Natasha, a "natural" prostitute?

There is an interesting story behind this photo of Natasha D.

From the very moment he met Natasha, Daryl, a friend of mine, fell for her; she was what you call a party whore, and quite litterally, most of the time. Indeed, it's the way they had met, in some club; she was dancing on counters and tables and going from guy to guy, fondling this one, fondled by this other one, when she ended up in his arms. Poor Daryl! "Something felt right" he told me one day... and I assumed that it was her hand on his crotch, or vice versa.
So they became swingers as soon as they got together, you may say: he told me once that they would enter in a sex club and she would simply throw "See you later" at him... and off she'd go, flirting and easily working her way through a night of sex with strangers. It's almost as if she was born for that.
Intense, she was in every sense, though; if she laughed, the whole neighberhood would hear; if she picked up a fight about something, the people in the same radius would know - and maybe, call the police; if she started to cry, she'd do it as if all the problems and the pains of the entire world were hers alone. So when it came to sex, she used to go for it like a fire through dry hay.
Personal interests were the only reason that she was in a relashionship, like it seems to be the case for most women, I think. She was Daryl's girlfriend or woman but she could as well have been with any other man too, using him mostly to pay the bills, to provide a certain security and to complete her conception of a normal social life. Any other guy would have been just as good in these regards. And since she was so sexually active when so inclined, it is her that actually decreated the couple to be open, swinging included, of course. Darul could only follow but didn't mind it.
I remember talking about this "lifestyle" with Daryl, sometimes, and it's subsequently that I joined it for a bit, with the two or three of my exes that agreed to it. He described to me, for instance, that as they were in a swinging club one night and, after discussing numbers of partners with other women, Natasha suddenly wondered how many men she could have on the same evening or night. So she simply stood up and shouted: "Hey, guys! I'd like to see how many of you I can stand to fuck in a row. I give you two minutes each until I've had enough. Come on! Who is man enough for me?" She then set herself up on her back on a matress, spread her legs up and wide and looked with a mixture of challenge and fun to the first guy who inserted his sex into hers. He was alone for the first seconds; then a second one, a third, a forth, and finally... a full row of guys were lining up to fuck her for two minutes each... and did they ever! She stood there with her legs wide open, clutching to the matress or holding her legs up the best she could while the guys were pounding her with their stiff rods; at once, just about everybody in this section of the club was involved into a gangbang session; the wives or girlfriends would suck or masturbate their partners while they were in line, getting them ready for Natasha's cunt. As someone was keeping the timing and the count on a napkin, she coaxed her lined up fuckers, swore at those who were too soft and slow, vocalised her pleasure, whinned, moaned, groaned and climaxed a good number of times. Many guys, when signaled to leave her hot and open cunt to the next "two minutes guy", went back at the end of the line, hoping to continue until they came or to be able to do her at least once again. Daryl told me that he was off having his own fun with a big titted colored woman downstairs when all of this started. When he came back up and saw the gangbang going on, he didn't know who was the whore of the moment; a woman told him it was Natasha, how it started, etc... Her final score was 9 different men but for a total of 23, as all of them did her more than once. She had been therefore a 56 straight minutes gangbang whore and called it a night: she had had her fix. That's the kind of "wife" or "girlfriend" Natasha was...
It did occur that Daryl and I swapped girlfriends at times, in sex clubs and not, since the four of us were friends, and I have to say that she was worth it every time; she was having and giving sex with an interest that ressembled vengeance - go figure. Even the one ex of mine that "tested" lesbianism with Natasha said that she enjoyed it, when she normally didn't want to hear about it - period. Everybody who had sex with her, man or woman, wanted it again, and it also became Daryl's luck as the female partners of the guys she slept with often ended up fucking him too.
Her reputation was known in every club and she wasn't proud or ashamed of it; she fucked around, left, and forgot about it all until the next occasion would arise. So much so that whenever we saw her on her back, her legs wrapped up around a guy's body and her arms around his neck, we couldn't help but wonder: was he number 78? Or maybe, number 121? How about number 247? Unless 382 was closer to the real count? Nobody knew, especially not Natasha herself; all that everybody knew was that the number was getting higher and higher, with both men and women, and that no one, in her case, could see the final one coming.
