Kay had been convinced to expose her pudgy butt and huge young tits and now she was watching from just inches away as her cousin Kim greedily swallowed my six inches of pink cock. She was close enough for me to reach out and grab a handful of soft white breast although to grab it all would have taken four hands at least. I could feel her nipple hard against my fingers and get even harder when she asked Kim if she could take over sucking my rod.

Kim told her to be slow and gentle and for a while she was but then she started really sucking hard on my knob and running her hand up and down my shaft. I looked up and saw the reason, Kim was lying with her face under Kay's huge butt and I guessed licking her thick and very hairy cunt lips. It only took anothe minute of Kays rapid mouth massage for my cock to begin burning from the pressure of trapped semen. I put my hands on her shoulders and said Im going to cum in your mouth baby, thinking she would pull away but she just kept sucking until the first spurt hit the back of her throat making her cough and roll onto her side on the floor, trapping Kims head between her thick thighs and copping the rest over her face and in her hair.

Once Kimmy escaped from the flabby prison of Kays crushing thighs all she could do was laugh as her cousin knelt on the floor trying to spit out the sperm that was choking her. It gets better the more you do it baby, Kim said while gently rubbing one of Kay's huge spotty butt cheeks and pulling it to expose a nice rear view of her cunt. Once she could breathe again Kay stretched out on her back looking at my soft wet cock with a silly grin on her face and saying Oh wow, Oh wow over and over. She had just sucked her first cock all the way and survived.

Grabbing Kays fat knees and pushing them as far apart as they would go, Kim asked me if I wanted a close up look at her cousin's cunt. Combing the hair apart with wet fingers she started working on the hidden pink folds between Kay's thick outer lips spreading her open and showing first her thick clit then finding her almost hidden pee hole and opening it with a gentle twist of a finger nail. Kay was starting to get interested, moaning a little and pushing her hairy mound against Kim's hand. Finally she spread the lips wide open to show a virgin cunt much tighter than Kims which would easily take four fingers and (she said) much bigger cocks than mine.

Lick her, Kim said I want to watch you lick her cunt so down I went tasting the fresh difference between Kay's virgin hole and Kims well used one. Kay started to moan and thrash around Kim got on top of her with her open cunt and arsehole one Kay's lower belly and almost in my face as I licked her cousin. I asked Kim if I put my tongue inside her would I pop her cherry and she said I shouldn't if I was careful and that really got Kay panting and pushing her hairy muff against me. I knew she had cum before as Kim said she had fingered and licked her but this was the first time with a guy so I wanted to make it special for her.

I started rubbing my hard-again cock against her clit then up and down in her very wet crevice making her yell with pleasure. Kim rolled off so they both could watch as I held my weight with one arm and positioned my cock with the other. I want him in me Kay screamed.Please put it in. I looked at Kim and she nodded telling me to try not to cum but Kay was past caring about getting pregnant.

She wasn't the first virgin I had popped but the easiest. With a little rubbing and a gentle push I had my cock-head inside her making Kay let out an low groan of pleasure and pain as I started to push further in until my balls were hard against her flabby butt. A few more strokes and she started to moan and buck, banging her hands flat on the floor. I saw her tits and her face glow
pink and with Kim squeezing one of her cousin's rock hard nipples she had her first real orgasm.

It took 30-40 seconds for Kay to stop moaning and thrashing then she hid her face in her hands and started to cry. Kim was kissing her and telling her it was OK and I quickly pulled my bl**d smeared cock out of her now wide open and very wet cunt. Probably the first of hundreds that little fat Kay would have in there during her lifetime but I was her first and I knew she would remember that forever.

80% (10/2)
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tears of joy i hope
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great story- hope you have more to tell
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what about her ass