First time with a guy

This is a true story. I am by no means a writer.

I have been thinking about having sex with a guy for a long time, I would watch gay porn all the time. So I joined a site for NSA hook ups, With in a few hours I had a lot of hit on my profile. Started to read some of them and found a guy that I like. I was nervous about it all, we chatted for a few days, he buttered me up and we sent photos to one another, he had a cut seven in dick, a little chubby, I thought he looked hot. We set up a date to meet at his house.

I went over to his house, knocked on his door, we will call him Ben. Ben opened the door. Ben was in a white robe. Walking to his house, which was clean Ben turned and looked at me, and said "are you nervous?"

"ya" I said quietly, Ben walked up to me and kissed me deeply then pulled back. "are you nervous now?" I stood there in a surprised state with a raging hard on. "take your shoes off and come sit with me on the couch." I toke my shoes off and went over to Ben's couch sitting right by him. Ben had his robe open, rubbing his dick. Ben put his arm around me, pulling close. "So what do you want to do?" All i could was look at his throbbing dick, but I snapped to and said "Everything." Ben looked at me and kissed me again sipping his hand up my shirt. "Good, I am going to rock your world dude." we started to make out on his couch, Ben pulled my shirt off and unbuttoning my pants. I stood up and slipped off my pants and underwear, i looked at Ben and said "I want to suck your dick." Before he could say a word I was on my knees, i licked up his shaft to his head of his dick before suck down his shaft. Ben was put his hand on my head, i started to suck deep, hard, and fast. then after a little bit of this, Ben said "I am going to cum!" He pulled his dick out of my mouth and shot his load all over my chest. Then Ben got close to me licked his hot cum off my chest, Ben swapped his own cum with me as we kissed again, then he pushed me onto my back. Laying on the floor Ben lifted my legs, pulling out some lube he put on his dick and my ass. "Are you ready?" he said, my reply was "Put in my ass and fuck it hard! Fuck me!" At first he started out slow, hurting a little big as Ben eased it in, Ben started to fuck me harder and harder, as been did he jerked me off till Ben was ready to blow his load, Ben pull his dick out of my ass, shooting his cum all over my stomach. Ben and I laid on his floor making out. That night we did much much more.
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2 years ago
good story
2 years ago
sounds like you had a great time.
2 years ago
mmmm nice.........
2 years ago
2 years ago
Just dive right in! A good start for you.