My BBC fantasy

Here is my fantasy, its my first time writing so bear with me!!

I'd been fascinated about sl**ping with a group of black guys for a while now. I love my husband wholeheartedly but something about a group of big black cocks made my juices flow!!

One d***ken night with a bunch of girlfriends, the conversation turned to sex and our fantasies. Feeling a little worse for wear I revealed my fantasy to my friends who were surprised to say the least. They had no idea!!

A few days later my husband came home from work in a foul mood. I asked him what was wrong and he told me he knew all about my 'dirty little secret'. I told him I had no idea what he was on about, and he said "You know, wanting to sl**p with a bunch of black guys!! Aren't I enough?" To my horror, I realised he was talking about my night out. His best friend Alan's wife had been there when I revealed all. She must have told Alan, who told my hubby. "Don't be silly" I said, "I was d***k and it didn't mean anything. I love you and your everything I've ever wanted. Don't act like you don't have fantasies about other people!" With that he stomped off for a shower.

Weeks passed and no more was said about it. My husband and I were, going to a dinner dance at a hotel up town with his work. I was looking forward to staying in the hotel overnight and just getting away from it all for a couple of days.

At the dinner dance I was wearing some gorgeous red satin and black lace underwear, stockings and suspenders and a tight red dress that gave me 1950s style pin up curves. I felt fabulous and extremely sexy. My husband must have been turned on by my appearance too, from the bulge in his trousers.

The evening past by so quickly. The food was amazing, the wine was flowing and I was having a great time dancing with my husband and some of his colleagues. There were two guys in particular who caught my eye. Leon was about 6ft5" and athletic. His skin was jet black and he looked handsome as hell in his tux. I could only imagine what was between his legs. He was with his friend, Alex, who was slighly shorter with a more rounded frame. He was gorgeous too, with a beautiful smile and a perfect set of teeth. Again he looked so sexy in his tux.

As the evening drew to a close, my husband went to the bar and got some carry-outs. I was chatting to Leon and Alex as I waited. I could see Alex looking at my 46D's when he spoke to me. I also noticed that Leon was undressing me with his eyes and I was getting extremely turned on by this. My hubby returned and out of the blue invited Leon and Alex back to our room for a night cap. "That's all right isn't it?" he said. "Yes" I replied, smiling.

In our room, my husband handed us all a beer from the carry outs and the men just spoke about work. I sat on the edge of the bed slipping off my stilletto heels, finding the conversation a tad boring. Out of the blue my husband said "Did you know my wife wants to be fucked by two black cocks!?" Well I nearly spat my beer all over the room!! "You can't say that!!" I protested, knowing full well it was true. "Your wife is a very sexy woman" Alex said, "Any man would be lucky to fuck her". "Well would you?" my husband asked. "Or you?" he said pointing to Leon who was sitting on the small sofa in the room. "I'd show her what being fucked is all about" Leon replied. "Well, you have my permission to fuck her if you want" my husband said. "Hang on a minute" I said "Don't I get a say in this?" "Shut up!" my husband replied "I've watched you chatting and dancing with these two all night, don't tell me it hasn't crossed yours or their minds!" There wasn't really much I could say to that.

I sat on the bed, my face beetroot red from embarassment when Leon got up off the sofa and walked over to me. He took my hands and made me stand up. He slipped his hands around my waist, pulled me towards him and kissed me. I tried to protest but he was so gentle I just went with it. Then he turned me around and unzipped my dress, letting it fall to the floor. I stood in front of these three men in just my underwear. Leon rubbed his hands over my body and smiled. He then reached to his fly and unzipped. Out cam the biggest cock I've ever seen! It must have been 10-11 inches, cut with fat juicy balls attached. I let out a gasp when I saw it. "You like?" Leon enquired. "hmmmmm" was all I managed to say. Leon pushed me down to my knees. I knew he wanted me to suck his monster cock.

I knelt in front of him, opened my mouth and Leon slowly slipped his cock in my mouth. I nearly gagged on it, and it was only half way in! I sucked slowly but firmly, caressing his balls at the same time. I must have been doing something right as Leon was moaning with pleasure. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Alex with his cock in his hand. It wasn't as big as Leon's. Maybe 8 inches but thick, and he was slowly rubbing it. My husband, who by now was sat on the sofa also had his cock out and was rubbing as he watched me.

