What Rick and Kathy did

While Jill and I were in the bedroom, Rick and kathy stayed on the couch. They saw us leaving but were too involved to worry about us. Rick continued to stroke Kathy's tits while she felt his crotch and squeezed his dick.

The thing Kathy liked about Rick was his patience; he coud play with her tits or cunt for what seemed like forever. The two of them sat on the couch necking and petting like crazy.

As they got more excited, clothing started to come off until Kathy was only in her panties and Rick had no shirt and his pants were down around ankles. Rick was hairy and Kathy liked rubbing her tits against his chest. She half dragged, half swung them gently across his hairy chest. She told me this made her crazy hot. All the while, he was massaging her ass and fingering her asshole. He alternated rubbing her ass with rubbing her cunt through her panties. Kathy said she was very wet at this point.

Kathy got on her knees and had Rick lie on his back. Still swinging her tits over Rick's hairy stomach, she started to lick his dick. He was oozing precum like nobody's business. Next came his balls. He had wirey hair that tickled her nose when she got into it. As she worked on him he started to cum.

Taking him into her mouth she drank as much of him as she could. He spasmed a little and as he relaxed she licked the cum from his stomach and off his slippery dick. She felt like a kitten lapping milk. He was breathing hard and finally said, I'm sorry. I tried not to cum but I got too excited."
"Don't worry," said Kathy. "You can make it up to me. Sit up." Rick sat up and Kathy stood on the couch, pushing her clit into his mouth.

"One good lick deserves another, I always say." Rick obliged by lapping up her juices and working on her clit. He stuck a finger in her cunt and one up her ass. She in turn, worked on her nipples until she finally howled in orgasm.
"My that was nice." What an understatement. The two of them collapsed on the sofa and waited for Jill and I to come downstairs.
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3 years ago
Very hot.
4 years ago
very good story