Caught by Stacey

So during another "date" with Amy and her freaky friend Ema, I got busted by my wifes s****r Stacey. Guess I forgot a few people have a set of keys to my house, wifeys s****r being one of them. We were going at it pretty good in the yard when she walked out. As Stacey walked out I had Amy and Ema bent over the table and was fucking them, switching from each others pussys. Stacey walked over and pulled my cock out and asked me what I was doing, still keeping hold of my cock. At this time the two naked girls I was fucking freaked out, thinking we were busted by my wife. I told them to calm down and go mix a few drinks. While they did, I explained my situation to Stacey. I explained how this was their punishment for trying to break into my house. Knowing mine and Staceys past, I knew she was down for some fun.
Stacey called the girls back over and we all had a quick drink. I stood up and pulled Staceys shirt off from behind, unleashing her tits. Stacey then layed on the table and ordered the girls to get busy on her. Amy was first to eat out Stacey, while Ema played with Staceys tits. I stood to the side, watching, letting Stacey play with my cock getting it hard again. Stacey layed on her stomach, and I popped my cock into her mouth. ema went behind her and started licking and sucking her ass, loosening her up with a few fingers. Stacey went back onto her back, 69ing with Amy on top. ema assisted me getting my cock into Staceys ass. I started to pound Staceys ass, making her squirm. After a few minutes Stacey started to curl up and make crazy noises. I increased speed and really started pounding her in the ass. After another minute or two she let out a huge scream and let out a giant spray from her pussy. I didnt know she was a squirter, and I never made a girl squirt from anal before. Amy got sprayed in the face and when she moved the spray hit me in the chest. I put my cock back in and continued fucking her ass. A few minutes later it happened again. This time Ema got her face down and tried drinking it as it came out. It was like trying to drink from a can of soda that was shaken before opening. Before I could go back in her ass, Stacey rolled over into a fetal position on the table, and layed there quivering. She pushed my cock away, and told me she needed a minute. Amy hopped down and started sucking my cock, Ema went behind me and licked my ass and played with my balls. After a few minutes I was ready to cum. I went back to Stacey and pushed back into her ass. I came after a few pumps, and exploded deep into Staceys ass. Stacey stood up and told the girls to lay down so they could lick my cum from her ass. She pushed out most of it into their open mouths, some came out with little fart bubbles. Then Amy and Ema kissed each other, swapping my load back and forth. Then Stacey pulled a chair over and sat down, with her legs spread eagle. The two girls were about to go back to eating Stacey out but were met with a stream of pee. Stacey leaned back and sprayed out a. 3 foot stream of pee, showering both girls, as they went back to kissing and fondling each other. When she was done, Stacey stood up, told the girls to get the hose and clean up before leaving. Before they left, she told them to be available for her one day. She had some fun planned for them. The girls left, Stacey hopped in the shower, and I ordered a pizza since the wife was on her way home for dinner. cant wait to see what she has planned
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8 months ago
hot story
1 year ago
wow luv it
1 year ago
Very nice.
2 years ago
nice dude
2 years ago
lol!! we can just imagine but very naughty
2 years ago
Super hot stuff. Thx
2 years ago
Very hot indeed,,thanks for posting,,
2 years ago
very hot
2 years ago
She still wont tell me what she has planned
2 years ago
damn hot!