Alex walked over to Leon and me, and stood to the side holding his cock out for me. I grabbed it with my spare hand and began to wank him off. Up and down I went with my hand, right down to his balls which I gently tugged. I took Leon's monster out of my mouth and moved onto Alex's. I managed to get most of it in, and as his cock made its way down my throat Alex gave out a moan of pleasure. All the time I was sucking Alex, I was rubbing Leon's monster. I then proceeded to go from cock to cock sucking and nibbling and flicking with my tongue. Both men were moaning so I knew I was doing something right. "She's good, ain't she?" my husband said. "One thing my girl knows is how to suck cock." "She's great man" Alex said and Leon mumbled in agreement.

Leon took me by the hand and laid me onto the bed on my front. He ran his hands up my legs, brushing my now dripping pussy with his fingers, up over my bottom, then up my back to my bra. He undid the clip with one hand, and then ran his hand back down my back to my panties. He started to take them off and then I felt another hand slip underneath me. It was Alex's and together him and Leon took them off. Alex then flipped me onto my back, tugged my bra off and grabbed my breasts. His mouth found my nipple and he sucked and chewed it making me writh with extasy. Leon meanwhile had been watching and seeing how turned on I was getting, proceeded to work my other nipple. It was all getting to much for me and my pussy was dripping wet, I was panting so hard, I could feel an orgasm building inside me. Just then Leon came up to my face and whispered in my ear "not yet my sexy little whore" to which Alex immediately stopped working my other nipple.

I lay on the bed panting so hard, as Alex ran his hand up the inside of my leg. His hand reached my pussy. "Shit man, this bitch is wet" he said. He proceeded to rub his fingers over my pussy, making little figer of 8 shapes across my clit. I thrust my hips forward onto his hands, moaning with pleasure. He then put one of his fingers inside my pussy and I moaned loudly as he did. "You like them fingers huh?" Leon purred in my ear. "Oh yes" I panted. "Well lets see how many you can take?" with that Alex put two more fingers inside my pussy. I squealed with delight as he thrust his fingers in and out, while rubbing my clit with his thumb. It felt heavenly. "I think this slut wants eating?, what do you say?" Leon said. I opened my eyes and looked at Alex. He removed his hand from my crotch and knelt at the end of the bed, his mouth inches from my pussy. He lifted my legs up over his shoulders, and parted my pussy with his fingers. I could feel his hot breath on my gaping hole and then, flick went his tongue on my clit. "Oh my God" I said as I shuddered at the touch of his tongue. Alex ate my pussy for all he was worth. Sucking and biting my clit, then his tongue probing my wet hole, and then down to my asshole and back up. I was in heaven. "Show me how much you enjoying that tonging" Leon said, shoving his enormous cock into my mouth. "Suck it bitch, suck it hard" he said. I did as I was told.

Leon was moaning from my mouth action as Alex came up for breath. "Thats some sweet nectar" he said, "You need to get you some of that b*o". He gestured to Leon to come and eat me for himself. He pulled his cock out of my mouth fast and moved to the end of the bed like lightening! He grabbed my legs, hauled me up and started to suck at my pussy like a crazy man. He wasn't like Alex who had been soft and caressing, this was a****l like, and I liked it. He chewed my clit hard, and licked and sucked. Alex meanwhile was holding his cock out to my mouth. I grabbed it and f***ed it into my mouth. I sucked him hard and fast as my body bucked to the movements of Leon's mouth. I could feel my orgasm begin to rise in my body. "Come on you little whore, cum over his face" Alex said to me. I didn't need telling, as I let wave upon wave of orgasm rip through my body. As I did, Leon buried his face deeper into my pussy, eating my juices as more and more flowed. I let out a muffled scream, as I still had Alex's cock in my mouth. "That's it bitch, give it to him" Alex said. My body shuddered a final shudder and I flopped back onto the bed, panting hard. Alex's cock had slipped out of my mouth and Leon rose up and I could see my juices on his face. "Shit, bitch, you enjoyed that didn't you?" Alex said. "Oh yes" was my panted reply.

