Unlucky day

Ok, so there has been a few break ins in the neighborhood, some bored k**s wit nothing to do when adults are out at work. Most went uncaught, all except this one that tried to do my house. She was not as quick as her friends, and wasnt able to hop my fence. Guess when my wife left for work, they didnt expect me to be home. So after her friends got away, she was persuaded to come into my garage so we could discuss her punishment....persuaded my a 12 gauge pump shotgun. The racking noise freezes anyone in their tracks. So i get her into the garage and ask her what her and her friends were doing. At first she didnt want to talk and told me to fuck off. So I grabbed my phone and said she could tell her story to the cops, most likely they could pin all the other breakins on her. She told me to wait, we could work something out. I asked her what she had in mind. She said she was good at cleaning, vacuuming, etc. So I unloaded my cock and told her to start cleaning this. She refused , until I picked up the phone. She used her hand and some spit to get me hard. She thought I would cum from her just popping the head in her mouth...she was wrong. I grabbed her head and skull fucked her until she puked on the garage floor. As she started to complain, i f***ed my cock back in her mouth and face fucked her until she gagged again. Now her eye make up was running and her eyes were teary. I told her to get naked. She was a teenager, probably 18, anyway she was 18 for the purpose of this story, haha. Skinny blond girl, real small tits, but had a perfect ass. Before she got naked she was wearing cut off shorts and a tight t- shirt. I had her bend over so i could check her out. She was one of those really skinny girls that her pussy lips didnt fully close and her inner lips stuck out. Her asshole was also pink and puffy, i guess because she was soo skinny. I spit on her ass and tried to get a finger inside. She squirmed a little and tried to clench. I told her they are not this gentle in jail. She loosened up and let a finger in with a gasp. I layed down on my work bench and we got into a 69. I got 2 fingers in her ass and licked her pussy while she sucked my cock some more. I knew i was about to cum so i put both hands on her head and f***ed her to deep throat as i launched a huge load in her mouth. I heard her gagging and pushed her head down and pumped a few times. This time she puked again, a mix of my cum and cheap beer. I told her now she could show me her cleaning skills, but had to stay naked. Again she thought she could wander around the house with a feather duster and pretend to be dusting....wrong again. I showed her where the bucket was, i had her wash the floor on her hands and knees, ass up in the air. I got hard again watching her. I grabbed some cooking oil from the cabinet and drizzled some on her ass. I worked a finger or two in, and then tried to get my cock in. I fucked her pussy and tried to slide back into her ass, still wasnt happening. Guess the cooking oil made her ass sticky, not slippery...oops. I had an idea. I went and got Marve. I sat on the floor so she could blow me again, this time Marve stood behind her and licked her pussy and ass. She was hesitant at first but knew jail was not an option. Soon she was cumming and dripping onto the floor from Marve. When he tried to mount her, she kinda bit down on my cock, so i pushed him away and spun her around. She was now wet enough to get into her ass. I pounded her ass like it owed me money. She was sqeeling and making these funny noises. Even Marve was excited and started humping the top of her head, i dont know why but it was funny to watch. I eventually came in her ass. Not as big as the first load, but enough to drip out onto the floor. As she was cleaning that mess up, i went and got her purse and cell phone. I wrote down her info and got her cell number. I had her touch some stuff around the house too. I told her whenever her cell rings, if its me, she needs to come over or shes going to jail. Also told her to bring a friend next time.
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ooo like it
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So fucking hot did she bring a friend over?