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keeping a secret

for over 25yrs,I've kept a secret bout my lifestyleno one in my famly knows this,and I keep that much one person knows,and she was very excepting.its a shame the we live in world were who,and what,your are is questionsome think its ok,where others do not.regardless of your race,color,or creed,your sexual orentation,where your sraight,bisexual,lesbian,or trangenders.we should all be created eqail.ther is to much hatetred over this,just because one lifesyle is different doesn't makem a bad person.I'm quite sure that there are others,who are like me,and had to keep there secret discrete.I 'm hoping that one day,I'll find another woman who,not only kind,bright,smart,beutifull.but who is very understading as well,as I will be to her.
Posted by blonde68 2 years ago
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2 years ago
I so understand....