"Think it's time for me to get some of that pussy" Alex said. He laid on top of me. The tip of his cock was at my swollen clit. He rubbed it over my pussy. "Damn you wet, girl" was all he said as the head of his cock was at my gaping hole. With one hard thrust he pushed his cock into me. "Oh God yes" I said as Alex began to fuck me hard and fast. His cock thrust in and out right up to his balls, which were slapping my ass. I was screaming with delight, to which Leon took his monster cock and shoved it in my mouth. "Shut up bitch and suck" was all he said. I did as was asked.

Alex was pumping away at my pussy and moaning with every thrust. Leon then announced he wanted a turn. So Alex's chunky cock slipped out of my pussy and he sat on the bed at the side. I could see my pussy juices glistening on his cock. Leon now stood between my legs. I was getting nervous as I'd never had a cock that big. My husband was 7-7.5" and here I was about to be fucked by something nearly 3 inches bigger! "Please go easy" I panted to which Leon giggled "Bitch you gonna take all my cock and you is gonna love it". With that he held my legs up and proceeded to push his monster into my pussy. "Oh fuck" I said as he slipped it in slowly. "Damn bitch that hole is tight" Leon said, "Just relax, I know a slut like you can take it". With that I felt my body relax as he pushed more of himself into me. "Are you all in?" I asked. "No way!" Alex replied and with that thrust the last two inches of his monster into my pussy. "OH FUCK!!" I screamed! "Yeah bitch told you you could take it!" Leon said as he began to pump my pussy hard and fast. In and out he thrust his monster all the time I was screaming. His cock hurt, but it felt so good that I really didn't care. All the time he was fucking me, Alex was playing with himself and my tits, tweaking at my nipples. I reached out a hand and grabbed his cock and began to wank him. He moaned with delight as I did so.

Leon continued to fuck me for what seemed like an age. All of a sudden he pulled out. "Hands and knees" he said as Alex helped me turn over. I thrust my ass into the air and could feel Leon rub his hands over it. "Hmmm I'm gonna fuck that ass" he said. "Wait" I said "I've never had it there before". "Woo-who! An anal virgin! Oh yes bitch, my cock is gonna fuck your ass hard. I'm gonna take that anal cherry of yours" Leon said. "OK but please be careful" I begged. Leon pulled apart my ass cheeks and rubbed his monster up and down. I was nervous but excited. For years I had wanted my husband to fuck me up the ass, but he had refused. Now here I was with a monster cock about to take my anal virginity.

I felt Leon's cock at my asshole. He pulled my ass cheeks apart hard and began to push his cock in. I yelped as it entered. "Shit bitch, that is one tight ass" he said. He continued to push it in but I couldn't take it. "Please stop" I begged. "You just need lubing up. I'll make you my anal whore yet" and with that he removed his cock from my ass. I had a pot of vaseline on the dresser which I used for my make up. "That'll do it" said Alex pointing to it. Leon grabbed it and smothered my asshole with the gooey lube. He rubbed some up and down his cock and again spread my cheeks. "You gonna take me now bitch" he said as his cock made its way into my ass. I still yelped but it didn't hurt nearly as much. "Just relax and enjoy baby" Alex said stroking my hair. I did so and as I relaxed it started to become pleasurable. So much so that I started to moan. "There you go, I told you you'd be an anal whore" Leon said as he pounded my ass. I couldn't take all of him but what I did I enjoyed. "Lube him up" Leon ordered "b*****r wants to get himself some of this virgin ass". I picked up the vaseline and lubed up Alex's cock all the time while Leon was still pumping my ass. He then pulled out and ordered Alex to take his place. He did so, spreading my ass and inserting his cock. His was thicker so it hurt a bit more but Alex was gentle and pushed it in slowly and carefully until I moaned with delight. Leon lay next to me on the bed and continued to pleasure himself. "You enjoying htat cock?" he asked "Oh yes" I moaned in reply. "Well we gonna give you something really special" he said and with that Alex withdrew from my ass.

