I was 19 years old. I had some experiences with girls, but more of the times it was wishful thinking. Please understand that what I’m going to tell happened a lot of years ago, and sexual life wasn’t so easy to have, more in small towns.

One day I was at the mall and decided to call the girl I was dating at that time and ask her to go out. Mobile phones were fantasy or SF!!!! So I stand at a phone trying to convince her to see us that afternoon but she had to go somewhere with her mother. I hadn’t noticed that a woman was standing behind me, waiting also to use the phone. After I hang up, hardly hiding my disappointment, I heard somebody saying “Can’t understand how a girl would say no to you....” I turned and saw the woman for the first time, great body, nice face but oooooooold (at least for me, she was late thirties, early forties). I followed the joke and replied “so can’t I, that’s why I will start looking for another” When I turned around to leave, she seems to have lost the interest in making a phone call, because she started walking next to me. She started talking about what a nice day it was, and startled me asking what I was going to do with my lonely Friday afternoon. I told her that I had no idea, but was sure something would come up. She told me that she also expected to go out with somebody, who didn’t show up and why not go to have something to drink and have fun? I told her it would be nice, but my girlfriend was supposed to pick up the bill today and I hadn’t to much money. She told me not to worry, she would take care.

We kept walking and she directed me to were her car was parked. Once we were inside she drove up and asked if I had some particular place to go. I said that I was completely in her hands, she was the boss. That made her laugh and told me soon I would know how right I was.

Soon we were entering in the yard of a local motel, she paid for the room and parked. As soon we closed the door behind us, I started learning who the boss was. She started undressing me. almost ripping my clothes off, and soon I was standing in the middle of the room, my pants around my ankles, without shirt and getting my first real blow job (except in my wet dreams or fantasizing as I wanked) 19 years old, it didn’t took me to long to come in her mouth. When she finished slurping the last drop, she looked up, with my dick in her hand (and already coming back to life) and told me that now the next ones would be at another pace. She ordered me to finish taking off all my clothes and lay down in the bed. In the mean time she also took off everything and I was sure never having seen a better looking woman totally naked.

She started kissing me in the mouth, pushing her tongue between my lips. I was a little reluctant, was sure I was tasting my own sperm, but it was useless to resist, she knew what she wanted and how to do it! laying down on her back, she took my head and brought my face to her big tits. I understood what was expected from me and took one of her erected nipples in my mouth started sucking at it, alternating with taking the biggest amount of tit that I was able to put in my mouth, while she commandeered me to bite it. After a while dedicated to both of them, I was directed to another part, down under. Oral sex with a woman was up to then only a wild dream and a subject of pre-masturbation discussions with my friends. When I arrived to her bush (remember, at that time sex was different!) I really didn’t know what to do. But I had found my teacher. She took my head into her hands and ordered to take out my tongue and keep it so. Then she moved my head in the directions she liked more. Once I got used to the smell and taste, started with tongue movements by my self, what pleased her a lot. After a short while, my head was loose, while she used both hands to play with her tits.

Being free didn’t mean that I was quiting what I was doing, on the contrary, I tried to improve my skills. When she started growling like a cougar and talking to God, I knew I had approved the lesson. I was so concentrated in my pussy licking that I wasn’t even wanking. When she noticed that my cock was as big as it ever was going to be, dripping pre cum, she smiled and told me to “saddle on for the big ride”. And it was really a ride, with interruptions each time she noticed I was coming, she f***ed me to hold quiet, only to allow me to push and pull again after a short while. All the time she kept repeating “Tell me when you can’t hold it any longer”. When I finally started screaming I was coming she improved her pace and I felt my cock trapped by a iron hand inside her. I thought I would never finish coming.

Finally after a while my penis was released and slowly I took it out of that hungry vagina. I let me down on my back and it hurt a lot. After a while I went to the toilet and I saw in the mirror that my back was marked as if I really had being fighting with a cougar. I thought, good that I had the fight with my girlfriend, if not it would be difficult to explain to her how I got branded.

We kept like that for at least 4 hours longer and I learned more things about what to do to please a woman than in the previous 19 ½ years. I established a personal record that stand long time before being beaten: I came 8 times on that evening, 2 of them without taking it out!

But there is a second reason why that evening remains forever in my memory: As we left the motel, we had to wait a wile until the guy came to open the main gate. We noticed he was crying and my cougar asked him what was wrong. He turned around and told us “you didn’t hear, they have shoot the President!!!!” Yes, the date was Friday, November 22nd, 1963
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2 years ago
you such a great time to hear sad news
3 years ago
Nice story, you were very lucky, but such a sad ending. When JFK was killed, our grammar school was closed the following Monday. I spent the day playing outside at a friend's house. I met his neighbor, a cute little blonde girl who was a 4th grader and, unbeknownst to me, attended our school. (My friend and I were "older" 5th graders!) It was love at first sight for us both, and we remained close for many years after that. I remember it all clear as day...JFK getting shot on Friday, and meeting my dream girl the following Monday. Strange how life is...
4 years ago
you lnoew when i was young i had a simlar experience maybe i'll write the story thanks
4 years ago
Thanks for the great comments! It was really the worst end for a great day.
4 years ago
great story , was still in grade school and a few more years till I would learn
4 years ago
excellent i also remember that sad day in history