Daryl and I lost track of each other with time; our jobs had changed, I had moved out of the region, etc... and we didn't keep in touch; I guess we were just "buddys", nothing more. So, last week-end, when I walked in the VIP section of a strip-club in Montreal, in the "after hours", I never thought I'd see Natasha there. The place was packed with people and there was lots of sexual activity going on: a slim and tall brunette was slowly showing her ass on a small stage, her shoulders completely against the floor, and moving her hands up and down her thighs while holding her legs opened as wide as she could bear it; another blonde girl, dressed as a playboy bunny, was giving head to a guy who was leaning against a wall; other prostitutes were sitting on laps, some giving hand jobs, some getting fucked, etc...
A nude waitress (wearing only stockings and a money purse) came to me and asked what she could serve me. I smoothly reached out and, putting my hand behind her back, brought her closer to me. Pretexting I wanted to hear what she'd suggest, I carressed her ass cheeks with one hand and, looking at her in the eyes, gently touched her sex lips with my other hand. She played along and smile, standing there without any resistance, being used to become a meat toy in the hands of male customers. I asked her if she would share half a beer with me and she agreed witout saying so, just nodding before she left, allowing me to look at her wobbling ass as she moved towards the bar.
Waiting for the drink to come back was actually fun, so many things happening here and there, all over the place. I paid attention to a blonde woman who was on her knees on another small stage, licking another black hair prostitute who was standing up, legs appart and cunt first, almost bending over backwards to be accomodating and her face was telling everyone that she was getting a pleasant treatment. The blonde whore licking her was going to town; her head was moving with a calculated regularity, completely absorbing her partner's sex lips in her mouth, only letting her nose touch the bear pubis facing her, while her hands were grabbing and carressing the black hair woman's butt. The licking whore was rather short and appeared to be somewhat mature, wearing tall boots and a leather corset that covered her boobs but that left her ass and cunt completely accessible.(These VIP sections aren't for card players...)
I enjoyed that view for a brief moment when my nude waitress came back with my beer and two glasses, which she put down on the table. I took one of the glasses, put it on the table next to mine and said: "We won't need two glasses". I took the beer and my glass in my hands and asked my waitress to lay on her back on the table, her head sort of falling off the table and facing me, while holding her legs up and wide, her stiletto shoes pointing at angles towards the ceiling, boldly exposing her sex to the rest of the world. She proceeded. I slowly drank my beer sip by sip, smiling to my table whore once in a while, enjoying the thought of the spectacle I was giving to everyone else in the room; other guys understood the deal and were giving me thumbs ups; some came right at the table and took a closer look for a moment, smiled and went to other "activities" going on.
Once in a while, I'd take a mouthful of beer and, instead of swallowing it, "shared it" with my table slut, holding her head with my hand and letting the beer off my mouth and right into hers, just slow enough that she'd have time to swallow. I'd then sip back for myself, looking back at the two lesbiens, who were now engaging in a sixty-nine position, eating each other as if they were pussy hungry.
I kept "sharing" my beer with my whore, playing with her small tits, enjoying the view, the shows, the ambiance, the power of money over bubble-brains, etc...
When I had had enough of it, I released her and was about to leave when I saw the mature blonde lesbian whore get up from her stage and start walking. It was Natasha! Had she become a strip-club whore? A featured prostitute? A full fledge one? I wanted to know. I was both chocked and not to see her in such a "workplace". I took a few fast steps to make sure she wouldn't engage in anything else for a second and called her. She turned around, looked at me and, as if we had met in a grocery store, said hi, how are you, how have you been, etc...
The ambiant noises and the music were making it difficult to hear clearly so I suggested that we'd go off a little for just a moment. She said: "Yeah, ok, but it will be very brief..." I agreed and stepped away and pushed the first door we saw; it opened on a rather well lit hallway. I was excited to see her - and the picture I took of her will show you what a cute whore she was, thank you very much.
She basically told me that Daryl and her split up some while ago, that she thought he had moved to the states, that life , bit by bit, helped her conclude that she may as well make money with sex as she was so sexually active in the first place, etc., that she liked it and was satisfied with her life, at least for now. I told her a little bit about my life but cut it short, asking her if I could take her picture. She immediately accepted; maybe she expected me to zoom on her face, maybe not; I don't know. I certainly prefered the bigger scale to just her face so I went for it. We went back in, said goodbye and I never saw her since. But I do look at her photo once in a while.
Here it is, again:

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