Leon beckoned me to ride his cock. It went in easily this time what with my wet pussy and the vaseline. I started to ride up and down on him, playing with my bouncing breasts as I did so. All of a sudden Leon grabbed my arms and pulled me forward. With his cock still inside me he lifted my ass into the air. From there I could feel Alex get onto the bed, and then I felt his cock at my asshole. He started to push it in. "Oh fuck me, yes" I panted as both men started to pump my holes. I was in extasy as they both fucked me hard and I was screaming with delight. "Fuck bitch you is noisy" Leon said. "Think you need shutting up. Get over here b*o" he gestured to my husband to come over and join in. To be honest I'd completely forgotten about him, but before I knew it he was in front of me, his cock by my mouth and I willingly put it in my mouth and sucked so hard, he moaned instantly. I was in total heaven with all three of my holes full of cock and again I could feel an orgasm build in me. My body began to tense and then I felt the most incredible orgasm rip through my body. I gave out muffled screams as I continued to suck my husbands cock. Then my body went floppy and I could see my husband smiling at me."You really enjoying this aren't you?" he said, "mmmmmmmm" was all I replied as I sucked him hard.

Alex continued to pump my ass, when all of a sudden I could hear him say "Oh fuck". He was about to shoot his load up my ass. Leon encouraged him to cum. "Go on b*o, give that virgin ass your load" he said and with that Alex thrust his cock deeper into my ass and I could feel his love juice spurt high up inside. "Oh god, oh fuck" he kept repeating over and over as he pushed his cock in deeper. Then he held it there as I squeezed the last drops out of him with my ass cheeks. He then withdrew and sat down on the sofa.

Leon told me to stop sucking my husband cock and to get on all fours on the bed. I did as was asked, as Leon and my husband stood behind me. I felt two hands pull my ass cheeks apart and I could feel Alex's juice run down my pussy and inside legs. "You like what you see b*o?" Leon asked my husband. "Yeah" was all he replied. "Well now, how about time to fill that pussy?" and with that Leon took me from behind, pumping me hard and fast making me yelp. He continued to fuck me hard and then he let out an almost roar as he came in my pussy. He thrust hard and fast as his juice filled my swollen pussy. I could feel waves of cum as he bucked in and out of me. It felt like he would go on forever. He kept his cock in my pussy for a few seconds while I squeezed the last of him dry. He then withdrew and as he did I could feel his cum mixing with Alex's and run down my legs. "There you go b*o, she ready for you now" Leon said to my husband. He didn't need telling twice as he then entered me from behind and fucked me. I could feel his cock push through Leon's cum and it wasn't long before he was filling me with his own load. He jerked in and filled my pussy some more with his own load. He stayed inside me for a couple of minutes and I could feel his cock mixing with my juices and the three loads I had just taken. He then withdrew and went to the bathroom to clean up.

Alex and Leon got dressed as I laid on the bed. My pussy and ass were so sore from the pounding I had just gotten. I could still feel the three loads of cum dripping from my gaping holes. I was in a state of extasy. They then both came over to me and kissed me passionately. "Thanks baby" Alex said. "Yeah, you is a hot and horny bitch" Leon remarked. They then said goodbye to my husband and I and left the room.

I laid there not quite believing what had just happened. I knew it probably wouldn't happen again but I was so grateful to my husband for letting me act out my fantasy. Now I suppose I will just have to let him act out his, but that is another story....

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1 year ago
:) nice story, the first story I ever read in x hampster. I like :)
Thanks Blondessbbw
1 year ago
nice story
2 years ago
Baby you sure can write!!!
2 years ago
i came just from reading that!
2 years ago
That was fucking AMAZING :-) I think it will happen again n if it does make shore your hubby has a camera with him hehe ;-) XxX
2 years ago
mmm what a very naughty and horny story! i started soft and by line 2 was rock hard as i masturbated the whole way through!! thanks for sharing
2 years ago
so hot!
2 years ago
You ARE a sweetie pie.... Now you and hubby have GOT to work this fantasy thing out! Can't wait to hear!
2 years ago
Very good story, wish it were true
2 years ago
amazing story got me really excited n hard fair play hehehe
2 years ago