More of our adventures!

After our wild "accidental" night, Kathy and I invited Rick and Jill for supper the next weekend with the hope that they would spend the night. That way we could maybe fuck more than once. When they got to our house we made small talk. None of us was sure that we wanted to do a repeat of the past weekend. I was sure. I didn't want to just start grabbing Jill; we were still on a kind of "date" basis. Anyway, we were talking and drinking and I kept fantasizing about Jill's naked bod. Jill is taller than Kathy, maybe two inches taller and a little slimmer, but well endowed. She has great hips and being taller, has legs up to her ass. The kind of legs you want wrapped around you while fucking.
So we were all BSing and I finally walked behind Jill and started kissing her neck. I put my drink down and grabbed her tits and started to rub them. She leaned her head into my shoulder and purred. She reached around to grab me but her angle was bad so she stood up and kissed me, putting her hands on my ass and pulling me into her. Now we were getting serious. I guided her onto the sofa and sat next to Kathy, pulling Jill into my lap. I continued playing with her tits. Jill put her hand on my crotch and and rubbed my cock.
I could tell that Kathy and Rick were kissing. When I looked over I saw his hand up her blouse going for her tit. Jill was wearing a dress so I turned her and undid the back; and then pulled the dress down off her arms. I undid her bra and got busy with her tits. I like sucking on nipples and Jill must have liked it too. Her hand got more and more aggressive with my cock.
Needless to say, none of us was ready for dinner. I said,"Let's go upstairs."
We went to the main bedroom and got comfortable. We were kissing and pulling off each other's clothes. I sat Jill on the edge of the bed and spread her legs so I could eat her. Jill is a redhead, my other weakness next to big tits. She has curly red pussy hair; isn't all pussy hair curly? Anyway, I got down to business, licking and sucking till she became juicy as hell. She stopped me and told me to get on the bed. She then got over me in the 69 position. I continued to lick and suck on her clit. Not a drop of her juice was wasted as I drank every drop she produced. Meanwhile she was sucking on my dick like no tomorrow. I didn't think I would last much longer. She worked me in and out of her mouth, using her tongue around the top of my dick and then plunging down on it till her lips hit the base of the shaft. In between all this, she would alternate by licking my balls and pulling them into her mouth for a good suck.
Now comes the great part. Part of eating pussy, means licking the womans asshole. It does for me. But not all women like it. So I hadn't done it with Jill before. Well, she was getting me so excited, I stuck my tongue in her bud of a poop-shute and started to rim her. I honestly didn't think it could get better than this when Jill started rimming me! Oh my God!!! I started to cum. She quickly put my cock back in her mouth and swallowed everything I shot into her. After she was sure I was through, she licked off my dick and then went back to my asshole. WHAT A WOMAN!!! All the while I was still licking her and coudn't get enough. Oh shit! Supper was going to be incredibly late. Just writing all this down got me so excited I have to stop awhile.
I will finish the story in my next installment: "WHAT KATHY AND RICK WERE DOING"
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20 days ago
Wow what a dream that was hot
2 years ago
terrific story
4 years ago
Another good story. By the way, all pussy hair is not curly. My wife and my girlfriend both have straight pussy hair.
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
damn redheads...hehe