiggle away but I calm her down and stop her from screaming, all the while poking her stomach with my hard on. She asked me what I was doing and why I was hard. I told her Im not gonna lie, I was thinking about her ass in the pool. She admitted she did think I grabbed her ass a little hard as we went down. I told her I didnt mind her falling on me and that I had been thinking about her ass for a while. Showing her my giant hard on and telling her what she does for me. We didnt have time to do anything then, so I left and she got dressed.
Towards the end of the summer, I had to go out to her house to bring back a doll that was left at our house during a visit. Her husband was working late and the k**s were asl**p. When I rang the doorbell, she answered wearing some old sweatpants, not really the hottest outfit. She was getting some cleaning done and asked me if I was hungry. Since I was, she turned the oven on. Watching her bend over to put the food in, I noticed her pants were ripped and when she bent over, her whole asshole and half her pussy was exposed. I kinda gasped a little loud, due to not expecting that surprise. She turned around with a smile and asked if I had seen anything I liked. Then still smiling asked me to tell her about how nice her ass was again, hinting to our little bathroom encounter. She assured me her hsband was not going to be home for a few hours. As I began talking, she bagan stripping. Ending up between my legs totally naked. I was harded than I have ever been. She popped my cock in her mouth and started to suck me off. I got two handfulls of her nice tits and even snuck around and got a finger in her butt, she squirmed a little with my finger in there. Stacey took my cock from her mouth and told me that James had never attempted to put anything in her ass before, and wanted to know if her s****r took it in the ass. I told her she did. I flipped her around and put her up on the kitchen island so I could taste her pussy and ass. I got 2 fingers in her ass, and her pussy was dripping. I had to put my cock in her, I bent Stacey over and fucked her pussy doggy style, her elbows leaning on the seat of the chair. Pounding away like a machine, until juice was running down her leg. I pushed the chair away and put her elbows on the floor, forcing ass to raise up. With a handfull of spit and pussy juice, I slathered up my cock head and went for her ass. She let out a moan loud enough, I thought the neighbors would hear. I got the head and about 2 inches in, and then went real slow. She was able to take my cock in her ass all the way to my balls. She made the most gutteral sounds and moans, almost like a dying a****l. It turned me on and I started to fuck her ass pretty hard. Just then my phone rang, knowing it was my wife asking where I was and when I was going to be home. I answered the phone, still balls dep in Staceys asshole. She made little whimpering noises and it surprised me that my wife didnt hear them. I hung up the phone and continued to plow her again. Once she was a quivering, shaky mess on the floor from multiple orgasms, I asked her if she wanted to taste her own ass. She reaaly didnt answer, at least not one I understood. So I scooped her up and shoved my cock in her mouth. She made a face at first, but then got into it. In no time she was almost balls deep with my cock in her mouth. I pulled out and sprayed like you read about. Cum hit her face, hair and went in her open mouth. A second or third blast went over her shoulder, through the door way and landed in the next room. My cock was back in her mouth and she was sucking every last drop from my head. She then laid on the floor like she was dead. Noticing the clock, I got her upstairs and in the shower. Just as I was about to start my car and leave, I see headlights coming down the street. They pulled into her driveway, James was home. I waited to start my car until he was in the house, and then drove home.
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1 year ago
2 years ago
now that's how in-laws should treat each other
2 years ago
3 years ago
love that
3 years ago
way to get to know the sister-in-law
3 years ago
nice story i bet that ass was tight but loose afterwards
3 years ago
all we have too know about you and your wife and thats the treo 5/10
3 years ago
Wonderful story and nice job
3 years ago
Well done way to treat a hot little number
3 years ago
Ballsy. Great story.