Our best Friends.

I won't say we were swingers because we never went to any clubs or parties. My wife and I did share an intimate relationship with our two best friends.
It started by accident, sort of. I had been attracted to Jill for quite some time and I didn't realize she was attracted to me. The four of us, me, my wife Kathy, Jill and her husband Rick were at a party and Jill and I were dancing. The song got us going and at one point we were close enough to kiss. She was gorgeous that night and i just planted one on her. To my surprise she kissed back, a deep open mouthed sensuous kiss. I got an immediate hardon but I wasn't sure what to do next. She felt great. Did i want to fuck her? You bet. But my wife and her husband were there and we had carpooled. I broke it off just as the song ended and we returned to our table. My wife had a big smile on her face and she leaned toward me and whispered in my ear "You two make a great couple." Then she kissed me and stuck her tongue in my mouth. "How about we all go back to our place?" she said.
When we got to the car, Kathy directed Jill and me into the back seat and she sat up front with Rick.
Kathy slid close to Rick and leaned on his shoulder. She purred as she said, "I'm a little tired." Jill leaned into me and placed her hand in my crotch. Just her touch got me excited. We started kissing and the next thing I knew I was pushing her into the corner of the seat while I pushed up her dress. I stuck my nose into her crotch and took a deep sniff. It was fabulous! Pushing her panties aside(what there was of them) I started to lick her cunt. Talk about sweetness! I ate her until we got home. I had completely forgotten about Kathy and Rick in the front.
Once inside, we all made ourselves comfortable and got down to business. I looked over at Kathy and saw she had already taken Rick's cock in her mouth and was working him over good. That got me even more excited. I asked Jill if they had rubbers and she said don't worry and without any hesitation I jammed my cock into her. She was pretty excited from the car ride and I knew I wasn't going to last very long. Jill was breathing heavy and bucking like crazy; I was on fire as I shot my load. Jill grabbed me and howled; I was having trouble breathing; and then we both collapsed. "Holy shit!" I said. I was then worried cause I had dumped in her, but she didn't seem to care. She smiled at me and said it was great.
We both looked at Kathy and Rick. She was riding him cowgirl style. I don't think they knew we were in the room. Kathy started her series of "oh my Gods" that she does when she's about to cum; next thing they both exploded in a frenzy. It's too bad none of us smoked cause I could picture us sitting there having a cigarette and just relaxing.
After Jill and Rick went home, Kathy explained that she and Rick had seen us kissing and all they needed was a look and a smile to know how things would turn out. That's how it started. Oh, I should add that fucking in a foursome made our private moments even hotter.
Let me know if you want to hear more of our adventures.
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1 year ago
OH, SO Hot...................
3 years ago
3 years ago
That's hot.
4 years ago
oh yes that is so exciting
4 years ago
This was hot. I want more
4 years ago
hot story.i would like to hear more.i felt the sweetness of your hot moments!
4 years ago
not bad it was very easy going
4 years ago
Hot first time. Please tell us more. How does Jill look? Is she a lot different from Kathy?