Bottomless woman vs male bonding

Something short but on the wild side; for male bonding's sake.

Last summer, a buddy and I were coming back home after fishing, still feeling the heat of the sun on our skin and the effect of the few beers we had "to cool us off". We were driving on the back road when we saw a pecular shape move a little on the right side of the road. As we drove closer to it, we saw that it was a woman (in her late 20s), struggling to get up; when she finally did, after a lot of difficulty; she was half naked and holding a big bottle of booz in her right hand - she was d***k, and bottomless!

At first, we didn't know if we were d***k ourselves or what, but reality kept us straight on the fact: this woman was completely d***k and had lost her pants and panties, but not her high heel shoes, somehow... which she wasn't the least worried or concerned about; she didn't even seem to notice, as she really struggled to remain upright, sometimes using her half empty bottle of booz to balance herself the best she could.
When her brain finally figured out that she could hear a car approaching, she turned barely enough to face us, sticking her thumb up the best way she could to hitch a ride. We both could barely believe our eyes, enjoying the funny side of the show and despising it at the same time.

When the car came to a halt in front of this "lady", I lowered my window and was going to ask her if things were ok, etc... when she stumbled her way towards me, bent over, trying to hide her bottle behind her and supporting herself on the top of my car door. She said: "Hhhhhhiiiiiii, shweeeeeeeaatttiiiiiiiiiiessssssss..."
She stunk so much of booz that I just about got high myself just from smelling her alcoolised breath; her eyes were blinking very slowly, heavily, and not getting fully opened either in between the blinks. Whatever she said afterwards, we will never know. We looked at her for signs of physical abuse, bruizes, etc... but she didn't show any; other than being completely d***k, she was ok. And half naked. I asked her to let me out and she did, backing up a little from the car - maybe not even willingly. I opened the car door when I heard my buddy ask: "What are you doing?"

I didn't know what was going on but I felt that we just couldn't push her away like a dead carcasse; I said: "If we leave her here, she might get hit by a car or something."

My friend approved, with an amusement that he didn't try to hide. I got out, got a hold of her and took her to the back door, pulled the bottle away from her hand and threw it in the ditch; I then put her in the back seat and realised how difficult it can be to carry and support the body of an inert human being, even the one of a small built woman. While I was doing this, my pal was laughing at this situation and kept asking things like "What are we gonna do? I know what I'd do if she wasn't d***k and lost but... Dude! This is wild! What next!"

We came back in the car and drove away. He asked again what we were supposed to do with her and we both started to laugh.

We both knew that we wouldn't take advantage of her but had no clue as to what to do next. Her IDs probably were left in her lost pants, she was too d***k to say who she was, where she lived, etc...

Suddenly, my pal gave me a sharp look and panicly asked: What do you think will happen to us if the police ever stopped us?" All I could think of as a reply was "Oh man!" And we laughed considerably less.

We discussed this a bit and decided that sex equality would apply: just like any man, she was the result of her decisions, that it was not to us to fix up her mistakes. She was d***k (and bottomless, for whatever reason) and it would not become our problem! I looked back at her and she was passed out on the back seat, her head tilted backwards and her mouth opened. What a pathetic sight! Bumps on the road were making her move like a pile of gelatine.

Still, as we kept on driving, we were trying to think of a solution when my pal put the brakes on, pulling over to a complete stop. He turned the engine off and said: "Look, I don't want her to be hurt, but if she wakes up while we're trying to fix her mistakes, finds out that she's bottomless in my car, with two strangers, etc... what do you think is the first thing she'll do? She won't thank us but accuse us! And wouldn't it look like she'd be right?

We stopped seeing the funny side of the situation. "Beside, consider this, he said: if the situation was reversed, if a naked guy was d***k on the side of that road and if SHE drove by, sober, what would SHE have done, you think? Like all the women I know, she would have swirved onto the other lane and would have sped away from there as fast as she could and without even feeling the slightest bit of guilth! She would have called him a pathetic loser and would have left him there. Women generally want to be helped, but not so much to return the favor. They spend their time telling everyone that the world would be a better place if only men thought and behaved like them. So, let's serve them their own medecine and see if they would like a world who would behave like them." He was absolutely right.

We both looked back at her and started to snicker again, although without too much conviction. He looked in the field beside the road and said: "I know what we'll do!" and got out of the car. I did the same. We took her out of the car, and he put her overly relaxed body across his shoulders, saying: "We'll place her over there..."

"Over there" was a farmer's field, where some of these great big rolls of compacted hay had been temporarly stored. I followed him, snickering at the whole situation, looking around to make sure that nobody would see us and misunderstand the situation. He went towards one roll that was facing the road and he put the woman's dead weight on it, cunt first and well up, setting her up in a such position that whoever would go by couldn't help but to see her. In a sense, she looked like a sad monument to her decision making skills. "No car could ever hit her over here, even when she wakes up, and some pity feeling souls will try to score good samaritains points, I'm sure."

We were leaving as fast as we could when I said, too amused by the situation not to do so: "Wait, I'll take a picture. This is priceless!". He snickered, agreeing to the initiative. I took my phone out, took this picture, and we drove off before another car came by. The next one that went by probably did not believe the scene anymore than we believed what had just happenned.

On our way back home, we laughed at times and felt disgusted at other times. We both certainly felt that the world would NOT be a better place if everyone acted as most women do, as we are so often told. It takes both, as we always knew.

Our fishing trip was ending in a very bizarre way. But all in all, in the end, men bonding took another meaning for both of us.

Here's her picture.
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