She brought a friend

So i called Amy, found out her name eventually. Shes from the unlucky day story, found her attempting to rob my house. She came over with a friend, not the hottest girl, but it was another set of holes for me to have some fun with. She was a little thicker than Amy, brown hair, a fatter ass, but much bigger tits. She did have a slight muffin top, but who cares, the stuff she did more than made up for it. They started out undressing each other and kissing and touching each other, I watched and played with myself until hard. This time we moved out of the garage and into the back yard, trees and bushes give us a ton of privacy, plus we have a fence. I watched them do a 69 for a minute or two and decided i needed to get my dick wet. Amy was on top, so i walked over and put my cock in her mouth while her friend licked her pussy. I fucked her face a little, even got slightly rough, but she took it all. Her eyes watered a bit, but she must have been practicing. So I pinched her nose and went balls deep. She wasnt ready for that and spit up a little, just missing her friends pussy. We moved, and now they were both sucking my cock. One licking my shaft and head, the other with my balls in her mouth. I had to see what her friend could handle, so I went balls deep in her mouth....and she took it all too. I fucked her mouth for a while and came. Without stopping she sucked all my cum out of my balls. She then tipped her head back and blew cum bubbles with my load. Amy and her started kissing, passing my load back and forth. I was ready for more. I started fucking Amy doggystyle, while her friend stood next to me playing with and fingering Amys asshole. She worked 2 fingers in, and then 3. Soon I was able to go from pussy to ass and back. Amys friend even sucked me off between holes. I was almost ready for load number two. I fucked Amys ass and shot my second load deep into her ass. I then had Amy squat over her friend and push her creampie out. Her friend met her ass and licked my cum off and out of her asshole. Now it was her friends turn. The two sucked me some more so I could stay hard. Usually two loads and im done. They managed to get me hard again and keep me hard. Her friend said she only wanted it in her ass, if I fucked her pussy she would be cheatingon her boyfriend. I said whatever, and slid into her ass. Her ass was alot tighter than Amys, and had more butt to grab onto. I pounded her ass, load number three was going to be tough. My cock felt like I had whiskey dick, this load was going to take a while. I fucked her ass and would pull out just to see how much her hole was gaping. I did this a few times, and each time I went back in her ass just tightened around my cock. At this point Amy decided to help herself to some of my booze at the outdoor bar. Her friend was getting her ass pounded and she was mixing a drink. WTF I thought. This girl had balls. I called her over and told her I needed a sip. As she handed me the glass, I pulled my cock out of her friends ass and shot load number three into her drink. Pushed my head in and stirred it for good measure. I handed her back her drink and watched her down it, vodka, cranberry and my load, all the while staring me down. I told her after that to go pour three more, and I turned on the hot tub. I had a few hours before my wife would be home, so we got d***k and hung out in the hot tub. I never got her friends name, im sure she told me, but I was d***k when she did. Im pretty sure they are coming back over, her friend did say she wanted to meet Marve.
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5 months ago
Love it......
1 year ago
great story
2 years ago
Damn you are one lucky fucker.
2 years ago
sweet , but you should have them over with marve & her sister