Fucking Mum's Butt - The Final Chapter

Tracey wheeled her son out of the hospital, helped him into the car and headed off to collect her daughter Erin who had been dumped reluctantly on Tracey's s****r while she stayed with the injured Allan.

Erin was younger and heavier than Allan with bleached blond hair cut short in an attempt to fit in with her try-hard lesbian clique. She was wearing a 'FCUK' t-shirt knotted to show her chubby and pierced belly and baggy torn shorts that rode so low her pubic hair would be on show if she didn't wax her normally thick and dark bush.

"You're a stupid cunt," was Erin's greeting to her b*****r. "Language Errie," her mother said, but Erin didn't draw breath. "How could you go in there with that slut and then get caught with your dick out? Everybody in school is pissing themselves about it you are so fucked when you get back."

Allan just smiled at his s****r's rant, waiting for his chance to speak. Finally she went silent and he turned as best he could and said "Alison Roberts."

His mother stified a giggle, Erin said nothing just raised both middle fingers in Allan's face. Alison Roberts was a neighbour at their previous house and was with Erin when they climbed into the ceiling of her f****y garage, stripped naked and began simulating sex with carrots taken from the outside refrigerator. Neither of them knew that white-ants had attacked the roof supports until the ceiling collapsed and sent them crashing into the roof of her older b*****r's car, breaking Erin's wrist and a couple of Alison's ribs.

He and her mother rushed out to find two naked and screaming girls, Erin still with the carrot jammed in her then hairless cunt.

At home Tracey was determined to have her son's lovely cock inside her as soon as possible but Erin was going to delay her plans unless she thought of a cunning way of getting her out of the house.

She told Allan to take off his pants and sit on the upstairs toilet then called Erin. She was a bit surprised seeing her b*****r naked from the waist down and horrified at what her mother was about to suggest.

"With his broken arm, honey, Allan is going to find it hard to wipe himself when he goes to the toilet so we will have to do it. I want you to get used to it in case I'm not here to help him."

"Wipe his shitty arse?" Erin howled. "No fucking way in the world am I doing that and I don't really want to see his cock either. I'm going to see Mellie and I might stay for dinner."

"Sure to be eating something," Allan muttered and again his mother had to muffle a laugh as Erin stomped down to the garage. They heard the door close and watched her pedal off in the direction of Melinda Watson's house a few streets away.

"I can wipe my own bum" Allan said. "I know sweetie but she doesn't" replied his mum. "What I really want to do is shower you and you can wash me then we will do something I've always wanted."

Wrapping Allan's arm in a plastic bag was easy then Tracey slowly stripped him naked, watching his stiff cock bounce out of his underwear, giving it a gentle kiss before getting naked herself and pushing him into the shower.

With bodywash in the palm of her hand she cupped his balls and gently squeezed before moving to his rigid penis, pubic hair and butt. Opening his firm cheeks she slipped a soapy finger inside his tight anus, adding more soap until it was completely clean. Bending forward and handing him the soap bottle he told him to do the same for her. "Clean your arse? Oh, OK" Allan said a little uncertainly as he pushed first one slippery finger and then another into her soapy hole. Tracey meanwhile had three fingers inside her cunt and could feel Allan through the thin wall between her openings.

"Clean it really well darling, she said. "The next thing going in there will be your cock."

Allan was no stranger to butt fucking. As most of the girls he knew were either virgins or not on the Pill, anal sex was what they preferred and Allan's slim cock was in big demand. Tracey hadn't had a cock in that hole since her husband died and was aching to feel her son spill his juice inside her.

Dry and on the bed Tracey sucked Allan's cock for a few seconds then smothered it in sweet smelling honey lubricant, turned on her stomach and presented her broad arse and hairy butthole to her son.

"Finger it for a bit to get it loose then put your lovely cock all the way in," she instructed.

Allan didn't need to be invited twice, pushing quite hard as his head slipped past the strong muscles then feeling almost nothing until his balls began slapping against his mother's hairy cunt lips and she responded by tensing and relaxing her anal muscles.

"Slide in and out baby" she said "I want to milk you really slow and really feel it when you cum." For almost 10 minutes, Allan slid slowly in and out of his panting quivering mother. He counted two orgasms - she said later she had four - and a huge one when the tingling in his cock became too much and he started pumping harder and faster.

"I'm going to cum soon mum" he whispered. "I'm cumming in your big white lovely arse." and with that seven jets of teen semen spurted deep inside her.

Even over his post-orgasm panting and his mother's moans Allan could hear another, higher pitched noise. Not sure what it was he turned and in the bedroom doorway, naked and giggling were his s****r and the tall, slim and very hairy Melinda.

What happens next I will leave to your own imaginations.

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1 year ago
Stories about moms are always attractive. This one is raw..and that's good
1 year ago
First I've read from you...I'm now going to read the rest.
3 years ago
it does need a prologe now
3 years ago
Very good tale, now get the sisters pants off and fuck her too.
3 years ago
not as exciting as the last one, but great all the same, butt fucking his mother, oh yeah.
3 years ago
very good and hope you'll write the conculusion , been waiting for a while
3 years ago
screw imagination tell us ! tell us!