Why I Love Hairy Women

My Aunt Deb was the rebel in her f****y, always saying what she shouldn't and doing more. When mum had to go into hospital for an operation after she separated from dad Deb came to look after my s*s and me. There wasn't much that Deb hadn't seen and done even though she was only 23 and just eight years older than me. She wasn't worried that I smoked and after dinner we would have a beer and smoke together and she would tell dirty jokes and stories about her friends and her on surfing holidays.

She told me how they would skinny dip on quiet beaches and tease men who were fishing with their young naked bodies. I said wasn't she worried about getting ****d and she would just say "It's only **** if you say no and I never do."
I know she did it to make me horny and one night after my younger s****r had gone to bed she was sitting on the counch beside me in just a short pink dress when she swung her legs across mine and asked me to massage her feet. Deb is a fairly chunky girl and loved the feeling of her thick warm calves on my bare legs.

I started to gently rub her feet and instantly felt my cock starting to get hard. She wiggled her leg against it and said "What's that in there, does it want to come out and play?" I was a bit embarrassed and said sorry she said not to be as she has seen hundreds of cocks and wouldn't be worried at all if I wanted to take off my shorts.

I was worried that my s*s would wake up but Deb said not to be as she had dropped a quarter of a sl**ping pill into her milk. She had been planning this.
She let me up and as I tugged down my shorts she lifted her bum and pulled down her big pink undies as well, giving me a flash of her huge and very hairy pussy. She pulled me towards her so my cock was bobbing a few inches from her face while she looked closely at it then ran one finger from my balls to the dripping tip. She asked if I would like her to suck it and of course I said yes. She started out just flicking the head with her tongue then slowly drew it all the way in and down her throat. I'm not that big but couldn't understand how she could do that and not choke.

I guess she sucked it for almost a minute and I would feel myself ready to cum. She knew too and grabbed the shaft with her fingers quite hard then started licking and sucking harder until I could not hold back and fired about six spurts into her mouth. Even then she didn't pull away just swallowed everything I had before letting go of my drooping dick.

End of Part 1

85% (29/5)
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3 months ago
wow, great)))men, you lucky
1 year ago
Great writing but very weird story
3 years ago
Great hot stuff guy!!
3 years ago
very good
4 years ago
well worth a wank
4 years ago
Great. Loved it.
4 years ago
4 years ago
luved it more please