Stacey the freak

So I get a text from Stacey reading " have my bitches ready" be over in an hour. I call Ema and Amy, and pour myself a drink. The girls get to my house before Stacey, and we hop in the hot tub and wait. Stacey finally shows up and tells us to be patient, she has to get ready. We pour another round and wait. The girls are already naked and Stacey walks out only wearing a double cock strap on. The top cock was a good 10 inches, the bottom one about 7-8 inches. I get out of the tub and start stroking, and then Im told I have to sit this one out. Whaaaaaaaat??? Stacey then tells me my turn will come later. I hop back in the tub and watch... for now.
Stacey has the girls, Ema and Amy, get into a 69, and lick each others pussys and asses. Stacey walks up to Ema, whose on top, and puts the bigger cock into her pussy. Drips some lube on her ass, and shoves the smaller one into her ass. Ema lets out a groan and starts to squeel, in a good way. She must have really gotten into it since she couldnt eat Amys pussy anymore. Stacey was pounding away at Emas ass and pussy at the same time. Not that she was squirting, but liquid was running down her leg. Amy shimmied herself back, and tried to get her tongue into Stacey. Without warning Stacey stopped. She pulled her cocks out of Ema and told Amy to bend over. She slid her bigger cock into Amys pussy, then put the other one in her pussy too. She started telling Amy she didnt have permission to lick her pussy yet, and this was her punishment. Thinking two cocks in her pussy was her punishment, she was wrong. Stacey squirted more anal ease onto Amys ass and started to work her fingers in, until she had 4 in. Then 4 turned into a fist, all while 2 cocks were in her pussy. Then both cocks came out of Amys pussy, and both got shoved up Amys ass. Upon entering Amy shot straight up, almost like she did a push up, but her legs were pinned under something. stacey pushed her back down and kept fucking her in the ass. ema came over and asked if she could eat Staceys ass. Stacey squatted down like a catcher in baseball, still able to keep fucking Amys ass. Ema spread Staceys ass and went to town. Even got hold of the anal ease and was working in her fingers. Suddenly a gush of liquid shot from Amys pussy. Almost looked like she peed, but it was clear. Stacey pushed back into her ass and after another minute another gush came out. This time Amy was shaking and pushing everything away from her pussy and ass. She could barely talk, so Stacey turned her attention back to Ema. She tols Ema she did a good job on her ass, and had another surprise. She walked over to her bag, put away her double strap on, and pulled out a long double headed dildo. They both layed down and shared this double dildo in each others asses and pussys. At one point the whole thing was inside and they were rubbing their pussys together. At this point I needed to cum. amy was still out of it, so I walked over to Stacey and Ema. Now they were laying on top of each other, face to face, playing with each others tits, dildo in their pussys. Stacey was on top, so her ass was open. I slid right in, and literally came after 8-10 pumps. Sorry but watching all this had me hard and stroking for a while. I came deep into Staceys ass. She stood up and pushed out her creampie into Emas mouth. ema then walked over to Amy to share. Amy was still just laying there and didnt want to share. Ema swallowed my load, and was like wtf? Amy was d***k, and after her crazy ,squirting orgasm, she was pretty much done. To end the date, Stacey walked over and peed on Amy, making sure to get her face and tits. Now Stacey told Ema to do the same. Ema laid down, waiting for the pee, but none came. Stacey wanted Ema to pee on her best friend too. Ema squatted and let go a stream onto her friends face and tits. All Amy could do was roll around in it and rub her tits and pussy, while getting the golden showers. I had to take a whiz too, but I went in the house. As I ran in, Marve got out. He ran over to Amy, still on the floor and started to lick her ass and pussy. I couldnt hold it so I ran to the bathroom. When I got back, Marve was humping Amys head. She wasnt blowing him, I think she passed out. That didnt stop Marve. He kept humping her head. It was kinda funny. Ema then walked over to Marve and rubbed his cock. It was out, and she was stroking it. She eventually licked his cock, and that turned into sucking. Marve then put his front paws on her shoulder and started humping Emas face. She made gagging noises, but eventually got the hang of it, until he started cumming. I think he shot cum for about 4 minutes. The first streams went down Emas throat, making her gag again. She didnt realize he cums continuasly, not one big shot when finished. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and let him hump her hand. When the cum didnt stop, she picked up a cup and aimed his cock for the opening. The next few minutes was Marve almost filling half the cup. Eventually he stopped and ran off to lick himself. I suggested she dump the cum on Amy or mix her a drink with it. Ema had her own idea. She lifted the cup and drank it herself, a good 6 ounces of load. Although she finished it, it did have a nasty after taste,so she did chase it with a beer. Stacey was still in shock, she could barely speak about what she just watched. The girls told me to pick up Amy and bring her to the downstairs shower. They all got cleaned up, and when Amy finally woke up, we hung out in the hot tub, until the wife came home.
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8 months ago
very hot.
1 year ago
your stories are great
1 year ago
2 years ago
Great one! I knew Stacy would be kinky but that was awesome!
2 years ago
i love all your stories hanging for the next one
2 years ago