Friendly neighbor

So after some facebook flirting and some challenges to catch a peek at her naked, I had a new infatuation with my neighbor. She was kinda sexy. Tight little body, g****fruit sized tits and a nice ass. Never really thought much about her, until I found out she was a freak. Little hints were dropped here and there, but finding out about her sextoy parties and the facebook flirting was the last straw. She is married, and has k**s, but whatever.
I got home and checked out facebook, no reply on one of my comments, but whatever. Then a private message popped up. It read " whatcha doin?" I replied, " nothing". She then told me to tone down some of my suggestive comments, i told her i knew she liked them. She said she did, but didnt want to create any drama with the hubby. I told her all she had to do was let me see her naked. She replied- no way. I told her that was fine, signed off and went on xhamster to jerk off before my wife came home. I got into some good Julia Ann movies and had some wood going as I tugged myself.
Then I got a text message from my wife, telling me to call my neighbor. Apparently she was sending me messages about a waterleak, but i signed off already. I threw my pants back on, grabbed a long coat to cover my junk and ran over. I heard her yelling as i opened the front door. I ran to the bathroom and saw the water spraying out from under the sink. She yelled for me to do something, while standing there half soaked, nipples hard. I calmly asked " whats in it for me ?" She continued yelling, not getting my point. I turned and pretended to walk awy when she said okay, okay, okay, just shut it off. Then started taking her wet shirt off, unhooked her bra and was standing there topless. I got on the floor and opened the cabinet...slowly, until her pants slid down, and i was eye level with her shaved pussy. I was getting hard again. I layed on my back and pushed myself through the stuff under the sink, getting to the shutoffs and turned them both off. I then straightened my legs hoping she would see the tent in my pants....she did. I then felt her pull my waistband down, gotta love sweatpants!! She started to tug my cockand playing with my balls. Not that i have the bigget cock, but it was the biggest she ever seen. I leaned back on the sink and pulled her to her knees, slapping her cheek and forehead with my cock. Then i put it in her mouth and grabbed the back of her head and f***ed it in. Tears rolled from her eyes as she gagged on my cock. I pulled her up and spun her around. Before i could get in her pussy, she turned back around and said no, not now. Her hubby was on his way home with k**s soon, we didnt have time. She went back to sucking and jerking me, gagging and dripping spit on my cock, balls and her floor. I reached down and squeezed her tits, pinching her nipples a little. She had both hands working my shaft, keeping my head in her mouth the whole time. She asked me to tell her when i was gonna finish, i said ok. Then again i grabbed her head and held it so my cock was still in her mouth as I dropped a big load in her mouth. She gagged again, tried to pull my cock out but couldnt. She gagged again and when she coughed cum shot out of her nose. I pulled my cock out just in time to be yelled and cursed at. I told her that was what u get when u play games. I told her when i come for her next time, we wont be playing any games. She tried to deny there would be a next time. I laughed and told her to buy herself a butt plug, and i would let her know when to put it in. Just need my work schedule for next week, and i can go tear her ass up! Price of fixing a broken water line just went up.
50% (12/12)
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1 year ago
luv it
2 years ago
Nice one.