Untold love for mommy and daddy.

Often on nights like this I would stand in the shadows of the door in my bra and underwear masterbating to there love making, my mother was gorgeous she had a cute firm ass the made my mouth water and my clit wet, she had huge bouncing boobs that when my dad licked them I would want to moan with pleasure. As a bi-sexual teenager I also found my dad very atractive, he had a huge throbbing cock and nice sharp cut abs.

Tonight as I stood in the doorway secretly watching there love making I got brave and started to moan, I was getting very into it banging my hips into my hand moaning with pleasuring, I was so into that I didn't realise they had stopped there love and where staring straight at me.I looked over at them and my dad motion for me to come. I came.

"what the hell do you think you were doing?" he screamed.

"I... I... I don't know" I whispered back.

He pulled his hand back and slapped me across the face. "If you like watching us so much why don't you just join us, you little nasty slut" he hollered, I whimpered but agreed to join them because honestly ruff sex had always turned me on so much.

My mom Grabbed me by the hand and yanked me onto my back in the middle of the room. she hand cuffed my hands around a pole in the head board so I couldn't move, she slidded her hand underneath me and un-did my bra letting my firm youth full tits show. My dads cock started to rise at the site of his wife undressing his teenage daughter, he started stroaking it as he sat and watched us. My mom then start fondeling my boobs as she took my lacey thong off. I was getting wet again and I let out a load moan. My moom took this as a sign. She slid down pressing her body against mine as she worked her way down between my legs. Sje spread them wide and started finger fucking me, I was moaning like crazy now, nothing had ever felt so good, My dad couldnt handle it and more he moved my mom out of the way and straddled me, he started pumping it in and out, I was moaning louder, "fuck me daddy fuck me!" I screamed

"Oh baby I'll fuck you all night, your tight little clit has daddy going" he whispered.

"ride her honey, oh seeing this makes me so horny babe." my mother shouted as she straddled my face letting me eat her out.

Suddenly I felt my dads cock shoot hot cum inside of me. It was the best feeling I had every felt... My parents fuck me often now. Always in there room, sometimes they invite my b*****r to join.
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4 years ago
Great hot story. Could do with more detail, but great
4 years ago
very good but short
4 years ago
Totally hot story!!!!!