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In the last story I didn't go into a lot of detail about how either Kathy or Jill looked. The simple way is to say they are good looking. I should also add that i'm more attracted to women with a little meat on their bones. It gives me something to grab on to. And I love big tits.
Kathy was 5 foot 6 inches and about 140 pounds. Well formed with, you guessed it, big tits. She's a natural blond with curly blond pussy hair. I would trim her hair with my razor, all the while rubbing her. After the trim I would start by licking her, slowly running my tongue up and down her twat. I would poke my tongue into her hole as far as I could. Then I would work on her clit. My favorite thing is to suck on the clit. Doing this would get her excited; her hips would start to move and her breathing got heavy. The hotter she got the faster she moved. I knew she was really into it when she grabbed her tits and yanked on her nipples. I would work her to a screaming climax. And she would cum; her pussy juice was so sweet. I would lap it up and swallow as much as I could.
Of course the event was not complete without a fuck. She preferred the cowgirl; it gave her the best contact. She would ride me to another climax while I played with her breasts. She loved being caressed and stroked during sex. We often used oil or some other lubricant. And when I came I truly thought I would die. I used to accuse her of trying to fuck me to death.
My next edition will talk about Jill.
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3 years ago
I love a hairy pussy.