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due to my job, I had the opportunity to travel a lot. Once I had to travel to Barcelona and the complexity of the meetings required that I had to stay there for about 2 weeks for consultations with customers. After long working hours, normally we went for a nice dinner (nothing better than begin the evening with tapas and wine or sidra, concluding with a excellent dinner and a nice Rioja wine (or a white Albarino, one of the best kept secrets from Spain)

After I was left in the hotel I searched the newspapers or the web to find some action, and boy, you could find a lot!

One day I found a link to “Neron and Dalida” a men/TS place. At that time I was ready for action in any way. I called there and was informed I could come by, they had enough boys and transvestites waiting for me. I searched the map and found out that it was in walking distance from my hotel. Autumn had just started, and in Barcelona it’s a pleasure to walk at that time. I found quickly the address, ringed and was let in. Took the elevator to the 4th floor and was greeted by a guy who asked me if I wanted Neron or Dalida. I decided for Dalida. He took me to a big room, lot of mirrors around and over a big round bed, a jacuzzi and the TV showing TS Pornos. I was informed about the prices (expensive, but what was I expecting?) paid my 2 hours in advance and was told that the girls were coming for me to choose.

I was delighted: From the first to the last, one better than the other. Each one introduced herself with a kiss. Finally when it was over and the guy came to ask me my choice I decided to make it easy and decided for Carmen. Better name in Spain? (even if later I found out she was Brazilian.

Carmen came and started undressing me. She didn’t need much to undress, a slip and a translucent robe was all what she had on. As soon we were both naked on the bed, she started playing with my cock. Very soon she had mi penis in her mouth and was positioning in order to put her cock in reach either for my hand or my mouth. Seeing that nice big cock in front of me, left me without choices, I had to take it in my mouth.

Really the eagerness that she put on what she was doing, not caring that it only was another paid job, made me very happy and already decided to leave her a decent tip afterwards. Slowly she left my dick go and started playing with my balls and fingering my ass while I kept sucking her. Then she turned and I had to let my price go, but I was sure it would come back! She kissed me deeply, our tongues interacting and started travelling down my chest to the nipples. There she stopped for a while, biting and sucking alternatively. After a while, I had started playing with my cock, her mouth arrived to my cock and she took care of the matter, but only for a short time. Pushing apart my legs, her tongue started circling around my ass, while with her fingers she was preparing me. Her tongue went in and out of my anus. finally I noticed she was ripping of a condom package and putting the condom on.

She took my legs on her shoulders, exposing my anus and started entering me. She had prepared me so well that it went in without problems and shortly she was fucking me with all her energy. It was some time since I had got such a big cock, so I was enjoying it great. My cock was standing as a flagpole and ready to explode, reason while I avoided to touch it. I wanted to hold back my coming as much as possible! But when I noticed her dick growing inside me, everything was to late, as soon as she was coming, I started also. Finally she took her cock from my ass, and bending over, started licking the cum dripping from my penis and over my stomach and chest.

We laid there a while, just talking. I was watching her body in the mirror over the bed, couldn’t take my eyes from her. I couldn’t resist and took her beautiful cock in my hand, caressing it and very soon I had a solid member in my hand. She started playing with my own. I bend over and started kissing her beautiful tits and moved “down south” with my mouth. Soon I was were I wanted to be, enjoying again that monster cock. But now she decided to change roles and pushing me on my back, put quickly a condom on my dick, applied lube on her ass and sat on it. Having my penis in her ass and watching that huge cock bouncing in front of me, was all what I needed to start complementing her riding with my own pushing. Later I regretted not having lasted longer, but watching her stroke her cock furiously was to much and I came in her ass, while she unloaded lots of cum on my chest, and stomach and a few drops in my face.

Finally I had to leave, but be sure, I went to the same place at least 3 times more in the week that I had to stay in Barcelona.
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2 years ago
3 years ago
Great story I know it felt great to feel her cumming in his ass and he should have sucked her off and swallowed her cum.
4 years ago
Maybe you will see me there!
4 years ago
I need to travel more have to go to Barcelona thanks for the story