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I continued mi life without George and Mike, but I really needed some time alone to decide what I was going to do with myself. My dad was urging me to take some “decent job”, he was convinced that behind me being in possession of enough money to buy new clothes, records and go out every week end something strange was hidden, as according him running odd errands for local shops didn’t pay enough.

I started spending more time strolling our small town. Some nights, in the quiet of my room I remembered George and of course Mike’s big cock and wanked me to sl**p. In a very desperate occasion I took a soft dink bottle with me that finished up my ass and helped me to cum 3 times before falling asl**p.

That must have turned my luck. The next morning I was in the same mall were George had found me when I heard somebody greeting me. I turned and there was a well dressed man, smiling to me. I had the impression that I knew him from somewhere but couldn’t say from where.

He asked me if I had quit my job. I told him he must have taken me for other guy, but yes, that at the time being I was unemployed and looking for a position. He smiled knowingly and asked if I would like to have a brief interview but he felt confident that I was the person he was looking for. I agreed to give it a try. When he told me that he was the manager of the hotel were I spent many afternoons as Georges “assistant” fucking and being fucked I finally knew why he seemed known to me.

We arrived to the hotel and entered trough the backdoor (it looked like a good omen) and went directly to what he called “his private interview room” It was the room immediately next to the room were I had been most of the times with George. He started asking totally normal questions when suddenly he motioned me to be quiet, turned off the light and went to one of the walls. There he took from the wall a small painting and motioned me to come over. I was really curious to know what was going on. He stand there, bend over to peep trough a small hole in the wall. He made me place and indicated to take a look. I couldn’t believe it: There was a young guy that I think I had seen several times in the mall and pubs, totally naked getting his cock sucked by another naked young guy. But the best part was the really huge guy fucking the youngster’s ass without mercy. I got so exited by what I was watching that I forgot why I was there and unzipping my pants took out my erection and started wanking like I was in my bed. But “Mr. Manager” reminded me about his being there when I felt his dick against my ass as he finished the job of loosing my pants and pulling down my briefs. I took a short look and he was standing completely naked behind me. He started sticking a wet finger in my ass, followed by a very respectable cock head. He didn’t have to push to much and soon he was totally inside me, fucking at a steady and continuous pace. I had still my eye on the hole watching the fucking and sucking on the other room and wanking furiously. When the guy fucking the young took out his dick from the guys ass I couldn;t avoid a surprised breath: It must have been over the nine inch and even thicker as Mikes. He took both guys to the bed and made them lay on their stomach one next the other. He pulled both up, leaving their butts exposed and started fucking them furiously, alternating between them every few strokes.

I delivered my load in my hand and received a complete load up my ass. My guy told me we should better move over to the bed. Seeing my disappointment he assured me that I could see the big guy many more times and even get him to fuck me if I feel like. As we lay on the bed, we were starting to play with each others cock. Al (finally he introduced himself formally, the introduction into my ass wasn’t enough for formal) told me that from the first day I came to the hotel to supposedly work with George he knew what was going, as George was using this hotel as many other gay clients to bring their young assistants to work, and he together with the night manager (the huge guy in the next room) had prepared the peeping hole to enjoy the action. That first day for me he was in this same room wanking seeing me stuffed. He assured that only from watching George fucking me he came twice. He also told me that from seeing me doing it he had dreamed to get his cock sucked by me. Enthusiastic cocksucker I am, was already starting with it when I remembered our previous conversation and asked what about the interview. He took my head forcing me to his lap and told me the interview is over, welcome to the hotel!

Al was nice, a more than average cock and happy to get it sucked, so I went for it as if I had to compensate something (and yes, several weeks without cock-sucking made me some like hungry) I noticed his hand between my legs and slowly went over in order to allow him to suck my cock, what he did very good. I did my best teasing him, bringing him next to cum, I could taste the pre cum that I slurped down eagerly until he didn’t resist any longer and discharged all down my throat. Finally I got my Vitamin C(um)!!!! I came also in his mouth, he couldn’t swallow it all, some droplets dripping on his chin and I turned my position in order to lick his face and give him a deep kiss. Remember, he was my new boss!

Suddenly somebody was touching my back, I hadn’t heard anything but there he was, the big guy from next door, with only a towel around his waist. As Al didn’t look surprised I assumed that everything was arranged between them and who was I as the newest employee of the hotel to question my boss decisions. So, when Gary let his towel fall and stand there next to the bed, my decision wasn’t to difficult. I took that monster into my mouth and started doing what I do best: Cocksucking.

In the meantime Al was fingering me like crazy with 3 fingers into my ass, circling frenetically. Think if he could he would also have fisted me. Gary hold my head and told me to slow down cause he needed recovery, he had fucked just several times the 2 guys next door, they were b*****rs and came to the hotel only to get fucked by Gary, and paid very well for the experience. He promised that the next time he would propose them to let me be part of the fun. Then he let me down on the bed, came on his knees between my legs and started sucking mi cock and fingering my ass. When he had my lubricated to his pleasure, he stood up raising directly mi legs over his shoulders. When he started introducing his monster tool into my ass I thougth he was going to destroy it. None of my former experiences had prepared me for something like that, Al appeared at my side and put a rolled small towel between my teeth and said, bite it, I know how it feels!

But in cases like that, pain ends quickly and leaves only the pleasure to feel such a big piece of meat up my ass, Gary was ramming my with continuous deep strokes, while Al had taken over my cock and was milking me. I wasn’t complaining but suddenly it felt that I still had my mouth empty so I brought Al to allow me his cock. Never had I being fucked like that, when Gary finally started grunting I started moving my ass as much as his cock allowed to help him to penetrate me a little bit more.With his balls firmly pressed against my anus, I noticed him coming at the same time that I started delivering in Al’s mouth. Gary collapsed between my legs, panting. Al, who already came 3 times into me, looked also very spent so I asked them what was on.

Al told me I should take a shower, dress and go back home, Tomorrow would be mi first day as the new bell boy.
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2 years ago
I want a job like that
4 years ago
wow i would have loved a job like that when i was young thanks
4 years ago
oh you lucky bell boy :)