Show Off Mummy

Tracey was still cleaning up after Allan's cum explosion when the door to the room swung open and in came a short, chubby red-haired nurse. Allan grabbed for the bedclothes to cover his exposed cock but his mother was sitting on them so all he could do was try to hide it with his hands.

Nurse Carol made it to the foot of the bed before working out what was happening. "Oh fooking Jesus" she said in a broad Scots accent. "I'm so sorry I didna know you were having some f****y time."

Tracey hid her face in her hands and muttered Oh fucking shit. Carol put her arm around her shoulder saying, "Don't worry about it darling, I won;t say nothing. Not like I haven't helped a boy relieve his urges when he's been banged up in hospital and horny as hell."

"Yes, I'm sure you have but I'm his mother, we're not supposed to do this kind of stuff," Carol mumbled.

"Maybe not but that doesn't mean thousands of mums don't. I did it for all of my b*****rs and with my mouth as well and when my old dad was dying I used to give him a quick one whenever I was giving him a bath and his big old todger started waving about. He was near fucked but he could still raise a good hard on and shoot a bonny load into my hand."

Carol popped a thermometer under Allan's tongue and then started taking his pulse. "Fuck, your heart's really going it must have been a good one," she laughed.

The hand she was holding was the one that had been covering Allan's now fully soft cock and was still sticky with cum. Carol put it to her mouth and licked a little off then looked at Tracey and said "Do ye think he could go again? Most boys his age can."

Without waiting for an answer Carol started rolling Allan's soft pale cock between her fingers watching it begin to grow redder and harder almost immediately. Tracey was desperate to both pee and cum so she slid off the bed and went into the small attached bathroom, stripping off her top as she went then her jeans and flopping onto the hard, cold toilet seat.

Allan's cock must have jerked at the sound of his mother's pee splashing into the water and Carol whispered into his ear "Bet you'd like to be watching all of that lovely warm pee spraying out of your mummy's cunt."

With that his cock became fully hard and Carol began slowly squeezing the shaft and running her hand up and down over the bulging head. Tracey didn't bother getting dressed walking naked to her son's bedside and slipping three fingers between her dripping cunt lips.

"Look at your mummy's big boobies and lovely big patch of cunt hair," Carol hissed into Allan's ear. "Would you like her to sit on your cock and drain all of your cum into her hot box?"

"He can't, Tracey said "I'm not on the Pill and much as I would love him to cum inside me I might get pregnant."

"Hide for a minute I'll go and get something and tell the head nurse that he's shit himself and I have to give him a shower so we get some time."

Carol vanished and when the door closed Allan said for his mum to come around to the side where his good arm was. "Let me do it for you mum, let me finger you off" he said and slid his fingers where his mother's had been.

It only took Carol a few minutes to return with a black bag containing a tube of lubricant and four condoms. "Putting it up her arse and my cunt won't get anyone pregnant, I've had the snip" she giggled and began sliding a condom onto Allan's dripping cock.

"He's going to cum pretty soon," Tracey said "You go first because I've got him for his whole life he'll be out of here tomorrow."

Carol smiled and gave Tracey a big hug then lifted one of her breasts and kissed the hard nipple saying Allan was a lucky boy. Stripping off her skirt and hospital knickers Carol bent forward opening her thick hairy cunt lips so Tracey could spread a thick coating of lube on her lips and clit then began working it inside her. "Jesus you horny bitch you're going to make me cum before he does," Carol moaned as Tracey's thumb rubbed her thick rubbery clit and massaged the inner walls of her cunt.

With Carol's cunt steaming with juice she climbed onto the bed and slid over Allan's waiting cock. Tracey stood beside the bed using the lube and Carol's juices to massage her own cunt, holding her lips apart so Allan could watch as Carol's huge pale arse bobbed against his hot young cock.

After less than two minutes Carol was moaning and grunting close to orgasm and needing one small push to get her to the edge. "Put your fingers in my arse," she told Allan. Wet then in my cunt and slide them in."

Carol's arsehole was surrounded by more hair than Allan had ever seen on a female but he easily slipped one and then two fingers inside, surprised that he could feel the movement of his cock through the thin divide between her two passages.

Carol moaned and slammed her butt against Allan so hard she was starting to hurt his balls, his mother's fingers were flying up and down her open cunt slit and Allan's cock was burning with another huge load that was about to fill the waiting condom. Next - Butt Fucking Mummy
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3 years ago
Wonderful, you have an amazing fuck-slut mind. Keep it up.
3 years ago
fuck that was hot
3 years ago
Excellent! can't wait for number 2
3 years ago
I have just come mm
3 years ago
This is getting good. More please
3 years ago
hope there is more to tell
3 years ago
Can't wait to read more
3 years ago
very hot , the first women to give me a boner was a nurse when I was 9 or 10 , and needless to say she didnt take care of it
3 years ago
wow that is very good